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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas…Veera : Farnaz Shetty

It just a time of a few hours and we all will be wishing Happy New Year. The excitement level in pumping up as the year is ending, our telly celebs have their plans ready and have already packed their bags. 


 Many television actors have gone out of town to celebrate the New Year. One such actress is Farnaz Shetty who managed to get time out of her busy schedule and has gone to the city of love Agra.
Farnaz is travelling with her family and is very excited to visit the famous tourist spot where the lavish monument Taj Mahal is placed. Talking about the same she says, “This is the first time I have been to Taj Mahal and it was a wonderful experience. Taj Mahal is just so beautiful and attractive; I am amazed visiting this beautiful monument.”
“The team of Veera got three days off and I have added one more day to it, so till 2nd January I am on my vacation with my family. I have always partied on 1st December but this time it is special as I am celebrating the New Year in Agra and will be soon heading to Ajmer. I was waiting since long to make this plan but because of busy schedule, I could not make up. This was the perfect time to celebrate the occasion with family.”  
Farnaz was very well greeted by the fans of Agra. Telling us about the same she says, “From visiting the restaurant to open places there were too many fans who met and greeted me. As I am from Mumbai so meeting fans there is not that surprising then that of meeting them outside the city. I am visiting Agra for the very first time and the response I got from the fans here has made my vacation worthy. It is a great feeling and I will always cherish it.”
Well, Farnaz this can be a sheer add on to your celebrations for the New Year!
Stay tune to this space for more updates.

U ME AUR TV : 31st DECEMBER 2014


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SBB : 31st DECEMBER 2014


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Qubool Hai : Sanam (Aditi Gupta) will start liking Aahil

Year 2015 will bring in lot of twists and turns in Zee TV’s Qubool Hai (4 Lions films).

As per the ongoing track, Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) is trying all means to kill Sanam (Surbhi Jyoti) but all her efforts have been proven futile. 
But here we have an exclusive dope.
Well, Sanam (Aditi Gupta) will start liking Aahil (Karanvir Bohra) and to get his love she will try to kill Sanam (Surbhi Jyoti).
(Surbhi and Aditi both play characters with the name Sanam)
And on the other hand, Aahil will think it’s his mother Tanveer who is behind the ‘murderous’ plan. 
We called Amrapali for a quote but she was unaware about the entire development.
Watch the particular sequence unfold in coming days.

Param Singh : is heading to Goa to celebrate the New Year in full fun and frolic

As we are quite kicked and ecstatic to welcome the New Year, our actors too are set for their plans for the New Year's eve. 
 Actor Param Singh, who is seen in Sadda Haq is heading to Goa to celebrate the New Year in full fun and frolic.

It looks like Goa is becoming a hot spot for the actors of our tinsel town, as the scenic beauty and the mood just drives them there.

When we got in touch with Param, he excitedly avers, "Since Sadda Haq has commenced, I have been caught up with work, so now for the first time I am taking a break and heading to Goa for the New Year with my friends. I cannot express my excitement in words, my friends have already reached in Goa and I am all set to go there. Goa is an exciting and peaceful place for me, I have been there at least 15 times and there are lots of memories related to it. When you shoot continuously you have a hectic and a busy schedule and when you go to a place like Goa, its rejuvenating."

When asked him about his New Year resolution he says, "I have many New year resolutions. My first resolution is not to talk about my resolutions with anyone because I know if I say it I wont be able to complete it."

Enjoy your New Year Param!


Diya aur Baati Hum : huge fight between Vikram and Mohit publicly in the market.

The 'Diya aur Baati', Suraj (Anas Rashid) and Sandhya (Deepika Singh) have parted ways from each other in the ongoing tracks of the show. 


Sandhya's beloved brother Ankur (Varun Hemraj Khandelwal), who has now shifted to Pushkar and standing beside her sister in her tough phase of life will soon be planning something to create troubles for the Rathi family who have done wrong with his sister.
 "Ankur is all set to take revenge from the Rathi family. Vikram gets success in taking sometime from the loan guy but nothing will go well according to their will as Ankur plans to take revenge from them. Knowing about the deadline given to them to repay the loan, Meena (Kanika Maheshwari) and Emily (Pooja Singh) fear about their shops being sold for repaying the loan. They instigate their husbands that later creates a huge fight between Vikram (Karan Goddwani) and Mohit (Varunn Jain) publicly in the market."
When contacted Varun Khandelwal aka Ankur, he said, "It's a guilt driven thing which is very natural reaction by anyone for his/her loved one. Their behavior towards Sandhya is because of sheer love. Even Ankur's reaction is because of sheer love as how can they do this to Sandhya who made the Rathi family and the country proud."
Looks like more drama is in store for the viewers of the show!
Keep reading this space for more updates.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai : Naitik will go into coma

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus is gaining immense popularity for the kind of story it has been showcasing for the viewers. 

As per the on going track, nothing is going right in Rashmi and Nikhil's life as the two of them have decided to live the life separately. Akshara (Hina Khan) is trying her best to make Rashmi (Neha Saroopa) understand that Nikhil was not perfect for her and he doesn't deserve her.

A major twist is coming up in its upcoming episode.

 "Naitik (Karan Mehra) will meet with a car accident and will go into coma but soon he will recover. He will come home after a long time, and the family members will be happy to see him and recovery."

To know more keep reading the space.

Shritama Mukherjee : I get bowled over easily by Intelligence.


Doli Armaanon Ki : Urmi to win Shaurya's custody case

Urmi (Neha Marda) and Samrat (Mohit Malik) are fighting for their son Shaurya's custody. 

Urmi and Ishaan will be successful in acquiring the video clipping of Radha and Samrat getting married to each other and later getting intimate in his room. They will get the video clipping from the cameras which Samrat has placed at his home because he gets frightened to know that someone from his family is passing information to Urmi to help her. Thus he himself will be trapped in his own plan. Ishaan (Vibhav Roy) will present the clipping in the court and will also bring Radha in the court where it will be revealed that Samrat and Radha have married secretly."

Our source further adds, "The judge will give the final verdict in Urmi's favor and thus Urmi will get Shaurya's custody while Samrat will be put behind bars."

"Soon there will be a three years leap and after leap Urmi will open a restaurant along with Ishaan. She will not marry Ishaan but Ishaan will be a silent lover. Samrat will get married to someone who is very close to Urmi but that girl will not be Anushka (Mehendi Jain), " ends our source.

Will it be Urmi's cousin sister Trisha (Snigdha Srivastava)?

To know more keep reading the space.

Jamai Raja : Krutika will hit one of the NGO kids with her car."

Jamai Raja is gaining lot of appreciation  due to the twists and turns  that the creators are making. 

 ravi dubey.jpeg

According to the ongoing track Sid (Ravi Dubey) is very curious to know the reason behind the problems going on in DD's (Achint Kaur) life and family. Well, as shown in the recent track Sid will come to know about the truth behind the fake robbery and Kesar Chachu being blamed for the robbery.

lets see , more drama will be seen in the coming  new episodes.

Our source says, "Roshni (Nia Sharma) and Sid will celebrate their new year with the NGO kids. The Khurana family will get together for  the New Year with them. Meanwhile Krutika will hit one of the NGO kids with her car." 

Will everybody forgive her or will she be sent to Jail?

To know more keep reading  this space.

Shashtri Sisters 30th December 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neil, Anu and Devyaani seeing the video clip in his laptop. They see a girl coming in the room in Anushka’s getup. Neil looks at her and says Anushka you…


 Anushka says how can it be me. Neil says why can’t we see her face. The CD falls and she bends to take the CD. They see its Karishma in Anu’s getup and are shocked. Neil says we got the proof. Devyaani says now Rajat can’t leave Anushka, and Karishma will go to jail. Anu happily cries. Devyaani hugs her. Neil goes to hug Devyaani and stops. Anu says maybe dad will forgive me seeing this. Neil says lets go and show everyone this video. Anu says no Neil, not now. She says this truth deserves to be shown to everyone in group, as police came infront of everyone, and Sareen and Rajat lost respect. And my dad was questioned infront of people.
She says this truth shoukd come infront of everyone. Minty comes to them and asks what meeting is going on. Anu signs Neil and he shuts the laptop. Minty says we have to kick out Anu and bring Rajat’s happiness back, it can happen when Devyaani leaves. She invites Anu in party and asks her to come to have food. Anu says I will come, I will make sure this will be big chance for happiness. Minty asks Neil to come. Anu looks at Rajat. Saajna mere saajna………………plays……………. Karishma calls Anu and says she decided she won’t let the marriage complete. Anu says I know your true face, you acted to suicide to be taken to hospital on right time.
Karishma taunts her. Anushka says she is married, she has taken seven vows if not mangalsutra, she has done ghatbandhan if not sindoor, and she will answer everything today. Karishma says Rajat will never accept you. Anu says don’t dream the impossible, we have new year party, come in it. She ends the call. Shastri ji comes downstairs. Sareen stops him and says I know whom you want to see, when will your anger go. Shastri ji says I have reason to worry. When Anushka chose someone else leaving my respect, why should I choose her.
Sareen asks him to think can Anu do anything wrong, whats wrong if she is trying to prove herself and Rajat innocent. Shastri ji says she failed and got married. Sareen says she said she will leave this house if she fails to prove. Shastri ji says its not his worry now. Sareen says you will be proved wrong, and Anu needs you a lot now. Rajat comes home and looks at them. Shastri ji leaves.
Devyaani calls Alka and says we got the proof, you have to come in party. Alka is glad and says don’t do anything that Bua ji feels bad, she supported me a lot in my bad time. Astha hears this and thinks whats happening, what proof they got. Anu works sand tells Minty that she is helping her as daughter, as Minty has helped them a lot when they came to Delhi. Minty says she has to save her sons from them. Devyaani messages Neil.
Everyone come in the new year party. Minty welcomes the guests and says Karishma that its her house. Astha talks to Karishma and goes. Devyaani tells Neil that she did the work, and shows him. he says he will do his work on time , he has the recording. Astha sees the projector and thinks which film are they showing.
Devyaani and Neil leave, and Astha and Karishma see the recording, and delete it.

Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh 30th December 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Vikram coming to meet Shobha. He makes her have medicines and soup by his hands. Sarika looks on. Shobha says I will have it. 


He recalls her words and makes her have more. Sarika turns. Vikram says don’t come office if you are unwell. She says fine. He asks her to have medicines and leaves. Sarika comes to her room and messes the room in anger. She shouts why Vikram, he can’t love Shobha, I take every step carefully and don’t leave any mark, I m sorry Shobha. She says I will kill you as I have killed Abhay, you will have to go. Garima talks to Sanjay. She says I was thinking to go out. Sanjay says I m tired, and don’t want to go. She says she needs to talk, his mood will be happy and she decided something.
He says I know your decision, I m fed up of it. She says I want to say something new. Saurabh and Vinita come to them. He says surprise and gifts Garima. Vinita asks her to see. Garima opens it and sees pregnancy guidebook. She is touched and thanks Saurabh. She says but we…. Saurabh says we are very excited about the child and want him to be healthy. He takes Sanjay along and leaves. Garima thinks no, I can’t abort this child, as it will ruin everyone’s happiness, I can’t do this. Its morning, Nani meets Sharda. Sharda says Vikram helped Shobha a lot. Nani asks about Shobha.
Sharda says Shobha is getting ready for office. Sharda asks Vikram is everything fine, as he looks changed. He says everything is fine. She goes to make coffee. Nani asks Vikram to propose Shobha. Vikram says she is unwell. Nani asks him to go to her room and confess. He says I can’t, I will talk to her in office. Nani says I will say her. Vikram says fine, I will go. Garima thinks about the child, when Sanjay is not happy by it. Vinita comes to her and explains her that life is grey. Garima says Sanjay does not want baby, how can I kill the baby, there is no valid reason why he is saying no. Vinita says maybe he is not financially strong.
Garima asks what she means. Vinita asks her to abort the baby and Garima agrees. Vinita says lets go no, and thinks she will rule Garima. Saurabh calls Vinita and says he was coming home for lunch. She gets worried thinking she can’t take Garima to clinic. He says he is not coming as he is busy. She gets glad. Vikram comes to Shobha and asks her not to turn. He says good lines and says he likes everything related to her. He confesses his love and says I love you. He is shocked to see Shobha coming from outside, and its Sarika. She says Sarika this saree suits you a lot, you keep it. Sarika gets angry as Vikram has confessed love to Shobha, and now Shobha has to go from our lives. She thinks how she has killed Abhay and has some plan again.
Vikram sees Sarika talking to guard and stops her. He picks the screwdriver and gives her. She leaves being tensed. He stops her and says if you respect our old relation, don’t say anything to Shobha. She leaves. He says she went without replying me, did she tell her everything. Sarika says she likes height as everyone is afraid of her. She removes the screws of the balcony again. She says to plan someone’s murder is so easy. Sharda calls Sarika and she leaves. Sharda goes there and holds the balcony. Sarika hides and sees her worried.
Shobha falls off the balcony and calls for help. Vikram hears her and knocks the door. She cries and says save me. He asks is she fine, and breaks the door.

Sadda Haq 30th December 2014 Written

Scene 1
Sanyu says to parth ranhdir doesn’t know about his mom’s wedding. Parth says he will know someday. 


She says I will ask her to tel him herself. Make sure he doesn’t meet anyone. parth says I will try. Sanyu says I am going and calling her just handle randhir. Parth says yeah just hurry up.
Sanyu collides with PKC. He says sanyyu I am going to take fourth year’s class and I guess you are in 4th year as well. Come to the lab. Randhir is going to lab. Parth says lab has been cancelled. Randhir says no one texted me. Parth says I didn’t get text either. Randhir is leaving. Parth says where are you going? randhir says why are you spying at me? Parth says I wanted to talk to you about internship can you tell me where to apply?
SAnyu comes to lab. PKC says you are late again. You will ruin my image. And put this phone in your bag. Vidushi asks sahil did you read today’s newspaper? he says yes. Jiggy says internship companies have sanial foundation as well. Randhir will lose his mind. Sahil says does he know about his mom’s wedding. Jiggy says I don’t think so. PKC says where are randhir and parth?
Randhir says to parth whats so confusing? Apply in all the companies. Choose the best among the ones you are selected. Parth says you and sanyu will join together? Radhir says yes. parth says where will you apply? randhir says I told you I am applying in all of them. Parth says wait its something else. I am worried if they reject me due to my past. Randhir says don’t worry they wont know. can I go now? parth says no I have same more questions. randhir says write those questions on a paper and I will solve them. He leaves. Sanyu says in heart God please handle randhir. PKC gets a call he says I am coming back in 15 minutes. SAnyu goes out as well. She calls Renuka. Sanyu says ma’am I am Sanyukta from FITE. Renuka says I am busy can you talk later? Sanyu says no please don’t hang up. You know when randhir is emotionally disturbed he is angry and disturbed he is very dangerous. Before he gets to know from some newspaper or other source please tell him yourself. Renuka says no you will take decisions of my personal life? You will advise me? sanyu says no ma’am. Renuka says I should show concern randhir? he burnt my house. He is just like harsh. SAnyu says how can you be so insensitive. Your moral responsibilities have not ended. cant you just call him and tell him that you have married again. randhir over hears her and sees the newspaper as well. Renuka hungs up. sanuyu sees randhir. He crumples the paper. Sanyu says please randhir listen to me. She hugs him. randhir says what you wanted to do? you knew everything. You and parth knew it all except me, everyone knew that my mom has married again. Sanyu says what will you do? randhir says you will read that in tomorrow’s newspaper. He says f you try to stop me I wont see your face again. Randhir leaves.
Scene 2
Randhir is outside renuka’s house with a rod. Watchman stops him, randhir hits him and goes in. Roshan says forget in darling don’t take sanyu seriously who is she to interfere in our life. People talk it cant effect you. Randhir comes in. renuka syas what is it? Randhir says shut up you have no right to name me. Roshan says I tld you not to interfere in my life. Randhir says I don’t need your permission to come here. Randhir is about to hit him but a guy comes and withholds him. He says so you are randhir? My step brother. I am rehan Bajaj. Now we are family I should welcome you you. He hugs him and says welcome to the family. randhir says just get lost. I never accepted my family why would I accept you. He says I would bear that you wont accept me but I wont bear if someone attacks my dad. you have no idea what I am capable of. If I hit our mom what you would feel like? Randhir grasps his collar. Renuka syas please leave him. Rehan says its new relation that is why I am leaving you. renuka says why you came here? you can’t see me happy like your dad? I did so much for you and this is what I get in return? What you want? you want to control my life and take my remaining happiness as well. you can come her whenever you want. Randhir says you are dead for me from now. Randhir says I wont let you and your new family live happily. Randhir leaves.

Scene 3
Sanyu says he burnt the house, what will he do now? She gets a call from anju. Anju says you sound worried? is anything wrong? did ankit and papa meet you? sanyu says what? Anju says I am kidding. Sanyu says papa and ankit are coming here to meet me? Anju says yes they are coming. Sanyu says did you tell them about randhir? Anju says no. sanyu says why are they coming then?
Ankit is in car, he says we came out of this financial crisis why you took this risk? Agarwal says I needed to hire interns from FITE. Ankit says the college that ruined our lives you are recruiting from there? agrwal says I am doing this because of sanyu. Agarwal says your uncle called me and told me about her coming on TV. sanyu says wow papa is coming here to recruit interns. I will be happy to work in his company. Agarwal says once she comes in our company we will let her know that girls are not for engineering. Anju says to sanyu I cant stop you and neither your dad. Agarwal says this time I will take this engineering ghost from her.

Sanyu says to parth are you sure you didn’t see randhir? he says no I didn’t. Path says but I saw your dad. Sanyu says yeah he came to recruit engineers. parth says then your job is secure. sanyu says he doesn’t even wanna see my face. Peon comes and says sanyu your dad has called you in maya’s room. Agarwal says to maya we need 5 interns to work in our company. He comes out of cabin and sees sanu. Sanyu says papa you didn’t tell me. Agarwal says we came for work. We are here to recruit interns, you can apply as well. maya says you still have to give entry test. We want to recruit all our interns by fair means. sanyu says papa lets go and have tea in canteen. He says I am not here for tea.
Sanyu says in heart I will work in papa’s company wow. She says but how will randhir work there?
Precap-randhir says we are going to renuka’s company and we will destroy her. Sanyu says papa came today. Randhir says youb can either come with me and join renuka’s company or you can go to your dad and forget me.

SBB : 30th DECEMBER 2014

SBS : 30th DECEMBER 2014

U ME AUR TV : 30th DECEMBER 2014

Monday, 29 December 2014

Tu Mera Hero : Titu and Panchi's love story

Titu (Priyanshu Jora) and Panchi’s (Sonia Balani) love story in Star Plus’ Tu Mera Hero (Shashi Sumeet Productions Pvt Ltd) is all set to become interesting.

With the Janmasthami Pooja being planned in Titu’s house, his father (Akhilendra Mishra) would ask him to arrange a pandit for the same. The usual lazy boy that he is, Titu will ask his friends to do the work for him.
Shares a source from the show, “With a miscommunication taking place, the friends will get a man named ‘pandit’ for the pooja. This will put Titu in a fix and he wouldn’t know what to do.”
This is when Panchi would enter the scene and will take control of the matter. She would get a real pandit and with her smartness solve the trouble. Impressed by her act, Titu would invite Panchi home for the pooja making the girl all excited.
Will the ‘pooja’ event act as a connecting factor to the couple? Will love finally bloom between the two?
We tried reaching Priyanshu and Panchi but they remained unavailable.
Are you excited for the sequence? Share your views in the comment box below.

Mahakumbh- Ek Rahasaya Ek Kahani : Gautam Rode is happy with the response

Actor Gautam Rode, who is playing the lead character Rudra 


in Life OK's supernatural, mytho-thriller mini-series Mahakumbh- Ek Rahasaya Ek Kahani, is happy with the response to his new show.

"The first week was very good. It became the number one show of the channel in the first week. I am very happy about that,” Gautam said at an event in Mumbai.

Mahakumbh....., that went on air 15 December, is a thriller about a boy who has supernatural powers. Currently child artist Siddharth Nigam is playing young Rudra.

Asked about his entry into the show, Gautam said: “My entry in the show will happen Dec 31."

Sadda Haq : After Krrip and Kunal, Zohaib Siddiqui gets back

Channel V’s Sadda Haq (Beyond Dreams Entertainment) is bringing back its popular characters to add on to the entertainment quotient in the show. 


After having reported about Krrip Kapur Suri and Kunal Bakshi returning to the show, we now hear that Zohaib Siddiqui who essayed the role of Kabeer, the counter part of Vardhan will also be seen making a comeback. 
A source states, Kabeer will be back to the helm of things. This time, he will be brought in as a faculty member in the college. He will come in as a Professor, thus coming in as a direct competition to Vardhan. 
When contacted, Zohaib who was recently seen in Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke and Ek Boond Ishq said, “Yes, I have been shooting for Sadda Haq for the last three days. My comeback track has some effective and important scenes, and I am enjoying it.”
Guess the loyal viewers of Sadda Haq will have a great start to the New Year.

Hamari Sister Didi : Bhanu Uday and Pariva Pranati

Actors Bhanu Uday and Pariva Pranati, who play the lead pair in the popular drama series Hamari Sister Didi, 


were surprised by a special tango dance workshop organised for them as a stress buster due to heavy shooting schedules.

The duo had been working on a day-to-day schedule when the special workshop was organised for them in which they got a chance to dance with popular tango master Nicholas Sandez, Dec 27.

“Dancing is the newest best way to beat the stress and remain in the pink of health. It helps to relax the body and mind and keeps me relaxed after working hard all day. Tango is my best form of dancing and I find it very refreshing,” Bhanu said in a statement.

He added: “The most important thing about the tango dance form is your connection with your partner unlike other dance forms as it helps you to build a greater chemistry with your co-partner. It helps to discover your internal rhythm and helps to release pent-up emotions.

Hamari Sister Didi airs on Pal on weekdays.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon..Ek Baar Phir : is set to complete airing of 400 episodes

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon..Ek Baar Phir which airs on Star Plus, is set to complete airing of 400 episodes on 30 December 2014.

This being, the second installment after the hugely popular first season named Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon which aired 398 episodes hence successfully surpassing the previous set record. Since its inception, the show has been received positively. It is fast on its way to creating a trend making 6 P.M. the new age prime slot for daily soaps.
Sunjoy Waddhwa – CMD, Sphereorigins says, "We are very happy to announce the 400 episode completion of the show. We hope the New Year provides us more avenues to capture the hearts of the people. It would not have been possible without the immense support from everyone including the audience.

Ravjeet Singh and Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar

Here’s reporting on another love story in the tellydom.
And who are the lovebirds?

Well it’s the good looking actors Deeksha Kanwal Sonalkar and Ravjeet Singh.
Ravjeet is the latest villain of the tinsel town playing the evil Chirag in Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi and Deeksha is seen in Itti Si Khushi.
Yes, the two are dating!
So excited to know more about the love story? Let’s read more.
A friend of the couple shares, “The two have known each other for quite some time now but were mere acquaintances earlier. After constant meetings, they started to mingle and Cupid finally struck them.”
Although it’s been just a couple of days since they have started going out, a credible source informs that the duo is quite comfortable with each other.
“They both are wonderful human beings and that makes them a beautiful couple. It is a fairytale love story,” adds the source.
We tried reaching the couple but they remained unavailable.
But Deeksha’s changed ‘relationship status’ on Facebook confirmed the love story.
We wish the couple a great life ahead.
Disclaimer: Any content appearing under ‘Gossip’ section is purely gossip and  does not comply with the same.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki : Neha Yadav

Pretty actress Neha Yadav, loved as Soumya in Suhani Si Ek Ladki on Star Plus, shares her fitness secret, her idea of fitness and more with us.
What does fitness mean to you?
Fitness means staying fit.
What efforts do you take to stay fit?
I don't get time for workout or going to the gym so I just control my diet and eat healthy food, fruits to stay fit.
Are you conscious about your food choices?
Not much as I cannot avoid food but I see to it that I control my diet.
Do you take protein supplements?
Is there any sport you are skilled at?
A celebrity's body you admire?
Hrithik Roshan
What is your fitness secret?
Just eat everything but in control.
A fitness tip for your fans?
Try to workout daily or perform any sort of physical activity to stay fit.

Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali : Samridh Bawa

As we know our TV celebs are very much conscious about their figure, but they never miss a chance to enjoy their favourite delicacies.


 Many of our Telly celebs are known to be foodie and one of such actors is Samridh Bawa from Life OK's Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali.

Here's Samridh sharing his food choices -

Are you a foodie?

I am a big time foodie.

What is your most preferred cuisine?

I like Indian.

Your favourite mouth watering dish?

I do not like ice creams or chocolates much; but when it comes to Pastries, I just cannot resist myself.

Which restaurant you prefer the most?

I like The Dhaba, which is in Andheri. Besides that I also like Pizza Express and San Churro.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Yes, I really love spending time in kitchen.

What is your most memorable kitchen moment; happy or a disastrous one?

One day I was watching MasterChef and they were showing how to make a burger, and I tried making with them. I made a meat burger. I started making at 12 noon and was done by 6 pm. I actually took six hours to make that burger. It turned out really well but I learned that I should just order from Burger King (laughs).

What is your favourite quick cheap healthy meal?

I like Chicken Shormi and in veg, I like Paneer. I also love drinking lassi.

If you have to take a celebrity on a date with you?

Alia Bhatt because I started finding her too cute.

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi : RV and Lakshmi will get to know about Disha being pregnant

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi under the banner of Balaji Telefilms' has effectively figured out how to win accolades from its viewers for its  storyline. 


As such, we have seen a great deal drama with RV (Shakti Arora) falling in the trap planned by Chirag (Ravjeet Singh) with him sending his and Ishani's (Radhika Madan) pictures in compromising positions. Other than this, we additionally saw a ton of high point show of RV getting shot and Ishani going  to the Siddhivinayak  for RV's recovery.

Well  next that the viewers will get to see is too quite interesting. "Viewers in the upcoming episodes will see a speedy recovery of RV and him coming home soon. In spite of his  love for Ishani, he will be seen lost and will not be seen talking to Ishani due to the pictures that he has seen. While all of this is happening, the parallel track is about Disha's (Trusha) wedding ceremonies. For her mehendi ceremony, Ishani -RV and Sharman - Ritika will be seen grooving on the beats of famous Hindi songs. Ishani -RV will dance on Uff Kya Raat Hai and Sharman -Ritika on Rang Barse. Disha who loves Rishi is in jail. Well, all of this is happening very soon because RV and Lakshmi get to know about Disha being pregnant."


Surely, a lot of drama awaits for the viewers!!

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Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh 29th December 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Sarika talking to Anil. Vikram asks Mahesh about Shobha. Mahesh says she has come. Vikram sees Shobha and smiles. He says she has wore purple dress, and thinks. 


Shobha greets him. He asks Mahesh to leave. She says weather changed. He says I m not feeling well. She holds his hand and says you don’t have fever. He says yes, no fever. He gets courage and says I want to tell something to you, I…. I love… She sneezes and says sorry. He says its ok, sit down. He says I…. she sneezes and says sorry Sir. He makes her wear his jacket. She says its not needed. He says it will keep you warm, now everything is fine, so …. She coughs. He says I really think you need coffee, no, green tea, I will get it. She asks will you make it. He asks why can’t I make it.

She says thanks. He leaves to get it. He gets the tea and gives her. Sbhe says you are pampering me. He says as you deserve it. She says I feel good. He says I also like to pamper you. She says you will find it tough if i get habitual. He says I m ready for it. The phone rings. Mahesh asks him to talk to the client. Shobha leaves. He ends call and turns. He sees she has gone. He says where did she go.
Sarika is at cafĂ© and worried thinking Anil is doubting her for Abhay’s murder, and maybe he really got the property papers. Anil comes to her and thinks he should avoid meeting her, she is very smart and will have some plan in her mind. He greets her and says police did not understand its murder case. She says sorry, I did not understand. He says I m talking about magazine story. He says murderer thinks he is clever and police is fool, and leaves some clue in his ego, which ruins his game. She says I don’t know how can anyone kill someone, I will pray justice happens and culprit gets punished. She says take my signs on property papers. He says she can even take the property if she wants. She thinks he is playing game.
She says my husband is dead and nothing matters to me, I did not even claim insurance. He thinks she is acting like innocent and offers her help. She asks him to stay with them at home. He says he is going to London as he has work. He says my flight is in some time, and leaves. She thinks if he had doubt, its clear now. He thinks he is not going London, but will send her to jail, he is planning to relax her, she killed her brother and his life has one motive to get her punished. Sarika smiles.
Nani talks to pandit and asks for auspicious marriage date. She calls Vikram and gives the dates. Vikram says I could not talk to Shobha. She asks him to go on honeymoon at such place where kids can be busy. He laughs. She says she will talk to Shobha. He says no. She asks him to try, and tell me when you say I love you to her. Vikram says relax, calm down and I can do this, what to give Shobha, I will take tablet and hanky and confess my love to her. He thinks what special to do, and takes coffee beans. He comes and talks to her, and sees Mahesh in her place. Mahesh says she was unwell and she went home.
Vikram gets annoyed and makes excuses. Shobha comes home. She thinks Sir changed so much, he did not give me lift seeing me in rain, and today he gave me jacket, he wanted to tell me something. Sarika comes and asks what happened, are you unwell. Shobha says she has cold. Sarika says I went to meet Anil. Shobha says its good you take care of Anil. Sarika says I married Abhay and has to be in touch with his relatives. Shobha says Samarth is not with me. Sarika says what can we do. Shobha says she got off from office, and Vikram gave me this jacket as I was feeling cold, he takes care of everyone. She goes to rest.
Sarika takes Vikram’s jacket and hugs it. She comes to her room, and smiles hugging the jacket. She recalls her and Vikram’s love affair. He says why is Vikram playing games with me, only I can play game, you know I m your Madhura whom you madly loved and rejecting me now. She wears the jacket and says Vikram I want you to hug me like before, and say I love you. She recalls Shobha’s words and gets angry. She says Shobha can get Vikram, can’t he understand he should love only me. If you don’t do this, I will have to do something. She says I have to kill Shobha, like I have killed Abhay. Vikram will be just mine.
Vikram is on the way and smiles. He thinks about Shobha and ajeeb dastaan hai yeh……………plays……………..He imagines Shobha giving flowers to him. He feels Shobha has taugth him to live in fresh air, and says I love you so much Shobha.
Vikram stops Sarika and gets the screw driver near the car.

Kumkum Bhagya 29th December 2014 Written

The episode starts with Aaliya imaging Bulbul and Purab hugging in mirror and breaks it. Pragya comes there, knocks door and asks her to open door. Aaliya calls Bulbul and says she cannot attend her marriage, but can send her marriage gift. 


Bulbul asks what gift. Aaliya takes mirror piece and cuts her wrist thinking now Abhi will realize what he did, he killed his sister for Pragya and her sister’s sake, once she dies, Abhi will hate Pragya and Bulbul and will not support marriage. Pragya continues knocking door. Aaliya says she hates her and falls on floor unconscious. Pragya continues knocking door and requests to open door. All ladies hear her pleas and ask what happened. Pragya says Aaliya is not opening door and she is worried about her. Tanu taunts that Aaliya’s condition is because of her. Pragya asks her to stop taunting and help Aaliya. She runs to Akash’s room and asks him to break Aaliya door. Bulbul calls her and asks if everything is alright. Pragya says she will call her later and cuts call.
Akash breaks door. Everyoneenter in and are shocked to see Aaliya unconscious on floor with cut wrist. Tanu calls Abhi and asks him to come home immediately as Aaliya has cut her wrist. Abhi says he does not like jokes and cuts call. He tells Purab that Aaliya is again making drama that she cut her wrist. Purab asks what if she really has done that. Pragya calls Abhi and informs him. They both rush towards home. Bulbul calls Purab and he tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. She reminisces Aaliya telling about gift and realizes this was her gift. Sarla asks why is she tensed. She tells her about Aaliya’s suicide attempt. Sarla says she is worried about Abhi now as Aaliya is his sister and he has right to think of her happiness.
Pragya and whole family bring Aaliya to hospital. Pragya worried thinks how can Aaliya try to suicide and not think of Abhi. Doc comes out and says Aaliya is out of danger. Pragya thanks her. She says she should be thankful to herself as she brought Aaliya on time and asks who tied cloth against Aaliya’s wrist. Mitali says Pragya tied and says she told her not to, but she went ahead. Doc says she did right and praises Pragya. Tanu comes there acting as getting worried for Aaliya, gets into room and says they both will punish Pragya. Pragya comes there, drags her out of room and says being Aaliya’s friend instead of helping her, she is pushing her in wrong path. She will not let this happen and drags her out of Aaliya’s hospital room.
Bulbul walks on road crying and thinks why always she her happiness is taken away, why she gets into trouble always.
Abhi comes to hospital. Tanu tries to brainwash Abhi that because of his wrong decision, Aaliya’s life is at risk and he is on Pragya’s side instead. Purab comes and takes Abhi from there while Tanu still shouts to listen to her.
Aaliya wakes up and sees whole family around. Pragya tries to go near her, but Aaliya asks her to stay away and says her black magic will not work on her, etc. Pragya scolds Aaliya that she thinks always about herself and if she really cared about her family, daadi, Abhi, she would not have attempted suicide. She says Abhi trusts and loves her so much, but she is thinking of only marrying Purab. She says if she thinks Abhi and Daadi are doing wrong by loving her, then they are doing wrong. She says she does not have brother, so she can understand how difficult it is for Abhi to see her in trouble and says Abhi took care of her since childhood and what pain he will go through when he will lift your dead body. Aaliya asks her to stop. Abhi comes in worriedly and asks Aaliya why did she do that.
Precap: Abhi says Pragya that Aaliya is praising her a lot and asks what black magic she does and she can use it on ememies around border. Aaliya acts as getting angry.

Jodha Akbar 29th December 2014 Written

Scene 1
Anarkali thinks that I didn’t come here to celebrate function but to give message to someone, flashback shows that Anarakli’s friend bela tells her that FArhan is her love and he is with Salim so she ask Anarkali to give her massage to Farhan, 


she says I cant go in function as my father has doubt on me so he is not allowing me to go anywhere, tell Farhan that my father is forcing me for marriage, Anarkali says I will tell him but this pair is odd, you are a princess and Farhan is common soldier, this love will only hurt you, bela says pain in love is also sweet, Anarkali says you will soon get your love, Bela gives letter to Anarakli, fb ends. Mann ask Aanraklai where you are lost, she says no where, she says to mann that you are ready now, Anarkali thinks to find Farhan and give him letter, she leaves.
royal function starts, all come in function, some princesses look at Salim and says he is wearing common dress, other say but he is looking handsome in that too, Salim ask Farhan whom you are looking for? Farhan says that my love is coming here today, it was love at first sight for me, Salim says I believe in love but not first sight love, Farhan says to love someone, you need one moment, when you will love someone, your thinking and life will change that day, they smile, Salim says she changed your life in one momone,t Farhan says thing is that she is princess and I am common soldier, Qutub says it doesn’t matter in love, Salim ask how will you meet her today, Farhan says like always, i will meet her hiding, Salim says you are strong in love more than in battle field, Farhan says love make you strong but i am worried that if anybody see us together today. Salim thinks.
Jodha comes to Jalal, she says i have brought a gift for you, Jalal says i like your gifts as they are beautiful as much as you are, what have you bgrought for me, Jodha says this is rajhistani turban, i want you to wear it in function, Jalal says ofcourse but you make me wear it, Jodha nods, Jalal sit and jodha make him wear rajhistani turban, Jalal says your gift is amazing, Jodha says thatnks, come now all are waiting for you.

Scene 2
bela’s parents come in function, her father says to AMer king that bela was ill so she didnt come, king ask him to stay but he says that i cant stay, i am in tension, i want to marry bela but i feel like somone has trapped her in love net, i want to make bela be happy, sometime people trap rich people to get money and weatlh, i just want to find a good groom for my daughter, king says we have slao found a good groom for mann bai, he ask who? king says SAlim, he calls Salim, he make him meet bela’s father, Salim greet him, and leaves. father says to king that i think that who is behind bela, he is mughal,, i think he will come here, i got a letter in which he had written that he will come here, we are not much rich but if we find him then we will kill him, Salim listen all this.
Jalal and family comes in function, Bela’a father comes there and invites Jalal in his dauhgter’s marriga, Jalal accept the invitation.

Scene 3
ceremony starts, dancers come in function and perform on rajshitani song, FArhan says to Salim that if bela come here to meet me then i will put my life in danger, SAlim says try and understand your life is in danger, Farhan says for love, if i lose my life then i will have no regret, Maan singh come there and ask SAlim to come inside, your childhood friend Mann bai is waiting too, Salim says i dont wann go inside, Jodha have made a force of girls to make me meet them, Maan says if girls like to see you then you enjoy too, Mann ask him to Salim, SAlim says i will come in a minute. Maan leaves, Salim says to Farhan that i have one trick through which you can meet Bela and i will be free of girls, he ask what? Salim says girls dont know my face, who will wear crown will be heir for them, Salim ask Qutub to wear his crown, Qutub says no i cant act, Salim says i wont let anything happen to you, i am with you, he make him wear his crown and wears his turban, they go in function. Murad ask Daniyal in function where is SAlim, Salim comes there, he sit with them, Jalal thinks that Salim is unique, he gave his crown to Qutub, maybe he want girls to like him as Salim not as heir Salim, Amer king thinks that Salim is weird, he has strength to make others wear his crown, jodha says what if jalal doesnt like it that Salim gave his crown to Qutub, princesses assume Qutub to be SAlim and praises him. Anarkali comes in function and points to Farhan, Farhan leaves from there, SAlim think Farhan must have gone to meet Bela, i should go for his security, he leaves too.

Scene 4
Anarkali meets Farhan and says that Bela has send to give her message to you, she says to Farhan that Bela’s father have doubt on her that she loves someone, he wants to marry her, she has sent message that she will not amrry anyone but you so before her marriage happens, you go to her and take her away, Salim comes tere and looks at them hiding behind pillar, SAlim thinks that she is Bela (he assume Anarkali to be bela), he moves closer to them to listen their conversation, Anarkali says to Farhan that i know your love is true, you will surely come, Farhan asys i promise i will come even if i have to put life in danger, i wont let my lose, Anarkali leaves, Salim looks at her and thinks that i have to help Farhan, Farhan loves her and she loves him too so i will help them.
Bela’s father come outside and says i got to know that lover is here, find him, sAlim thinks that if he finds her duahgter here then he will not leave her, i have to help her, he runs and comes to Anarkali, she says you? he hides her from bela’s father and shut her mouth with his hand, he says i know you ave come here for Farhan but you know your father is here, why did you coem here in such danger? Anakrlai says my father? SAlim says i know you love farhan and is daughter of king osf tebla, he shut her mouth and says i know secret way to go out of this palace, before your father see, you leave from here, Anarkali looks at him, he looks at her and they share an eyelock, he removes his hand from her lips, they look down, Salim says i am sorry, she ask why you are helping Farhan? Salim says he is my friend and friendship is from heart and heart never thinks wrong, Anarkali ask are you soldier? Salim says kind of, she says thats why your thinking is different from roayl people, Salim says exactly, these kings, princes cant listen to voice of heart, she says even then peopl are crazy for them, every girl’s heart s beating for Salim but they dont know that Salim doesnt have heart, he looks at her stunned, she greets him and leaves. SAlim keep looking at her.

PRECAP- Jodha ask Salim that you decided whom you will marry? she says to Jalal that you said you will convince Salim so tell me SAlim which princess you have selected.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 29th December 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Soumya to sign the divorce papers. She records in her phone. Soumya says its my decision. Dadi smiles. Soumya recalls her marriage with Krishna. 


She thinks is Dadi right, can I get Yuvraaj back. She bumps into Suhani and they both fall. The papers fall. Suhani helps her and sees the papers. Soumya takes it. Suhani asks what are these papers. Soumya says actually….. Yuvraaj comes and asks his ipod charger. Suhani says its in drawer. Yuvraaj says why did you touch it. Suhani says it was getting dusty. Yuvraaj says ask me before touching my things. Suhani says fine now, and leaves.
Yuvraaj helps Suhani. Sharad says I wanted to help her, and she went alone. Yuvraaj asks why did you not take Sharad’s help. She leaves. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that Suhani has made everything bright this year. Yuvraaj says everyone praises Suhani. Suhani shows the gift she brought for Yuvraaj. She shows the tshirt. Pratima smiles and cries happily. Suhani asks why are you crying. Pratima says I used to show this way to my husband when I used to get tshirt for Yuvraaj. I recalled that and tears came. Menka sees Suhani hugging Pratima. Pratima says Yuvraaj will like this.
Lalita asks Rakhi to cook well, and scolds her for not knowing any spices. Rakhi says I don’t want to learn cooking, Radhe said he will keep me as queen, not maid. Lalita asks her to learn everything. Lalita gets a parcel and asks Rakhi to see whats written in it, its sent by Soumya. Rakhi sees the divorce agreement and is shocked. She says its divorce papers. Lalita is shocked too. Yuvraaj decorates the Christmas tree, as Suhani guides him. Suhani says this bell brings peace and happiness in house. He asks her to get ready, as guests are coming. She asks him to see whats written in this. He reads that if they kiss under the bell…. She kisses him and Saawre…………….plays……………. He is stunned., She gets shy and runs. Soumya and Rags see this and are shocked.
Soumya says Suhani is acting kiddish, she does not know to force love on someone. Rags says I will teach her a lesson. Yuvraaj sees the bell and leaves. Suhani welcomes the guests. Anuj and Saurabh praise the arrangements. Soumya comes and says doctor said I can remove the sling. The ashram people say Suhani that she did not change being a bahu of rich home. Suhani says I don’t change, but bring change. Pratima says yes, she changed our home. Soumya is busy in impressing Dadi. The women ask Soumya to come and talk. Soumya says she has to attend guests and leaves.
The women ask this is Suhani’s house, then why is Soumya doing this, she changed. Suhani says no, she is somewhat worried. The lady says Soumya is smiling, she does not look worried. Dadi and Menka see Soumya wuth Yuvraaj and smile. Suhani gifts Sharad. Sharad gets glad and sees best brother greeting. He is touched by it and cries. He says there are few people who count me in their family, thanks. Suhani says you are part of our life and family, don’t get senti. Ramesh gives hanky to him, and says even I got senti seeing Suhani’s gift. He says no one gave us love like this, I liked the gift. Suhani asks what did he get for Soumya. Ramesh says she will get happy seeing it.
Dadi asks Soumya what did she get for Yuvraaj. Soumya says I got a costly sweater for her. Menka says even Suhani took a good sweater, its no costly. Menka says Yuvraaj can like that gift. Anuj runs from Menka. Yuvraaj asks Menka to take the bell and kiss Anuj, then he won’t run from her, Menka says I feel shy, but I will try. They laugh. Soumya gets angry seeing them.
Rags says her earring fell. Suhani asks her to check in her room, she may get it there. Rags asks how will it be there. Suhani says maybe it fell when you went to damage the sweater I got for Yuvraaj.

Veera 29th December 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Rajveer angrily thinking to keep Baldev caged. He goes to provoke him. Baldev says you can’t beat me, as I know its against rules. 


Rajveer thinks he knows to manipulate rules. Ranvi is upset and talks to Gunjan. He says Baldev took my Biji’s happiness. Gunjan says you did not see Baldev killing Nihaal. Ranvi says if I reached before, I would have stopped Baldev. Gunjan says Baldev did not do this. Ranvi says I saw Ratan happy after so many years and she could not stay happy for one day, its my mistake, I should have said yes to them before, he would have been alive and saved from Baldev today. Rabba……………..plays…………….
Rajveer brings the goons and puts them in Baldev’s cell intentionally. They start troubling Baldev. Rajveer says he will go out to have tea and asks constable to come along. He smiles seeing Baldev and leave. The goons start beating Baldev in lockup. Ratan cries. Ranvi and Veera cry seeing her in pain. Ratan says all this clothes and bangles are not in my fate, it killed Nihaal. She says when your dad was coming to me, he died, and when Nihaal was becoming part of my life, even he died. Ranvi says don’t say this. Ratan says its true. She says my happiness is unlucky. Bansuri comes to them and says she will say whats unlucky, it’s the illegitimate child Veera.
Gunjan asks Bansuri to go. Chai ji stops Bansuri and asks her to reply, how can she call Veera unlucky, when everything happened because of her son. Bansuri says don’t say anything against my son, he did not do anything, he is innocent. She says Ratan’s life was happy when Veera was not here, when Veera came, Ratan’s husband died and we got ruined when we were making Veera our bahu. Ranvi says enough, not a word against my Veera. Bansuri says I was not getting ready because of her unlucky fate
Veera cries. Gunjan asks Bansuri to stop it. Bansuri asks her to let her say it. Bansuri says Veera did not support my son. Ranvi says you feel I m let my sister go to that criminal. He says I will wish him to be in jail forever. He says he has killed Nihaal Chachu. Bansuri says you are my son in law, will you take my house’s happiness. Ranvi says I will make Baldev get punished. Gunjan takes Bansuri. Veera recalls their words and cries. The constable tells Rajveer that something is happening inside. Rajveer hears Baldev’s screams and asks him to have tea. He hears music and smiles.
Rajveer and constable come to police station, and asks goons why are they beating Baldev. He smiles and asks them to be away and let Baldev come to senses. He asks them to beat him once he wakes up. He thinks its starting, see what happens next. Veera cries and sees the home decorated and mandap. Aankhiyon se…………..plays………….Baldev says Veera……… Veera thinks about everyone’s words and washes her face. They throw water on Baldev’s face. The goons beat Baldev again. Bansuri cries at home. Balwant talks to lawyer. She says she is worried for Baldev, and feeling something bad is going to happen with her son. She hugs him and cries asking him to free Baldev.
He says we can’t meet Baldev, as Rajveer will not allow us. Gunjan asks Veera where is she going. Veera says I m going to meet Baldev. Gunjan asks her to go. Ranvi comes and stops Veera.
Gunjan asks Veera does she feel Baldev has killed Nihaal. Rajveer tells Ranvi that Baldev is not hurt and asks is he coming to give statement. Ranvi says yes.

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