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Friday, 5 January 2018

Ek Deewana Tha 5th January 2018 Written Update

Sharanya Lays a Trap

Sharanya and Vyom are carefully leaving the house, without making any noise. Sharanya prays that she succeeds before leaving and asks the Goddess to give her strength. Shiv follows them as they leave. Chandni sees them leaving. After they leave, she calls everyone out. She tells everyone Vyom and Sharanya went on date despite everyone telling them not to. Rajan is angry. Madhavi says he doesn’t listen to her. She asks Rajan to call them. Both have kept their phones off. Chandni says of course phones must be off. They don’t want anyone to disturb them. Something very wrong is going to happen. One by one everyone is going to die. Rajan asks her to shut up and raises his hand. Chandni blocks his hand and tells him not to dare to do that again. She kept supporting him despite knowing he was using her. Instead taking out frustration on someone else, he should prepare for storm that’s going to come. Madhavi is afraid. Chandni tells Rajan it’s time he pays for his sins. Till now everyone else has been paying for it. First her husband, then Vidyut. Now it’s Vyom’s turn.
Vyom and Sharanya come to their date location. Area is nicely decorated with a bed there. Vyom is surprised and asks what’s all this? Sharanya recalls plan that she made with Sadhvi and she arranged everything the way Sadhvi said so they can capture Shiv’s soul. They go towards bed. Vyom is lost in thoughts. She asks what he’s thinking? They are husband and wife. Vyom says he knows they are just friends, she doesn’t love him. Then why all this? She says she wants them to start relationship now. Vyom says he knows it’s not what she’s saying. She is not telling the truth. She doesn’t need to do all this. For him, friendship is enough. Sharanya says they must do this if they want to end their problems. He says, “but you don’t love me”. Sharanya says but she trusts him. He has tears in his eyes. She says he used to say that his “deewangi” will get to her slowly slowly, maybe today this “deewangi” will change into love. They sit on the bed, holding each others hands. She tells him tonight they should get so close that third person can’t come between them. He says his love and she gave lifetime company to him, but didn’t give him space in her heart. She is doing all this for his safety. She doesn’t love him, so he can’t do this. He gets up leave, but Sharanya stops him. Jalte Diye song plays… She gets closer to him, takes his hand and makes him touch her face. Shiv was going to them, but Odhni is chanting some mantras and that pulls Shiv back. Vyom kisses Sharanya’s forehead. Shiv wants to stop, but he is helpless and disturbed because of Odhni’s chanting. She calls him to her. Shiv goes. Odhni asks about Freddy. What does he want? Why is he disturbing Sharanya and Vyom? Has Rajan killed him? If he has any problem, then he can tell her. She continues chanting. Shiv grabs her by neck.

Other side, Sharanya and Vyom are getting romantic. They are sitting on the bed. Vyom opens her hair. Both lie down. He caresses her face and kisses her on neck.

Shiv throws Odhni down and walks to her. He says she was so interested seeing death, right? Now she can. He does something / kills her and gets back to the date location.

Seeing Sharanya and Vyom so close, he goes to them and ends up getting caught. Vyom and Sharanya feel something strange and see a black shadow in mirrors that were set up by Sharanya and Sadhvi. Sharanya says she knew he would definitely come there. Today she did such preparations that he won’t be able to escape. He is imprisoned. Today he must answer all her questions.

"Meri nazaron mein tera aks ubhar aayega, wo din, ye dil, wo pal sab thehar jayega,
tujhko kisi ghair ki bhaho mein dekhne se pehle, yeh jo mujhe mein hai ek deewana wo mar jayega."

Precap: Sharanya asks Shiv what enmity he has with her, Vyom? He can’t do anything to Vyom. Shiv breaks the glass prison he was caught in. One piece flies to Sharanya and cuts her mangal sutra. She catches it. She turns and is shocked to see Vyom down with multiple pieces of glass in his body.

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