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Friday, 31 October 2014

Bharat Ka Veer Putra- Maharana Pratap : Ajabde's truth will get unmasked

Time for some revelation on Sony Entertainment Television’s Bharat Ka Veer Putra- Maharana Pratap (Contiloe Entertainment).
Viewers have seen Pratap (Ssharad Malhota) being unaware of the fact that his wife Ajabde (Rachana Parulkar) is living in disguise of Baijilal. But not anymore…the truth will get unmasked with the prince getting to know about the reality of his wife.


Shares a source, “Pratap would be furious to know the truth and his friend Chakrapani will try to calm him down. But when Chakrapani would tell Pratap that he knew about Ajabde, the man would be fuming more in anger.”
Pratap would then probe him further to find the real motive of Ajabde’s disguise. He would tell Chakrapani that he feels Ajabde is revolting against Mewar as she wants to vent out her personal anger on Pratap.
He would thus decide to leave the palace. This information would be sent out and Ajabde would decide on stopping him from leaving.
Will Ajabde manage to stop Pratap? What will happen when the two will confront each other?
We tried calling Ssharad but he kept busy shooting.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi : with the entry of Amba’s younger sister and her family.

Colors’ Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (Balaji Telefilms) will see a new track opening up with the entry of Amba’s (Utkarsha Naik) younger sister and her family.


Seasoned actress Pallavi Rao, who was last seen in Punar Vivah – Ek Nayi Umeed, will play the role of RV’s Massi. Actor Rajesh Balwani will play her husband, and Urmila Nimbalkar who played the role of Ankita in Diya Aur Baati Hum will essay their daughter’s role.
A source states that the actors have already started shooting for the Colors show. Pallavi will play the role of Lakshmi, who would be a very greedy person. She would love her sister Amba a lot, but would also see to it that she would not get Ishaani (Radhika Madan) into the house. Lakshmi will have her husband all under her control. Rajesh Balwani will essay a typical hen-pecked husband who would try his best to bring a smile on his wife’s face, but she would not take it in a funny way.”
When contacted, Pallavi told us, “Yes, I am entering Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. It is fun to shoot, especially because I am essaying a Gujarati character. She happens to be the younger sister of Amba.”
We tried calling Rajesh, but did not get through to him.
Watch this space for more updates.

P.S. I Hate You : Chandni Bhagwanani

Chandni Bhagwanani who is now seen in P.S. I Hate You inspired herself through Chak De India for the character of hockey player that she is portraying.

Chandni Bhagwanani, who was last seen in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story, is now seen as a hockey player in P.S. I Hate You which started on October 27, 2014.
The show is about love-hate relationship of two sisters Dimple and Simple wherein Chandni is playing the role of Dimple, who is a hockey player in the show. We got to know that Chandni has neither played hockey nor watched any of the hockey matches. So to get into the skin of her character, she decided to seek inspiration from one of her favorite movies Chak De India.
To know more about this, we managed to get in touch with Chandni herself and she says -
“When Jhalli Anjali wrapped up, I was confused because in P.S. I Hate You, I had to play the role of a hockey player. I didn’t get much time to prepare myself for this role and hence I was too worried as to will I do justice to the character or not. But just then one of my friends suggested me to watch Chak De India and I thought it’s a brilliant way to learn something along with entertaining yourself. Though I had watched this film a couple of times just because of Shah Rukh Khan and the concept. Before my shoot, I watched that movie to learn the little nitty -gritty’s of a hockey player as each player in the movie were trained players.”
Well Chandni, this is quite an interesting way to learn!!
Keep reading this space for more updates on your favorite actors.

P.S. I Hate You : Harshith Arora and Chandni Bhagwanani

Recently we reported about newcomer Ashna Bhalla being roped in as Chandni Bhagwanani’s sister in Channel V’s P.S. I Hate You (Rose Audio Visuals and Niranjan Iyengar). The show marks the second season of the popular Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Love Story.


Now we had also exclusively reported about the lead Zaan Khan not being part of the second season.
And if you were wondering who will play Chandni’s hero in the show, well here we get you the details.
Harshith Arora, who has done episodes for Love By Chance and Yeh Hai Aashiqui has been roped in as the new lead in the show.
Harshith will play the character of Ayaan who will come from a broken family. His mother would be ill-treated by his father leading to a cracking relationship between the father-son.
When contacted Harshith, he said, “Yes I am playing the role of Ayaan. The role is quite interesting, as he is left disturbed because of his father abusive behaviour towards his mother. That’s why he wants to get himself and his mother out of that life which like hell to him.“
He further added, “Aayan is as brash and outspoken as Dimple (Chandni Bhagwanani). He is an aloof person with no friends in the college. And that would lead to a very crackling chemistry between the two.”
We wish you luck Harshith!

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya : Virat will create troubles for Raj and Avni


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara : the climax will be one big family affair with song and dance.


Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi : Hiten Tejwani to enter


Itna Karo Na Muje Pyar : next big ticket show on Indian television


Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali : will get a time slot of 7.30 pm

While Rajshri Productions' popular show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara... on Star Plus is all set to go off air, its new show Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali is ready to hit the screens soon in the month of November.

The show's shooting was delayed due to some reasons, but now is all ready to go on air with its fresh star cast.
Our source informs us, "Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali will be aired from 17th November onwards and will get a time slot of 7.30 pm post Gustakh Dil."
As reported elsewhere, Ravi Ojha's Gustakh Dil will end on November 14 and Mere Rang Mein Ranganewali will feature actors like Alok Nath, Harsh Vasishta, Karuna Pandey and Mahesh Thakur.
Keep reading this space for more updates!

Kumkum Bhagya : will hatch one more evil plan to separate Abhi from Pragya


Ek Hasina Thi : Vatsal scares Sanjeeda


PS I Hate You 31st October 2014 Written

Aisha tells what crap…tells she is shocked to know Simple and Dimple…..Aisha tells tgat both sisters are mental.. Aisha tells them to get out of the party….Simple tells dimple that they will go out of party…Simple and Dimple goes … ….. but Aisha calls them small townies cheapster…..Dimple waits.turns back…


Dimple tells Aisha that still return gift is left…Dimple puts cake on Aisha Saying “GIFT FROM SMALL TOWNIE LOSERS”..Everyone..Ayaan..Krissh laughs..
Next morning in college Dimple scolds a guy….saying not to throw garbage on campus…..Dimple orders to throw on dustbin…Boy puts on dustbin…Ayaan and Dimple looks at each other…. .Dimple picks all the garbage on ground Mounika asks did she had a hangover…Dimple tells to shut up…She says that people throw the waste wrappers & garbage on the road…Other countries people are Seeing and making Fun…For that purpose one should start “CLEAN INDIA CAMPAIGN”…The way people clean their home,,The same should clean roads..streets in India..MOunika says thats awesome…Mounika and Dimple goes and sits in a bench .Infront Ayaan is sitting with a girl getting cosy….kissing… Dimple sees and tells that she wanted to leave….Mounika says to stop…Mounika asks Dimple did she like Ayaan…Dimple tell what rubbish..says never..Ayaan throws paper om floor..Dimple picks up and throw in dustbin..Again Ayaan throws..Again Dimple picks up..Again Ayaan throws…Dimple smiles and picks up the dustbin and puts all the garbage on Ayaan…Ayaan shouts..Everyone is shocked…Ayaan takes Dimple to principle..Principal gives punishment to Dimple..Ayaan accepts his mistake..He is also punished..BOth should clean the whole gym without anyone”s help…
Models walks the ramp….simple Sees and becomes happy…Lara comes…..Simple sets Lara”s hair…..Lara tells that its awesome…..Simple tells she to wanted to be the part of fashion show..Lara says Simple to arrange 50,000 as the sponsers as opted out..Simple says she will arrange anyhow..
Another side.. Ayaan and Dimple cleans the gym…..Ayaan tells Dimple that her act was good…Dimple asks which act…Ayaan replies “clean India”…Dimple says Thankyou…Ayaan removes his jacket…Dimple stares at him…Ayaan smiles…Coach comes and tells Ayaan that to come as have to practise hockey…Ayaan tells he is detain and have to clean…Coach says noo…Its important to come….Dimple tells that Ayaan got punishment.Dimple tells she like hockey..Coach tells he will give passes…Dimple tells she like playing hockey..She represented her State..Coach smiles…Coach tells that its not all girl’s work…dimple tells its his “Small thinking…”..He tells then why all boys won 7 medals in olympics..Dimple says looking at past record one cannot decide….
Coach bows infront of Dimple..and calls her “Jhansi ki raani”…Coach tells to make a hockey team and represent as next week sponser”s are coming…Ayaan tells Coach if she make really the team…Coach says its not birthday party… or kitty party…Dimple says shut up and tells she will prove itt………
Krish comes and brings Roses for SImple..Simple hugs krissh saying that he gave her idea to raise the funds by organising rose day show….At night Dimple comes home…Dr sood asks Dimple why she withdrawed 20,000 from.her account.. Dimple says she because she want to setup a new hockey team…Dr sood gets shocked…. Dimple says cool down…Dimple shows pic of a women coach and tells that She Called her for lecture.. Dimple tells that She will call all the students saying free lunch…All the hungry students will come and listen the lecture…Dr sood tells well done…Dimple goes while Simple comes….Simple tells her dad that she want 10,000 for fashion show…He agrees.
Lara tells Aisha that Simple is organising a rose show…tells that all partners will write message and it will be delivered…Aisha tells she want Rose day to be organised in auditorium not in Garden…Lara says okey…. lara goes…Kabir asks what was the need to change the rose day in auditorium…Aisha tells kabir its none of his buisness…..Aisha tells kabir to concentrate on her….Kabir says okie……As the Rose day show starts….. All the students buys the roses write the message…while Simple delivers it….Simple gets a good response…Kabir comes………Simple tells that half of the college girls wrote letters to kabir.. kabir smiles.. ….Aisha comes snatches the letter from kabir and tell her Secretery….to note the names of the all girls….Simple is surprised…..Kabir tells to stop… Aisha tells that she is soo pocessive about him…Aisha tells Kabir to bring coffe….kabir goes…..Simple thanks Aisha for contributing in the Rose day show… Aisha smiles…..Aisha tells to herself that she did this because wanted to see catfight between sisters….Aisha imagines both Simple and dimple fightening…

Precap::Dimple gets a letter..Mounika gets shocked tells who can give letter to Dimple/\…Dimple sees Ayaan smilin

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 31st October 2014 Written

Amba finds a henna stain on RV’s dress. She finds a file, about Ishaani Parekh’s case. She reads it and gets worried saying it is good she has learnt enough English to know what RV is doing in Parekh’s case. He is helping them win it. She thought he will now forget Ishaani, but he is still helping her. 


She takes the lawyer’s number from his mobile, and texts the lawyer that I have changed my decision in Ishaani Parekh’s decision, make her lose.
Ritika calls RV. He asks is she sure happy with the wedding. He holds her hand, then says that she is telling him that Chiraag is cheating Ishaani; though she knows he will get upset and may change the decision. RItika says that she knows he cares for Ishaani, secondly she knows that one must let the person you love, not encaged. RV says he wonders, two people whose interests don’t meet, but their thinking is so much alike. This is why, he tells her anything about Ishaani. He now let Ishaani go to her way, and prays for her. HE is owed under his mota bapu, and he wants to give his family the best he could give. He has done the most, to make the family win. But for Ishaani, he cant do anything, and from tomorrow his priorities will be changed. He tells her to go inside now, else his photographs won’t be good. She asks for the meaning, he says the people around will beat him if they see him here.
Baa prays for something. Falguni hears, and asks is she so happy for Ishaani’s wedding. Baa says she can only be happy for Ishaani because Ishaani will no more be here. She is praying, because today is the decision for their case and she is going to get everything back for her family. Falguni says she must not worry about coming to the wedding then. Baa says she will come to bless Ishaani and Chiraag after the case hearing. Ishaani comes to take Baa’s blessings. Baa hugs her, and caresses her.
Chiraag stands in front of the mirror, saying that now he will be rich as well. Shanaila comes there, and says curtly that she knows he is going to marry the girl he always called his cousin i.e Ishaani. He says he was about to tell her, that this is just fake. Shanaila says she believed in him, and deters him for telling anything to Ishaani. Chiraag laughs, and asks are you threatening me? Go tell her, Ishaani know everything about her, she has seen Shanaila and Chiraag together but didn’t say a word. He says he doesn’t want cheap girls like her, he is going to marry Ishaani and get rich. Shanaila leaves, saying he will surely get punished for this all. Chiraag comes to mirror, and boasts that if RV couldn’t harm him, what will Shanaila do.
Amba takes RV to the mandap. He says he has to check his phone, for an important call. Amba says that today, there must be no phone calls. But RV says he asked Bundi to bring it, RV gets the mobile. Amba thinks that she had hid it underneath his bed, so that he might not read the sms. Amba snatches the mobile from his hand, it fells into the ghee. Amba gives it to Bundi to clean it.
RV watches Arohi, with her parents come to the wedding. Amba was angry that they came so late. RV hugs Arohi, and asks how is her wedding going. Arohi says she is going to top in exams, as her brother is top in business. Arohi takes RV for the haldi. RV was interested in something else. Arohi’s mother whispers to Amba, that she always prayed that RV gets rid of that Ishaani.
Falguni performs Haldi of Ishaani. Arohi performs RV’s Haldi. Amba blesses him. Mr. Javeri performs Ritika’s Haldi.
Ritika comes to Mr. Javeri finding him crying, and hugs him. Falguni asks Pratik to call Disha. Pratik says she left 10 minutes ago. Chatali brings glittered Haldi for Ishaani. Pratik and Devash play with the turmeric. Pratik gets a call, and promises to reach the court.
Chiraag reaches the court. He says he came here, to support Ishaani as she can’t come today. The lawyer says court’s decision won’t change. Baa comes there, and thinks why has Chiraag come here as a joker. Baa asks hasn’t the judge got late, the lawyer says they are earlier. Chaitali and Ritesh come there.
Chiraag gets a call, Ishaani says that each hour is being heavy upon her. Chiraag says they will surely win. Ishaani says she was talking about their wedding, as she has left the case decision on God. If she loses it, she knows he is there to support her. The judge arrive. Chiraag disconnects the call, and says she will wait for him for whole of her life, if she loses the case.
RV looks at Harshid’s photo in his cupboard. He says he tried to fulfil his responsibilities towards his family, but if something is left he needs forgiveness. He thinks the lawyer must be calling him. Parul comes there. RV asks Parul to bring his phone from Bundi. Luxmi- Parul’s mom come there. RV winks at Parul, she goes to bring the mobile.
RV’s father hears telling Luxmi that Parekh’s will surely lose the case, as she won’t let RV reach them till the decision.
Ishaani is ready for the wedding, she looks at their family photo and cries. Falguni hears her, and goes crying. She says she waited for this day, for years. But she didn’t know, she won’t be happy. She says, I know Harshid I am doing wrong, but my daughter is mad at Chiraag. She asks Harshid for help, for a way so that she can save her daughter.
Shanaila drove while crying. She thinks she must tell Ishaani the truth, to stop the bad happen to her.
Falguni comes to Ishaani, saying her make-up will be destroyed. Ishaani hugs Falguni.
Luxmi praised RV, he is worried that the decision must be declared till now. He asks Amba about his cell phone. She asks Parul to bring it to him, Amba says now he must be happy. RV is worried that the mobile isn’t switching on. Amba says its battery must be dead. His father get’s Mr. Javeri’s call, and asks the men to tie his Kullah.

Pratik calls Ishaani as the taxi has arrived. Ishaani asks about the case. They tell her the decision hasn’t been announced yet. As they leave the house, Shanaila arrives at Ishaani’s house and finds it locked. A man tells Shanaila that the wedding must be at a nearby hall.
The friends praised Ritika, RV arrives with the Baraat.
Ishaani comes to the hall, everyone praises her. She asks Pratik to call Ritesh.
Ritika comes to the hall. RV looks at her, as she comes besides him. He says she looks beautiful. She says he looks good too, but more tensed. He should smile to increase the value of his face. Amba is happy watching them together.
Ishaani was worried and calls Chiraag to ask what is happening at the case. She was worried.
Ritika asks for the DDLJ’s pose at the photography. She tells RV, hadn’t it been their wedding she must have got the Titanic’s pose as well.
Chiraag arrives at the doorway. RV loses the color of his face. Ritika is also worried to see him. Chiraag goes from the door, RV goes behind him. Outside, Chiraag claps. RV says he must be with Ishaani. Chiraag says he is where he must have been. He says to RV that he played to good game, he had two sparrows down with one arrow. RV asks him to talk straight. Chiraag says Ishaani has lost her case. RV was astonished. Chiraag tells him to end the drama, and asks why he made them lose the case. He gives him the breaking news, that he isn’t marrying Ishaani anymore. He tells him that he has left her, at the stage of marriage. They lost the case, and Ishaani lost Chiraag.
Ishaani sits back in a setback. They were all worried. Chaitali says they are hopeless. Pratik says they must not lose hope, they will take the case to supreme court. Baa says they have been destroyed, they have lost their money and property. She hoped to win it. Ishaani says RV made us lose it, as he came to take revenge.
RV asks Chiraag how he can do this. Chiraag says he always knew that RV will make her win the case and he will get the property worth millions. But now, not a driver will marry her. RV holds his collar, but Chiraag says he can nothing about him. RV can go to her now, wipe her tear, call her his friend or lover; she is all yours. He throws his head-cover and leaves. Ritika listens to this all.

This was a special episode, where Ishaani has lost her case, and Chiraag leaves her.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 31st October 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Menka playing Amitabh’s song. Suhani starts dancing and everyone join her. Soumya comes and dances with everyone. Dadi is happy seeing Yuvraaj and Soumya dancing. They all stop seeing Dadi. Yuvraaj says Menka started playing music and we all danced. Suhani says sorry. Dadi scolds her and asks her to do her work well. Suhani says don’t worry, all the work is done, I made the Chappan Bhog too. 


Dadi asks Pratima did he tell about cow. Pratima says I forgot. Dadi says what? Whose puja will you do now, Suhani or Ramesh? Suhani says I will get the cow. Dadi says do you know what cow type comes here. Suhani says its Gowardhan puja. Yuvraaj says you just tell what type of cow you want. Suhani will get it.
Dadi says white cow and taunts Suhani. Rags and Menka smile. They sign each other and leave. Ramesh gives Sharad the Karele juice. Yuvrraaj pulls his leg and asks him to have it. They all make him drink it and smile.

Suhani goes to find the cow. Radhe meets Rakhi who is also going to see cow. He says its my festival as my moon has come out in morning. Rakhi says fine, do one work. He says he will just work, 1000 times, say it. She says make the cow have this Prasad. He flirts and Rakhi stupidly smiles. He makes the cow have the Prasad. Krishna comes there and asks Rakhi what is she doing. She gets tensed and looks to see Radhe. Radhe disappears as she turns back. She says I was doing puja. Krishna asks who was with her. Rakhi says no, who will be here. He holds her hand and takes her home.
Radhe says I m James Bond and praises himself. He sits in cow dung. Yuvraaj and Sharad are also finding the white cow. The man tells Suhani that he has grey cow, not white. She says no, I want white one. Sharad tells Yuvraaj that there is only black cows. Suhani calls Yuvraaj and asks him about cow. He says we did not get it, I will call when I get it. She sits there and sees a white cow. She runs to the cow and says she wants the cow for Gowardhan puja. He says you can take it for Rs 2000. She says we can get in Rs 1000 too, but then agrees. Rags and Menka make Pratima scared of Dadi’s anger for Suhani, if she fails to get the cow.
Suhani comes and says she got the cow. Pratima gets relieved. Dadi comes there and asks about the cow. Suhani says I got it, its outside in garden. Dadi says lets do puja now. Pratima says Yuvraaj is on the way, we will start puja after he comes. Rags and Menka get upset. Rags and Menka see the white cow. Menka says Suhani did magic. Rags says how did she find white cow. She tries removing the cloth. They are shocked to see black mark on its face. Menka says it has stain. She smiles and says I will tell this to Dadi to get Suhani scolded. Rags stops her and asks her to think. She says she will show Dadi at final time.
Everyone gather for the puja. Menka says its hot, so I asked Ramesh to fix fan here. Suhani says you did good. Menka acts and says I m your best friend. Dadi asks Ramesh to get the Chappan Bhog. He gets the plate. She sees it and smiles. She does the Gau puja. Suhani says its white cow, the man took Rs 2000. Yuvraaj says thank God we got the white cow. Rags sees Suhani and Yuvraaj smiling, and thinks how Suhani opened fan and made everyone laugh as her wig flew. She opens the fan and the cloth flies. Dadi is shocked seeing the black mark on the cow.
Everyone did not know this and is shocked to see it. Rags smile. Suhani says I did not see its face being in hurry. Rags says Suhani, Dadi said cow should be white, you cheated Dadi, so you have hidden it by cloth. Suhani says sorry Dadi, I did not see this mark. Rags says you mean you did not make the cow wear this cloth. Suhani says no. Dadi says you did this to hide it. Rags scolds Suhani and says you lied to Dadi. Suhani says she is not lying, she never lies. Dadi says shut up, you have made it an issue, why did you take responsibility if you can’t fulfill it. Suhani says no. Dadi scolds her.
She asks why does she always get wrong, did her parents teach her this, you ruined the puja, its abshagun. Suhani says what abshagun, its Gau puja today and the cow is here, its white cow as you wanted, it just have black mark, it does not mean it’s a horse. She says even moon has a stain, even then people see it and keep fasts for husband’s long life, and think the milk comes in our house, we don’t know its from black cow or white cow. Sharad smiles. Dadi taunts her saying she is dark stain on their house, and she does not know importance of white color. Suhani gets upset. Dadi says if you are here, its because you are Yuvraaj’s wife, if I know who chose you here, I will kick that person out. She looks at Pratima. Yuvraaj says Dadi please, don’t scold Suhani so much, she does not know this, she did this to keep your wish. Dadi says you cover up her mistakes, what else you did till now. Yuvraaj and Suhani look at each other.
Menka tells Rags that Dadi knows Yuvraaj knows Soumya, shall we tell her that Pratima did this mistake. Soumya and Suhani have a talk about being Birla bahu and its benefit

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 31st October 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Adi asking Pankhudi to end their fight. She says you accept you love me more. They argue again and put icecreams on each other. He says you lost, I failed in love. She says yes, even I tease you always. He says yes, its loss to be husband, I have to bear it. He says you have good qualities and pulls her leg. 


He holds her hand and says I did not meet more beautiful person than you, like the way you unite everyone and bring smile on their faces and make my every moment beautiful, only you can do this, don’t know I can match to it or not. She says its you, so am I, keep loving me and we won’t know how life passes. She hugs him and they smile.
Sheela likes the party hall decorations. Anuj says you did not do this, and saying as if you did everything. Ayush says smile and takes her pic. He says its perfect for my cartoon pic. Anuj laughs. Sheela says take Payal’s pic, she is cartoon. Ayush calls her Khadoos saas. He asks where is Pankhudi. Pankhudi is worried for the tests, as she has done the tests. She gets doctor’s call and he says congrats, tests are positive, you are pregnant, we sent the reports by courier, you will get it in evening. She smiles and cries. She says I m mad, I m crying knowing this good news, I will tell everyone.

Payal is doing arrangements. Rubel says Kaira could not come, and mum is happy. Anuj says its fine. Payal says Ved ji is last hope for Kaira. Sheela misses Kaira. Adi says Kaira is brave girl, I also get worried to become a dad. Pankhudi hears this. Adi says can you imagine Pankhudi if anyone calls you mum, and you run after baby all day, its not easy to raise kids. Pankhudi looks at them and thinks. She goes back to her room. Pankhudi gets ready for the party and thinks how to tell Adi. Nana ji talks to the audience and thanks for watching the show always. He says lets see the journey. Adi and Pankhudi’s characterization is said in background and they get ready for party and come in the hall.
Pankhudi says see, your Adi did not come till now. Adi comes to her and says sorry. He says no one else came, why should I be sorry. They argue again. He says we won’t fight now. He holds her and says you are mine. She says your ego gets hurt when you say sorry. He says when he said sorry standing on bus like hero. She says so what, can’t you say sorry. He says fine, sorry, a husband has to become fool infront of wife. She says you mean I m fool. He says yes, I can prove, you loved me and acted to love someone else. She says yes, it proves you are fool, you loved me and took years to say. He says yes, I m feeling hot, why did guests not come, check makeup in mirror.
Anuj and Sheela get ready and argue. They welcome the guests. Anuj says you won’t change ever. Sheela says I can sense Avantika in you. He says what did she tell you. Sheela says she always shut up, enough, and loud voice always. She gets Avantika’s call and talks to her sweetly. She says she was missing her and was talking to Anuj about her. Anuj says its good to be away from them, they fight, and still together. Pankhudi and Payal say yes, and Payal thanks her for forgiving and covering her mistakes. She asks about her health, is she fine. Pankhudi says it was because of weather change. Rubel sees so much love and says his eyes got filled, he can’t take it. He talks to Adi and says dad is right, when ladies show so much love, its danger. Adi says yes, its war every day after marriage.
Rubel says yes, but Payal is right, you and Pankhudi are together, and I m here with you, I always had bitterness in heart, and you both have changed me. Adi says don’t praise me much. Ayush joins them and the brothers have a talk. Anuj thanks Bau ji and Pankhudi’s family for coming in the party. Bau ji says we felt proud that you all and Harish gave name to Ayush. Ayush gives envelop to Adi and says Shanky gave it. Adi sees the letter in it and is shocked reading it. Rubel asks what happened Adi.
Bau ji tells Pankhudi that she and Adi did a lot for family, and now its time to take family ahead. Pankhudi thinks don’t know how will Adi react. Adi leaves the letter and goes out. Rubel reads it. Adi says why did Pankhudi not tell me, how could she do this. He messages her to come outside the house and she goes to meet him. She says she will tell him now if she gets a chance. Rubel tells Shanky that Pankhudi is going to meet Adi, its right time to begin and tells his plan.
Adi asks whats Pankhudi’s problem, how can she hide this from him, I know you are pregnant. She says Adi, I wanted to tell you but…. He says you thought you will tell me if you wish. She says I heard you talking about kids and did not know how will you react. He says you should have told me. He gets annoyed. She says listen to me once. He leaves in the car. She cries and thinks she was afraid of this, what to do now.
Bau ji asks Pankhudi where did Adi go. She says don’t know, Its my mistake, I should have told him. Bua ji says is it that he is not ready for child. Sheela hears them.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 31st October 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Shlok and Astha seeing the bus leave. He says lets go and ask them, when will the other bus come. They go back to the Dhaba. Renuka comes home and cries after knowing about the bank fraud. Jyoti sees her and asks her what happened, are you fine. Renuka says nothing, you go. Jyoti says swear on me and Sid, tell me. 

Renuka says you won, I was wrong, you will get chance to taunt me now. Jyoti asks what. Renuka says the bank man was fraud, he run away with everyone’s money, go and tell Sid that I did mistake. Jyoti says why will I complain, you did not do it intentionally, forget it, I promise I won’t tell Sid, go to your room and rest now. Renuka says I taunt you so much and you are supporting me. Jyoti says you are Maa and its your right, I will get water.
Renuka thinks Jyoti is not so good as she looks, she will tell Sid. Sojal comes to Varad, and asks him why did he lie to Baba, and whats going on in his mind, you stopped me from calling Shlok and Astha to stop them, why did you let them go, you love Shlok and Astha so much. Varad says I became selfish. He says don’t tell anyone, no one can understand the pain I m going through, but what I m doing, I want your support. She asks how can you be selfish, this is not possible, you think about others without any hope, what is this selfishness to get far from them. Varad says he is also hurt, but he is being support to Niranjan now, he is seeing the son in me, he wants me to become Shlok and I feel I wanted this to happen. She looks on.

He says when Shlok was here, I was nothing to him, but now, he is valuing me, he is trusting me now, and I did not realize this feelings before. Sojal says but…. Varad says you tell me, how can I not get selfish, both sons should have got the love which Baba gave only to Shlok, I did not know whats that love, and when I m getting it, you tell me how to let it go. He says I tried all my life to be something in Baba’s eyes, I always wanted to see pride in his eyes for me, but this did not happen, you know this, you always taunted me on this, when I got this place today, what problem you have. Shlok went to find his identity and made me get my identity in this house, if you want, I will find them and get them back home, but I will lose my identity, no one cared where I work and when I come back home, Baba did not worry for me till now, he does not care if I m hungry, if its Shlok, he makes him eat by his hands.
He says after so many years, I got the lost respect and love which I should get, how to let it go now. He says I want Baba’s love, if you love me, you will support me. Sojal cries. He leaves. Astha and Shlok see few ladies in truck and they don’t have entertaining people. Astha tells Shlok they will help us, and asks the lady to give them lift, and she will entertain them, we sing very well. The lady agrees. Astha convinces them well. Astha and Shlok get into the truck. The lady asks them to start singing. She says what are you seeing each other, come on sign. They give the dhol.
Astha says they are asking to play dhol. Shlok says go and sign now. Astha says my husband plays dhol well. She asks Shlok to sign if they want to go to Mumbai. Shlok says Astha sings well and asks her to play the dhol. Astha starts singing. She sings so badly and Shlok says wah wah…… The lady shuts their ears. She stands and is scared seeing the truck moving. Shlok sings the song Ab tu bata jo ho pata…….tere bina lamha lamha jeeyenge kaise……………..
He holds Astha and they have an eyelock. They start dancing. The ladies enjoy their performance. Mahiya………….. mere mahiya…………..plays……………. she kisses him on his cheek. Shlok looks at her and asks for a kiss on his lips. Maine khudko tujhme, tujhko mujhme karliya hai shamil…………….plays………….. They have a romantic moment, imagining themselves to be alone on the truck. Shlok holds her and they look on romantically. Tu hi mera hosh bhi……. Plays…………. He goes to kiss her and she gets shy and moves away. He goes to her and draws her closer. Bekhudi……………….plays………………. They smile and he holds her hand making her close.
She hugs him and they close their eyes to experience peaceful love. They come out of their dream, as the lady throws flowers on them, saying get up Heer Ranjha, Mumbai has come. Astha and Shlok walk on the roads hands in hands. Mumbai city is shown. She says stop Shlok, I m tired of walking, my head is aching by hot weather. Shlok asks her to stay here, till he comes. She talks to a stall vendor asking for place to leave. The lady says you want broker? Astha says she wants place. The lady says she will show the room, she can take it if she likes. Astha says fine, let my husband come, we will come.
The lady says come and see, else many people will come, I can give it in Rs 3000, you said you are new here, come else it will be your loss. Astha thinks its good city and helpful people, don’t know when will Shlok come, I will go and finalize, I can surprise him that we got a house. She says lets wait for my husband. The lady says you are newly married, so you don’t want to be away. She says we will come in 5 mins come. She tells someone that she is getting a bird, be ready. Shlok comes back with water and does not see Astha. He asks the man did he see a blue saree lady. The stall vendor says she went with a lady to see home. Shlok asks which way. The man says that way. Shlok rushes to find Astha. Astha goes with the lady.
Varad talks to Niranjan about the files and he wants his sign. Niranjan gives him the signing authority and Varad looks on stunned.

Ek Hasina Thi 31st October 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Durga asking Sakshi to sign on the resignation letter and passing taunts on her. Rajnath smiles and gives the pen to Sakshi. Sakshi signs the papers. Rajnath leaves. Durga thanks Sakshi. Sakshi says you are forgetting Durga, Dev has to be free and out of jail to help you in this project. 


Durga says yes, he will be free, once Raima is out of coma, there is no evidence against Dev, money can be spent and planning can be done, and similarly, it can be done to bring out Dev, only Raima’s death can shut his way out, but this won’t happen, I m sure of it. She touches her feet surprising her. She says my dad always asks me to take elder’s blessings and I always follow what he says. She smiles and leaves.
Rajnath hammers his head in the room and scolds Sakshi for losing the project, Dev and I were equal share holders, and today Dev is stronger than me, as Durga got 10 % shares more, he can take over the company and we will be his slaves. She says why are you saying me. He says what was the need to make Durga marry Dev, if she was Shaurya’s wife, this would have not happened. She says then Shaurya would have not been here, do you think Durga is innocent, she has motives, are you blind. He says we have hit on our feet by bringing her here, she is our enemy. He says if Dev gets free, then……. He says listen to me, you are in this place till I m head of Goenka group, the day I fall, you will fall along. He leaves. She thinks Rajnath said it right, if he loses, I will also lose, I will benefit if Rajnath is head, and Dev should be in jail.

Its morning, Dev thinks about Durga and Nitya. Mathur talks to his jail inmates. They say lets kill Dev. Mathur says no, he is not like other Goenkas. He thinks about Rajnath and Dev’s words. He says now I understand why Rajnath came to meet me, he came to provoke me against Dev, he played a good game saying Dev is his son, I think he wants me to keep Dev here and rotten him here, else kill him. Durga follows Sakshi is going to hospital. Durga informs Dayal. Dayal says we have to trap Sakshi and save Raima too. Sakshi goes inside the hospital. Durga parks her car far and goes after her.
She sees the camera feeds and says why did Sakshi not go on Raima’s ward till now. She hides and says where is she. Durga gives update to Dayal and he comes to her. He asks did anything happen. She says Sakshi is here, but not in Raima’s ward. He says relax, she will come. They hide seeing Sakshi come there. Sakshi talks to the guard and goes inside the ward. Durga and Dayal see the video feed. Sakshi thinks Durga is saying Raima will come to senses and save Dev, will you do this Raima with your best friend. She thinks Durga thinks Raima has to die if I have to win. Durga and Dayal look on.
She thinks my problems will end if I kill you, Durga is right. She holds the oxygen mask. Durga says Sakshi will remove it. Dayal says I m ready, let her. Sakshi thinks Raima needs help to be alive, she is hurt, so sad. She covers her properly and starts acting. Durga says whats going on in her mind. Dayal says she is unpredictable, relax, be alert. Sakshi sees the same time in the clock which has the hidden camera. Durga says she is going to the clock, it has spy camera in it. Sakshi takes the clock and sees it. Durga is shocked. Sakshi thinks Raima was my best friend and did not understand me, so she lagged behind. She sees the time change. She thinks of doctor’s words that Raima does not have improvement, and her condition is becoming more bad, her coma reviving chances are very less, Rajnath also comes here to ask about her, I understand you are connected to her, I m trying my best. She thinks she gave the medicine to nurse to keep Raima in same state, as her condition should be same.
She thinks Raima helped me in giving wrong medicine to Payal, today its my turn to return the favor. Take rest now, I will make sure you just rest, I will give such medication that you will be alive and stay comatose. She thinks Dear Rajnath can worry and try, you will always be in coma, poor Raj comes here to meet you with hope, that you will open eyes, but I won’t let this happen, I will keep you alive and see Raj die every moment. Do you know Durga thinks you will prove Dev innocent, poor girl, she does not know you won’t get up, even if you open eyes, I will kill you, just relax, bye Raima.
She talks to guard and leaves. Durga and Dayal look on. Dayal says Sakshi may have known the hidden camera, so she has not done anything. Durga says no, else she would have removed it. I think Sakshi knows Raima is not a threat for her and can’t help Dev, I m responsible for all this. Rajnath meets Vasu. Vasu says he got a man to do their work. The jailer walks in. Rajnath sees him. Vasu says come, sit. Rajnath says thanks for giving time. The jalier says you called me and I came.
Rajnath says so you were not taking my call. He says Mathur did not do my work. He says Dev has good power, I have seen him that day. Rajnath says I m not here to hear Dev’s praise, listen to me, Dev should not come out alive from jail. The jailer says it will be done, he will kill Dev, its guarantee. Rajnath gives him money and says don’t worry, Dev can’t see tomorrow. The prisoner in jail sees Dev and makes him fall to start a fight He gets a knife and people start laughing on him. Dev gets up. The man starts the fight and the jailer signs the constable not to go. Dev fights with the man, and his goons also beat him. They hold Dev and the man walks to him.
The man beat up Dev and want to kill him. He takes out the knife and is about to stab him, while Dev is getting unconscious type being beaten up a lot.

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2014 Written

The episode starts with Sid inviting his friend for a card party at his home. He continues to talk over phone and tries to eat eat and toast breakfast. Pragya sees that and feeds him egg. He eats at the beginning without noticing, but when he notices it, he stops her and says only Tanu can feed him. He continues to fight with her but stops seeing Daadi coming there. 


 Daadi asks him if he brought diwali gift for Pragya. He says no. She gives him necklace and asks him to make her wear it. Pragya reminisces their marriage when he dorned her mangalsutra. He thinks only Tanu deserves necklace from. Pragya thinks though he has not given her any rights, she has given it to him.
Pragya’s daadi waits for auto to reach Pragya’s home, but does not get one and starts scolding auto drivers. Suresh sees her and says he will drop her to Pragya’s house. Daadi hesitates at first, but agrees.

Abhi sees house well decorated for diwali pooja and asks Daasi if she arranged everything. Daasi says yes. He sees Pragya and Daadi and walks out from there. Daadi tells Pragya that pooja muhurath is around 8-10 p.m. and once Abhi’s card party is finished, they should start pooja. She gives keys to Pragya and says it is her responsibility from today as she is tired of responsibilities till now. Taiji sees that and thinks earlier it was difficult to extract money from Daadi, now it will be even more difficult to extract money from Pragya. Pragya happily walks towards her temple when Abhi clashes with her and scolds that she is unlucky for her.
Abhi starts card game and informs about the rules to his friends that no one will leave game until they lose all the money in their pockets. He asks where is his lucky charm. Tanu and Aaliya come and sit next to her.
Daasi sees Pragya near temple instead of sitting next to Abhi in card game and asks her to go and sit next to him in place of Tanu. Mitali says Abhi will not Tanu move away from him as he thinks her as his lucky charm. Daasi says says he does not know Pragya his his lucky charm. Abhi loses his first card game and his friend says he cannot win always even with his lucky charm next to him.

Suresh drops Daadi at Pragya’s house and says he will wait outside until she comes. She says she may take a lot of time and asks him to accompany him in. Abhi’s daadi greets them both. Daadi gives Pragya’s daadi about Sarla. She says she could not come, so she came with diwali shagun. Suresh says he will meet Abhi. Daadi says ok.
Abhi’s friend continues win and Abhi is annoyed. Suresh comes there. Abhi asks him to join him. He says he does not know to play cards and thanks him for saving Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Abhi jokes that he must be eyeing on the hall. Suresh asks what does he mean. Abhi says he is just joking and asks him to walk out as he is busy with game. Abhi is tensed that he is losing continuously and asks Tanu to show her charm. Tanu says she will go to washroom. Abhi waits till she comes back, sees a girl standing next to him, shows cards and wins game. He hugs her saying she is his lucky charm and is shocked to see Tanu standing in front of him and he hugging Pragya instead. He starts scolding he why did she come and sit on his lap. His friend says he should be thankful to Pragya instead as he won double money which he lost and says Pragya is his lucky charm and not Tanu. Tanu gets irked hearing that and walks out. Friend asks him to let Pragya touch his card and play then. He does so and wins again. Friend says she told him already that his wife Pragya is his lucky charm. Abhi says he will play one more game and asks Pragya to touch cards again. Pragya says she does not have to stay next to him and asks him to close his eyes and remember her if he wants to win. He closes eyes, imagines Pragya, wins game and thinks he did not get these kind of cards in his life till now and it is all because of Pragya. He continues to play and wins all games.
Precap: Abhi says Pragya that she is unlucky for him. She says he won card game because of her. He asks if he has to give her 50% share. She says no. He thinks of getting locker keys from Daadi to keep money, but sees keys in Pragya’s hands instead.

Jamai Raja 31st October 2014 Written

Naani checks DD’s gift and likes it, says her daughter thinks about her a lot. Mona gets happy seeing golden coins. DD comes and asks if they liked their gifts. Resham and Kesar also say their gifts are very nice. Naani thanks her for gifts and asks about Sid and Roshni’s gifts. DD says even she has a gift for them and asks Kesar to bring them. She gives envelope to Sid.


 Roshni asks what is in it. DD asks him to open and check. Sid is surprised to see bills. DD says these are the bills of around 27,000 rs which they both had to pay her. Roshni tries to intervene. Sid says there is no use arguing with DD and asks her to get their saving and give them to DD. Roshni says they got only 2000 rs and asks DD she would have informed them before. DD says she does not need to. Naani says she and Mona will pay her. DD says she does not need their money and only needs it from Sid. Sid says he will not get money from Naani or Mona and will arrange it from somewhere. DD says she was expecting this from him and says how will he get money when he is a broke, says he has another choice for him. He calls servants and says they can take diwali leave and until they come back, Sid will be her house’s servant. She says Sid he does not have to come to office and will have to work as servant for 1 month. Naani asks how can she make jamai as servant.
Roshni asks DD how dare she is to insult her husband. DD asks either to pay bills or become servant. Sid agrees to become servant and says it is his house now and he is not ashamed to work in his house. He asks what he should do now. She asks him to keep her sandals in her room and get her slippers. Servant tries to intervene, but she warns them and sends from there. She asks Sid to start his work. Roshni stops Sid, but he smiles and removes slippers from DD’s feet. Roshni asks Sid if he has self-respect or not. He says why should he be ashamed to remove mother’s slippers and says he got a chance to take her blessings after marriage. DD gets irked hearing this and walks bare foot to her room. Roshni also angrily walks out from there.

Roshni packs bags and says she cannot stay in DD’s house after his insult. He asks if she would have felt insult if his mom would have asked her to remove her slippers. She says she would not as she is her mother now. Sid says like his mother is hers, her mother is his. He says DD’s ways are wrong, but they are benefitting because of it. She asks what benefit. He says first she taught us saving, second his wife’s anger for him is gone, third he will enjoy diwali weekend at home with his wife. She asks how he take everything so positively and says she is proud of him. He says even he is proud of her.
Mona says Naani that DD has made our jamai as servant and we cannot do anything. Roshni comes and says she can do but.
On the breakfast table, Sid tries to serve dal to DD and tells her about its health benefits. DD asks him to shut up and get her soup. Roshni comes with soup and says she got her soup. DD asks what is wrong with her, she already told none of the family members will help Sid and asks her to change her servant clothes. Roshni says as she already told she is not her family member and is Sid’s wife’s now. She says already she had worked in this house and used to get salary. DD gets irked hearing that. Roshni says she is doing as she wanted, she is servant with her husband this diwali. She asks her not to give them salary this diwali and to keep it as diwali treat. DD angrily walks out from there. Naani claps for Roshni. DD thinks he became chef, servant, etc., even then these mother/daughter are still at loggerheads with each other.
Precap: Simran sees Sid and Roshni mopping DD’s house floor and insists to take them to her house.

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