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Monday, 29 December 2014

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th December 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Soumya to sign the divorce papers. She records in her phone. Soumya says its my decision. Dadi smiles. Soumya recalls her marriage with Krishna. 


She thinks is Dadi right, can I get Yuvraaj back. She bumps into Suhani and they both fall. The papers fall. Suhani helps her and sees the papers. Soumya takes it. Suhani asks what are these papers. Soumya says actually….. Yuvraaj comes and asks his ipod charger. Suhani says its in drawer. Yuvraaj says why did you touch it. Suhani says it was getting dusty. Yuvraaj says ask me before touching my things. Suhani says fine now, and leaves.
Yuvraaj helps Suhani. Sharad says I wanted to help her, and she went alone. Yuvraaj asks why did you not take Sharad’s help. She leaves. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has made everything bright this year. Yuvraaj says everyone praises Suhani. Suhani shows the gift she brought for Yuvraaj. She shows the tshirt. Pratima smiles and cries happily. Suhani asks why are you crying. Pratima says I used to show this way to my husband when I used to get tshirt for Yuvraaj. I recalled that and tears came. Menka sees Suhani hugging Pratima. Pratima says Yuvraaj will like this.
Lalita asks Rakhi to cook well, and scolds her for not knowing any spices. Rakhi says I don’t want to learn cooking, Radhe said he will keep me as queen, not maid. Lalita asks her to learn everything. Lalita gets a parcel and asks Rakhi to see whats written in it, its sent by Soumya. Rakhi sees the divorce agreement and is shocked. She says its divorce papers. Lalita is shocked too. Yuvraaj decorates the Christmas tree, as Suhani guides him. Suhani says this bell brings peace and happiness in house. He asks her to get ready, as guests are coming. She asks him to see whats written in this. He reads that if they kiss under the bell…. She kisses him and Saawre…………….plays……………. He is stunned., She gets shy and runs. Soumya and Rags see this and are shocked.
Soumya says Suhani is acting kiddish, she does not know to force love on someone. Rags says I will teach her a lesson. Yuvraaj sees the bell and leaves. Suhani welcomes the guests. Anuj and Saurabh praise the arrangements. Soumya comes and says doctor said I can remove the sling. The ashram people say Suhani that she did not change being a bahu of rich home. Suhani says I don’t change, but bring change. Pratima says yes, she changed our home. Soumya is busy in impressing Dadi. The women ask Soumya to come and talk. Soumya says she has to attend guests and leaves.
The women ask this is Suhani’s house, then why is Soumya doing this, she changed. Suhani says no, she is somewhat worried. The lady says Soumya is smiling, she does not look worried. Dadi and Menka see Soumya wuth Yuvraaj and smile. Suhani gifts Sharad. Sharad gets glad and sees best brother greeting. He is touched by it and cries. He says there are few people who count me in their family, thanks. Suhani says you are part of our life and family, don’t get senti. Ramesh gives hanky to him, and says even I got senti seeing Suhani’s gift. He says no one gave us love like this, I liked the gift. Suhani asks what did he get for Soumya. Ramesh says she will get happy seeing it.
Dadi asks Soumya what did she get for Yuvraaj. Soumya says I got a costly sweater for her. Menka says even Suhani took a good sweater, its no costly. Menka says Yuvraaj can like that gift. Anuj runs from Menka. Yuvraaj asks Menka to take the bell and kiss Anuj, then he won’t run from her, Menka says I feel shy, but I will try. They laugh. Soumya gets angry seeing them.
Rags says her earring fell. Suhani asks her to check in her room, she may get it there. Rags asks how will it be there. Suhani says maybe it fell when you went to damage the sweater I got for Yuvraaj.

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