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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Shashtri Sisters 30th December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neil, Anu and Devyaani seeing the video clip in his laptop. They see a girl coming in the room in Anushka’s getup. Neil looks at her and says Anushka you…


 Anushka says how can it be me. Neil says why can’t we see her face. The CD falls and she bends to take the CD. They see its Karishma in Anu’s getup and are shocked. Neil says we got the proof. Devyaani says now Rajat can’t leave Anushka, and Karishma will go to jail. Anu happily cries. Devyaani hugs her. Neil goes to hug Devyaani and stops. Anu says maybe dad will forgive me seeing this. Neil says lets go and show everyone this video. Anu says no Neil, not now. She says this truth deserves to be shown to everyone in group, as police came infront of everyone, and Sareen and Rajat lost respect. And my dad was questioned infront of people.
She says this truth shoukd come infront of everyone. Minty comes to them and asks what meeting is going on. Anu signs Neil and he shuts the laptop. Minty says we have to kick out Anu and bring Rajat’s happiness back, it can happen when Devyaani leaves. She invites Anu in party and asks her to come to have food. Anu says I will come, I will make sure this will be big chance for happiness. Minty asks Neil to come. Anu looks at Rajat. Saajna mere saajna………………plays……………. Karishma calls Anu and says she decided she won’t let the marriage complete. Anu says I know your true face, you acted to suicide to be taken to hospital on right time.
Karishma taunts her. Anushka says she is married, she has taken seven vows if not mangalsutra, she has done ghatbandhan if not sindoor, and she will answer everything today. Karishma says Rajat will never accept you. Anu says don’t dream the impossible, we have new year party, come in it. She ends the call. Shastri ji comes downstairs. Sareen stops him and says I know whom you want to see, when will your anger go. Shastri ji says I have reason to worry. When Anushka chose someone else leaving my respect, why should I choose her.
Sareen asks him to think can Anu do anything wrong, whats wrong if she is trying to prove herself and Rajat innocent. Shastri ji says she failed and got married. Sareen says she said she will leave this house if she fails to prove. Shastri ji says its not his worry now. Sareen says you will be proved wrong, and Anu needs you a lot now. Rajat comes home and looks at them. Shastri ji leaves.
Devyaani calls Alka and says we got the proof, you have to come in party. Alka is glad and says don’t do anything that Bua ji feels bad, she supported me a lot in my bad time. Astha hears this and thinks whats happening, what proof they got. Anu works sand tells Minty that she is helping her as daughter, as Minty has helped them a lot when they came to Delhi. Minty says she has to save her sons from them. Devyaani messages Neil.
Everyone come in the new year party. Minty welcomes the guests and says Karishma that its her house. Astha talks to Karishma and goes. Devyaani tells Neil that she did the work, and shows him. he says he will do his work on time , he has the recording. Astha sees the projector and thinks which film are they showing.
Devyaani and Neil leave, and Astha and Karishma see the recording, and delete it.

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