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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rukmani confessing that she did not wish to come in this marriage, but had to come for children’s sake. Martha comes and says I know, 

I have to confess something, I felt you are bad, but you are really good. They hug and go to bless children. Akshara tells everyone about bouquet throw ritual, on whosoever the bouquet falls, that person’s marriage will be next. Vishwamber jokes with Rajshri. Rukmani asks Martha to stand there, maybe bouquet will fall on her and she will get her life partner. Martha laughs.

All the girls stand behind Rose. Rose throws bouquet and it lands in Kartik’s hands. He asks whose bouquet is this. They laugh and tell him that his marriage will be next. Mishti hugs him. He asks why are you happy. She says you get it or me, its
same. Gayu thinks Mishti is right, whether Kartik gets it or me, its same. Naira congratulates Mishti. Kartik thinks of Naira.

Rose’s bidaai happens. Rose and Martha cry. Rukmani says shagun got over, we will do mu dikhai rasam at home. Martha says I won’t come, I m going, I will come and fulfill promise to Rukmani. She hugs Rukmani. Everyone smile. Akshara goes to thank Lord. She says another relation is made, always keep this relation safe, help my children get right person, guide them and us. She prays for everyone’s happiness.

Everyone have a talk. Rajshri happily cries and they all smile. Kartik sits of everyone’s words and smiles thinking of Naira. Gayu tells Mishti that she is happy for her. Khoyi khoyi dhadkan……plays……………. Gayu thinks of Kartik and smiles.

Naksh and Akshara do the work. She asks him not to see anyone with doubt. He goes. Devyaani asks what happened. Akshara says nothing, he is possessive for his sisters. They smile. Gayu thinks will Kartik come now or not. Akshara asks Naira to check letter from academy. Naira goes to check letters. Mishti falls and Naira rushes to her. The academy letter falls. Naira asks Akshara not to worry, even I care for Naitik’s dreams. She goes.

Gayu thinks will Kartik come at Nandini’s house. She asks Naira to wake up, they have to leave for function. Naira says later. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to wake up. Naira says I will come later. Kartik tells Rajshri that he will drop them. Rajshri says we will go. Kartik asks them to say if there is any work. Rajshri asks him to rest. Kartik thinks to stay back.

Chitti gives letter to Naira. She asks where was it. He says fallen near table. She checks it and says it had to be submitted today. Naksh and Yash have a talk and go to play videogames. Rose comes for her mu dikhai rasam. Rose asks Akshara will everyone take her test and ask questions. Akshara says no and asks her to talk answer to guests. Bhabhimaa says we woke up Naira, maybe she slept again. Akshara says she would come.

Naira is on the way and says why do all work get known at final time, its just one hour. She tries to take rickshaw. Kartik is on the way and imagines Naira. He sees he lady and goes. Naira sees Kartik and thanks Lord for sending Kartik for help.

She calls him for help and he thinks he is dreaming. She runs after him asking him to stop. He thinks I have gone mad. Naira runs and comes to him. He thanks Lord. She asks are you mad, can’t you see. He says you, I was just…. She asks why are you happy, for making me run. He says no, my focus was somewhere else. She says I know you are taking revenge. He asks why. She sits on his bike and asks him to drive fast.

Mishti sees the gift which Yash kept for Rose and takes it to keep somewhere else. Rose asks Gayu to call Kartik by her name. Gayu calls Kartik and can’t connect. Police stops Kartik. Naira looks on.

Naira goes to submit form and man tells her that he can’t accept the form now. She requests him. 

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