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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th July 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ruhi trying to explain Pihu about surrogacy. Pihu says I don’t understand. Ruhi gets a book and tells Pihu that she is Ishita’s daughter,

 not Shagun’s, when you see these pictures, you will understand. She turns and sees Pihu with nurse. Shagun comes and asks them to come, they can’t stay here, its not allowed. Adi meets Aaliya and gives her flowers. She thanks him and asks any occasion. Adi says nothing, and asks for Mani. Aaliya calls Mani. Adi greets him and asks Mani to give him permission, he wants to take Aaliya out for watching a play and dinner. Mani and Aaliya smile. Mani asks do you want permission for this, you guys went out before too, don’t get nervous. Adi clears its not a date. Mani says ofcourse Adi, take her, ask her. Adi asks Aaliya will she
come with him. She agrees. Adi says I will safely drop Aaliya home. He thinks Mihir’s tips work. They leave. Mani smiles and says what happened to Adi, I have to ask Ishu.

Ishita asks what, how did Ruhi do this. Shagun says I don’t think Ruhi should tell this to Pihu. Ishita says I will talk to Ruhi. Raman asks Ruhi is she fine. Ruhi says better. Ishita asks Raman to go with Pihu. Ruhi says we will go together. Raman says Ishita is saying right and leaves with Pihu. Ruhi asks Ishita why did you send Pihu. Ishita says you were saying truth to Pihu that Shagun is not her mum, she is just 7 years old, will she understand, don’t you think its too early, you had trust issues, and Pihu can have that too.

Shagun hears them. Ruhi says I want Pihu to know you are her real mum, not Shagun. Ishita says your intention was not wrong, but time is not right, if you shock Pihu that her mum is not her real mum, maybe she will not believe anyone, we can’t take this risk, we have to be careful with her, its big thing that she called me Ishi Maa, we have to give her time, let her understand me, if we do mistake, the bad result is she would refuse to accept me as her mum, or she will not believe Shagun. Shagun comes and says I know Ruhi, you want to make Pihu know her real mum, we both want this, we need your help when we have to tell Pihu. Ruhi agrees and says I won’t say anything to Pihu, we will explain her when time comes. Shagun hugs her and thinks I won’t let this happen Ruhi.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu what is she making on dinner. Mihika says Romi and I are going out on dinner today. Romi gets an envelop and says just Bhalla is written on it. Mr. Bhalla says Romi, you won’t get any degree, you were weak in studies. They see Mihika’s degree. Mihika says I thought to apply for jobs, my original degree got misplaced, so I applied for duplicate copy. Romi says good, don’t apply for CEO job. They say Mihika can get any job, and joke on Romi who does not have any degree. Romi jokes and asks Mihika to get ready for dinner. They laugh.

Aaliya likes the place and says I m impressed with your choice of place. He thinks Mihir’s tips are working, I can try this on any girl. He says I m glad you likes restaurant. She asks what happened to you, you look different. He says I was getting some change. She calls everything cute. He thanks him and gets glad. He asks her how did she like the play. She says show was brilliant, I don’t like love stories, I like mature relationships. He says oh, I also like the same. She says I really want to go on such date like that couple in the play. Their talk continues. Adi thinks Aaliya is getting impressed. Romi and Mihika come to same place. Romi says Adi and Aaliya, we will join them. Mihika says no, they are children, let them be. He says they are our house’s children, come. They greet Adi and Aaliya, and join them. Adi thinks Romi made this experiment a family dinner. He asks Romi to come, we will have dinner together.

Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi is smart, she went on me. She says Pihu can’t understand all this, we have to deal sensitively. He says right, when I was telling Pihu, Ruhi stopped me, Shagun, Ruhi and you want Pihu to know. She says I could not talk to Shagun about Mani, she was shocked about Anil’s death. He asks her to first talk to Mani, if Shagun says yes and Mani has no interest, it won’t look good. She says I don’t think there will be problem, I know him since childhood, I will leave now and meet Mani.

Mani thanks Ishita for coming for dinner, food is great. She asks him to first have it. He says Aaliya is not at home, she is young and makes plan, I m not young. She asks why don’t you have plans, you should also party, you need a spice. He says you know I like to stay at home and read book, good sleep is also necessary.

She says you are not getting my point, there should be someone in your life with whom you can spend time, someone with whom you can share things, you convinced me to stay with Raman, there can’t be anyone better than him for me, you also need a companion, you can’t be alone all your life, you are so good, caring, sensitive, give a chance to someone, this is my request. He asks what happened, why are you saying this, how will I get a girl now, I m middle aged and boring man. She says maybe someone lonely like you, I know someone, who could be a perfect life partner for you, she is also caring like you, she also sacrificed her life for you, I m talking about Shagun. He gets shocked.

She asks him to think before reacting, you sacrificed life for me, talk to Shagun once, maybe she could be perfect life partner, I won’t get peace if you stay alone and unhappy, Aaliya will get married and go, I don’t want you to stay alone. He asks did you talk to Shagun about this.

Raman asks Shagun are you sure about this decision. She says yes, I can’t marry, you know Mani loved Ishita, they stayed together for 7 years and he had feelings for Ishita, you truly loved me before and I m happy with it, I don’t want to get into any relationship, I have to stay with children. He asks her to think again. She says I m sure, sorry. She goes out and says Mani, my foot….. She gets some call and asks what, fine I m coming to meet her now.

Niddhi asks Shagun to stop acting, and says I know you are behind Ishita’s kidnapping, you came to my home to offer friendship, I knew your plan, you were acting.

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