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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi : love-hate relation between RV and Ishani

Balaji Telefilms' popular show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi on Colors is becoming gripping with each passing day and the viewers are loving the love-hate relation between RV and Ishani. 

RV who is aware about Chirag's motive is trying hard to show his real face but his efforts go in vain. Ranveer (Shakti Arora) purposely sends Ishaani (Radhika Madan) to the restaurant to get his mobile so that Ishani will come to know Chirag's real intentions but unfortunately things turns topsy turvy and she starts thinking wrong about RV.
But RV will not put his foot down and will hatch a plan against Chirag (Ravjeet Singh).
Our source says, "In the upcoming episode RV will trap Chirag (Ravjeet Singh) in some fraud case but when police will come to arrest him, Ishaani will take the blame on herself and she will be arrested for the fraud."
"When Ranveer will go with his father to show that how Chirag will be jailed because of him he will be shocked to see Ishaani behind bar. Chirag will understand RV's move to trap him but in a way will be happy to see his love Ishaani is in the jail. Later RV will bail out Ishaani from jail."
Will Ishani be able to know Chirag's real intention?
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Doli Armaanon Ki : Zee TV

Spellbound Productions' Doli Armaanon Ki on Zee TV is becoming more engrossing day by day with its twists and turns. Ever since Samrat has come to know about Umri's residence, he is trying all possible ways to bring her back to take his revenge from her.

Now he will take away Shaurya from the school without even informing Urmi. 
Our source says, "Samrat (Mohit Malik) knows it very well that Urmi (Neha Marda) loves Shaurya, he is the only one she has in her life and so she cannot bear anything wrong happening to him. As Shaurya is Urmi's life, Samrat he has started troubling the kid to harass Urmi. So when Shaurya returns from school by giving his exams Samrat takes him away."  
Adding further our sources say, "When Urmi reaches school to pick Shaurya she becomes very tensed and disappointed on not finding him in the school. After reaching home she finds Shaurya in the room with Samrat. Samrat warns and scares Urmi by saying her that he can go to any extent to being her back in his life even by kidnapping his son Shaurya."
Will Samrat be successful in fulfilling his evil deeds? Will Urmi go back and leave with Samrat?
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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya : Zee TV

Actor Bharat Kumar who was recently seen in popular shows like Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi...Meri Bhabhi and Uttaran is all set to enter Rajan Shahi's popular show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV.

Our source informed us, "Bharat has been roped in to play the character of Virat who will be Rukhsar's younger brother. It's going to be a grey shaded character but his character will be negative towards Bhawna (Reena Kapoor) as she insults him in the past and Virat has come back in her life to take revenge from her."
When contacted Bharat, he confirms the news saying, "Yes, I am doing the show and loving it. I can't comment anything about my character. It's going to be an interesting and the viewers will have to watch it."
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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein : Raman will yell at Ishita

Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein produced by Balaji Telefilms is doing exceptionally well with the audience even after the show seeing a change in its time slot. 

Till now the viewers have seen that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) has started developing feelings for Raman (Karan Patel) and that the entire Bhalla family and Iyer family have got pepped up for Mihir (Raj Singh Arora) and Mihika's (Mihika Verma) wedding.
Well, next what happens in the show informs our source. "Apparently, Ishita will get to know about Ashok's (Sangraam Singh) ill intentions of not getting married to Shagun (Anita Hasnandani) and he is just fooling around. She gets to know that Ashok does not want to settle with Shagun and that it is Suraj who is guiding him to the wrong path. Learning about this, Ishita gets shocked and plans to confess everything to Raman. Raman knowing the entire truth, instead of taking Ishita's side and revealing Ashok's truth out he will yell at Ishita for interfering in someone else's personal space."
Well, now this is quite a drama, must say!
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Gautam Rode : interview

As Sphere Origins' popular show Saraswatichandra has bid adieu, we speak to actor at par excellence Gautam Rode who essayed the character of Saras to know about his journey, reeving the highly prestigious award Dadasaheb Phalke and more...

Your journey in the show Saraswatichandra has come to end so what do have to say about it?

Saraswatichandra has been really lucky to me, my journey has been beautiful.  

In the shows Lucky and Baa Bahu Aur Baby you essayed a chocolate boy role and in Saraswatichandra it was altogether different, so which one is closer to you ?

Every character has its own specialty and I have loved essaying all the characters. My character in Baa Bahu Aur Baby was humorous and in Saraswatichandra the character had the flavor of emotions, he was serious. If you tell me to pick one character then it would be Saras as I am more attached to that character.

Saraswatichandra has also given you Dadasaheb Phalke Award so can you share that moment?

As I told you that this show has been really lucky to me, it has given a lot to me and I owe it to the show. I have been awarded three times for this show, Indian Telly Awards, Golden Petal Awards and achieving Dadasaheb Phalke Award was a proud moment for me.

Things you have learned throughout your journey while acting?

I think for whichever field we work for a long span time we get to learn many things. Throughout my journey I have improved myself as an actor.

Memories you will cherish of the show Saraswatichandra?

I will miss the show and the entire cast and crew. It's the best thing happened to me, all good things have to come to an end so it finished on a good note and I have no complaints, no regrets.

Since you are active on the social networking sites and have started your own Facebook page so how do you feel connecting with your fans?

Being an actor you have to connect to your fans to know their response and that's how you get encouragement for your work. I like talking to my fans they have always loved and admired me.

Recently you were trending on Twitter on the last day shoot of Saraswatichandra so how was the experience?

Yeah that's true, it was a wonderful experience. It was great to receive so much love and affection from them.

Lastly a message you want to convey to your fans?

I think thanking would be less, keep supporting me for my future endeavors as they have done earlier too.


O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya : going off air on this Friday

4 Lions Films newly launched show O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya on Channel V started a few months back depicting the story of three girls in the lead. The channel is known for introducing youth oriented shows.

The show O Gujariya which went on air recently had struck a right chord with the masses but due to some reasons have to end abruptly.
Our source informs us, "The show is ending because of the growing differences between the channel and the production house which lead to a sudden closer of the show. However, the show gained high TRPs last week but still could not succeed to take the show ahead."
"The show will end on a happy note and audience will get to see a happy ending, "adds our source.
We tried calling Producer Gul Khan on this abrupt ending of show, but she remained unavailable to comment.
We got the confirmation from the lead Shaleen Malhotra who says, "Yes, the show is going off air on this Friday."
Well, we wish good luck to the entire team of O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya!
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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara : lot of drama

Ever since Pankhuri has made her comeback to the show, Rajshri Productions' popular show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara... on Star Plus is witnessing a lot of drama and suspense.

In the forthcoming tracks of the show, the viewers are going to witness some more drama and confusion as Pankhuri's life is in danger but Ayesha (Disha Parmar) would get trapped in it. According to the ongoing tracks of the show, we have seen how Pankhuri has been abducted by the kidnappers but there is a twist in the tale.
Our source informed us, "Sahil (Nivaan Sen) has kidnapped Ayesha instead of Pankhuri but he is still unaware of this fact. Ayesha tries to escape from the hands of Sahil but she gets caught. Pankhuri knows one of the secret of Sahil and he fears if Pankhuri reveals his secret after coming out of the coma. That's why he is after her life."
"Now, very soon Sahil will come to know that he has kidnapped Ayesha instead of Pankhuri," adds our source.
Will Ayesha get to know about Sahil's truth? What will be Sahil's next course of action? The upcoming episodes of the show will unravel the answers to these questions. 

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 30th September 2014 Written

The episode begins with, laxmi says to ramesh that he is thinking nonsense, ramesh says im doing this for my kids if we stay here dadaji will not allow my kids live their dream, laxmi says dadaji will never think bad abt our kids he just thinks in a different way n where will we go its not easy to leave house, 

dadi hears this n gets shocked n asks who is leaving house, ramesh says no one is leaving i was just teasing laxmi, dadi says ramesh u aren’t wrong n so isn’t dadaji , but at times we have to agree to elders n do u have an better plan then dadaji for nisha n suku, ramesh says i know that but i think dadaji is rushing , dadi says this doesn’t mean u leave the house, nisha comes n says dad here have ur news paper n dadi n mom stop yelling at my dad, nisha says i know i didn’t plan anything for me n now i think its right time to plan something i love for my future n such thing that dadaji will himself give up the marriage idea.
Umesh laughs at suku seeing him all dressed, suku says umesh stop laughing already im so upset , umesh says its ok its first day n so this nervousness , suku asks umesh to dress like him for moral support umesh agrees n leaves to get ready while suku sees ritesh on a bike coming home, suku says to ritesh he loved his bike, ritesh says u like bikes too right, suku says dadaji doesn’t like all this n so he didn’t allow me to buy one, ritesh says ok u can use my bike but in return u have to help me get a selfie with nisha, suku says but nisha hates u, ritesh says but ur family likes me n if u help me next weekend this bike will be urs, suku agrees to riteshs deal.nisha comes to suku while ritesh hides, suku says come nisha lets click a photo nisha agrees , suku tricks her n clicks nishas photo with ritesh, nisha says i didn’t knew ritesh ur so cheap n suku i will see u later.
Kirti gets nisha n ritesh pic written in a relationship on it, kirti showa the pic to roopan n laxmi, nisha comes n asks wat is the matter , roopan says so when are u getting married, nisha says this pic is fake n im not interested in wedding, roopan says but ritesh is a good guy n u shdnt leave him.
Ritesh goes to dadaji while is talking to dadaji roopan kirti n mohan come n inform that kirti got a scholarship but the college is in delhi n not jaipur, dadji says its good but where will u stay, ritesh says no worries the institute ur willing to study its manager is grt friend of my dads n i can ask him shift ur admission to jaipur, kirti thanks ritesh.
Ritesh goes to nisha n says this pic of ours so many likes n when whole family of urs will be in my favour u will have no choice but get married to me, nisha gets angry. nisha sees dadaji talking ill about ramesh infront of ritesh n doesn’t like it. Nisha gets a call from dolly ,nisha says today midnight we will celebrate sukus bday n we will miss u, dolly says we will discuss that later i heard abt yesterdays dinner n u plz stay on safe distance from ritesh he asked me every cousins details very cunningly n after yesterdays dinner im worried abt sukus party, nisha says no worry he wont be present for sukus party.
Ritesh offers his seat in car on way to shop, but dadaji insults ramesh in front of ritesh n asks him to give ritesh back his seat n come on scooter nisha gets angry n goes to her dad n says i promise this ritesh wont attend sukus bday party.


Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th September 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Adi talking to Ayesha. Sahil comes and takes the phone. Adi says did they kidnap you Ayesah thinking you are Pankhudi. Sahil is shocked and talks to Adi. Sahil asks Adi not to get police, else it won’t be good. Adi is shocked. 

They take Ayesha inside the house. Payal asks Rubel to worry for himself, Pankhudi is fine. She cries. Rubel says why are you upset, I m fine. He asks about everyone, I m sure they are not allowed to come here. Rubel asks is Ayesha fine, where is she. She says she will send the doctor. Rubel says whats the matter Payal. She says take rest.

Pankhudi asks Bau ji about Ayesha. Bau ji says don’t worry, Ayesha is very good and our prayers and love is with her, nothing will happen to her. Diwakar says yes, as Lord saved Pankhudi, Ayesha will also be fine. He gives Prasad to Nilofer. Sahil calls Adi and makes the deal to give them Pankhudi and take Ayesha. Nolifer leaves. Pankhudi says she is worried because of us. Baju ji says everything will be fine. Adi says they said someone is keeping an eye on us. Sawant says maybe they are misguiding us. Sahil scolds Sangeeta and Anshul. Anshul says what will we do of her. Sahil says good news, Pankhudi is out of coma. Ayesha is happy and says she knew it, now pack your bags, as Adi and Pankhudi will play your band. Sahil says I like your confidence, but band will be played of your Adi and Pankhudi.

He tells Ayesha how he called Adi and offered to take her and give Pankhudi. Adi says he will give address of jewellery. Sahil laughs and says it means Pankhudi came in her senses. Adi asks why Pankhudi now. Sahil says how to be sure your address is right, till we get the jewelry, Pankhudi will be with us. Sahil gives him one hour to think. Avantika asks Adi how can he give such a bad demand, we can’t handover Pankhudi. Adi says yes. Nilofer asks what did they say. Harish says they won’t do anything to Ayesha. Adi says they will give Ayesha when we give Pankhudi.

Pankhudi hears this and says nothing will happen to Ayesha, she will come home safe. Adi asks why did she come out. Pankhudi says she came to know everything. Avantika says take rest, we will manage. Pankhudi says she is ready to go to them to get Ayesha back. Avantika says no. Everyone looks on stunned. Adi says he won’t let her go. Pankhudi says don’t give false hope, we have to do something. Hari

Harish says are you out of your mind, let us find some way. He asks Nilofer to give some time. Sawant says we can tell them that we are sending Pankhudi and fool them. Adi says things can get complicated and be harmful for Ayesha. Pankhudi says Adi please agree, we don’t have any other way. Sahil says Adi does not have option, I told him to give Pankhudi and take Ayesha. Sangeeta says we won’t let her go till she gives address. Anshul says its not about only jewellery. Sahil asks him not to worry. He says we will take her from where the story started.

He asks them to shift Ayesha and he will do deal with Adi. Nilofer says I felt my daughter is mad to praise Pankhudi without seeing her, but today after seeing Pankhudi, I don’t have words to say. She says you are risking your life to save my daughter, my Allah won’t forgive me. Pankhudi says a mum’s love does not need forgiveness and what is happening is because of misunderstanding, and Ayesha went there where I should have been. She says Ayesha’s life is in danger and everyone’s life is of equal value. She asks Adi to say them yes. Sawant asks him to talk and he will locate the address.

Sahil asks them not to trace the call as they are changing location. He says you don’t have any option now, I m sure you will take decision to handover Pankhudi. Adi says fine, I m taking Pankhudi. Sahil says don’t act smart and asks inspector not to come, else anything can happen to Ayesha. He says we will meet at morning 7am. Sawant gets a call and says we got info about the trio who were SSR college students, we can get some proof there. Avantika says its something else, not jewelry, as they have took care of coma patient, and its expensive. They ask Pankhudi. She says I don’t know, why are they afraid. She says she has a plan and asks Sawant to help her.

Its morning, Harish talks to Avantika. Bau ji asks them not to worry. Nani says I have sent Anuj and Sheela home. Avantika says we should not tell this at home. Bau ji asks Diwakar to go home and stop Ambika from coming here. Diwakar says fine and leaves. Adi says Pankhudi is coming. Sawant comes and says his officers will follow Adi in civil dress, he will also be close, but make sure they don’t doubt on us.

Pankhudi asks Sahil to leave Ayesha. Sahil says Ayesha is not here. Adi asks what do you mean. Sahil says you think I m fool.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 30th September 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Ramesh telling Dadi that Lord’s things look good, that’s why. Dadi is happy and talks to Yuvraaj. Bhavna is tensed as Rishi talks to his Amit on phone and tells their situation how a brother in law was accused of rape when he was innocent and the Bhabhi was of bad character. 

He gets closer to her and says he is lucky to get a Bhabhi like Bhavna, whose character is very nice. He stares at Bhavna. Dadi tells Rags that this is not our Chunri. Dadi says turn it and see the back, it had gold. Rags says we did not go to jeweler shop, ask Yuvraaj about it. Yuvraaj says yes, she is right.

Dadi says it means it got changed, who will steal it. Menka says don’t blame me, I did not do it. Dadi says yes, family can’t do this. She says Ramesh and Sharad’s rooms will be checked. Suhani says why will anyone steal it. Dadi says many people liked it, anyone can take it. They check Sharad’s room but does not get anything. Dadi sees the trunk and asks Menka to check it. Dadi scolds Ramesh seeing the decoration items. Pratima says he kept it, as you were throwing it. Suhani asks Ramesh not to worry when he has not done anything. Dadi says now its Sharad’s room to be checked. Sharad says he is not afraid. They check Sharad’s room.

Suhani asks Pratima whats happening, taunting is different, here Dadi is blaming to be thief, do anything. Pratima says she can’t take Sharad’s side. Suhani says we know Sharad is not a thief, do anything. They don’t get Chunri there. Sharad feels bad. Yuvraaj thanks Suhani for saving Sharad. Suhani asks why did not tell anything in his defense, Dadi called him a thief, why were you quiet, I m stranger for him, it means you will see even if Dadi blames me. He says nothing will happen. Dadi asks Suhani to open her room. They are shocked.

Soumya talks to Krishna about Rakhi. He gets angry and asks her to adjust. She argues with him. They have an argument. He asks her to apologize to his mum. She says why should I apologize. He says you have to. Soumya cries. Yuvraaj stops Dadi and says its my room too, you can check it, but you will doubt me too. Dadi says fine, if you trust her that she will not steal, then fine. Yuvraaj says I trust Suhani, she can do mistakes, but not stealing. Suhani cires. Pratima says we will get new chunri. Dadi says its bad luck if it got lost, we should know where did it go. Suhani stops Yuvraaj and thanks him.

He says it was wrong what happened with Ramesh and Sharad. He says yes. Bhavna does the decorations. Lata praises her. Pankaj says lets call Suhani and her in laws. Lata says yes, it will be good. Rishi says his parents are busy. Rishi stares at Bhavna. He takes her pic while she is turned. She gets tensed seeing him take the video. She throws his mobile. She says I will tell everyone, I m quiet today, but not anymore, I will give time to you now. She cries and says 10 days, change else I will burn your bad doing in Dusshehra, I will not be quiet.

Dadi says she will not go anywhere. Yuvraaj asks Dadi to come. Rags scolds him. She says Suhani would have told you. Yuvraaj says no, its about Dadi, we wanted chunri to do Mata Aarti and puja, but its happening at Suhani’s house, whats the matter if we go there and do the puja. Dadi agrees and says she is going just for Yuvraaj’s sake. She asks everyone to get ready. Dadi tells Suhani that you will be our bahu, not their daughter. Suhani smiles. Yuvraaj says thanks Dadi, if Pankaj does something, I will reply you. Dadi and Yuvraaj smile. He thinks he will see how Pankaj lets down his family.

Dadi sees the chunri and says its ours. Everyone is shocked.

Veera 30th September 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera what did Ranvi say. Veera nods no. He says did he say no. She nods no. He says then what. She says he asked for some time to think. He says tell me I love you and you love me, then what problem he has. 

She says he loves me a lot, he did not think my marriage will happen so soon, he will think and say yes. He says what if he says yes, will you still marry me. Veera gets thinking. He says why will this happen, this won’t happen, if this happens, I will make Ranvi agree. She says what if he does not agree, then you marry that girl or someone else, you will be free from me. She laughs. Baldev holds her and says tell your brother that I will marry only you, else I won’t.

She asks do you love me so much. He asks do you doubt. She says no. He says he knows that he can’t live without her. She keeps her hand on his mouth and says don’t say anything, Ranvi will definitely say yes and then we will be married. She hugs him and his nose gets hurt. Music plays………….She tickles him and they smile. Ranvi sits thinking at home. Chaiji sees him and asks what is the matter. About Veera and Baldev right? She explains him about raw mangoes, sometimes sweet and sometimes different. He says person changes with time, Baldev changed and became responsible. My heart says he will keep Veera happy, but you asked time, fine, whatever is your decision will be accepted. She tells Ranvi and Gunjan to come in the Jalsa party. Gunjan tells about Mumbai parties.

Chai ji says she thinks Gunjan does not like to come to Pind, she likes Mumbai. Gunjan says nothing like that. Chai ji leaves. Gunjan tells Ranvi that there is nothing like this, she came here by her happiness, you know me, I won’t do anything that will hurt you. He asks why did she hide about Veera and Baldev. Gunjan says yes, as Veera wanted to tell you, she did not get right time. It was her right to tell you. He nods yes. She hugs him. She says are you annoyed with me. He holds her and says no, I can’t be annoyed for long. They smile.

Baldev does the Jalsa party arrangements and asks Jaggi to not use his mind and do the work as he says. Jaggi fixes Ranvi’s pic banner. Baldev asks Billa to keep firecrackers at right place. Veera comes to him and says good way to impress Ranvi. Baldev laughs and says I m not doing this to marry you, your brother have taken Pind’s name ahead, that’s why. She says really, fine carry on. He says put the black tika, you are looking beautiful. Ranvi and everyone come. Baldev shows his good side to Ranvi. Veera smiles. The Jalsa party goes on. Ratan gives the speech that its proud to see Ranvi touched the fame and success. Everyone clap.

Ranvi goes on the stage and says he is very lucky to get raised up in Pind and thanks them. Balwant makes Ranvi wear garlands. Ranvi touches his feet. Bansuri fills Baldev’s ears against Ranvi. She says first Veera tested you and now his brother, don’t we have respect. She says see your friends are sticking to Ranvi, they feel you are nothing infront of Ranvi, people change so soon. Baldev gets angry. Veera and Gunjan go on stage and pose with Ranvi. Bansuri says he did not call you, see your value.

Baldev says is your lecture over is anything remaining, I m going to see firecracker work, I will call you if I need a spark. The fire crackers are burnt. Everyone smile. Ranvi sees Veera happy with Baldev. Its morning, Ratan makes Ranvi eat by her hands. Ranvi says he missed home a lot. She says everyone is respecting a lot. Ranvi says Baldev did good arrangements, do you think Baldev is right for Veera. I can’t think about them. Ratan says I know what you are thinking, even I thought the same thing and said no to them, but love is more than any equality.

She says Veera and Baldev love each other a lot, so I feel he is right for Veera. He says love makes a person better, he is from good family, he is grown up infront of her, his sister is my bahu, if Veera goes in that house, she will be infront of our eyes. He says you are right, but its big decision, and I need time to think. She says a bird protects her children, and when time comes, bird pushes them to make them learn flying, I feel you should give a chance to Veera to fly. She says last decision will be yours. Ranvi says I will end polyhouse work and come. He leaves.

Ranvi thinks about Veera and that she has to live her future with her husband. He sees the man who gave him permission for the road land. Ranvi thanks him for giving permission. The man says there was n option, Baldev has put a knife on my neck, I would have never said yes, as its my ancestors’ land. Baldev has threatened me and my family. Ranvi says what, I m sorry I did not know, I will talk to Baldev. The man says no, he may kill us. Ranvi is shocked and apologizes. The man says leave it now, you know why the Pind is afraid of Baldev. Ranvi says what he did is wrong, we wanted to buy your land, but not by force. I will talk to him, as this is wrong. He leaves.

Gunjan wears short clothes and walks in market. Ratan and Chaiji see people seeing her. Ratan, Chai ji and Gunjan come home. Ratan talks to Gunjan about her clothes. She says we are not stopping your modern clothes, you are like Veera for us, but people are staring at you, wear jeans or tshirt outside, not this short minis. Gunjan asks why. Chai ji says people will see and gossip. Gunjan agrees. Ratan says she is smart and will understand. Gunjan says yes, I will go and change. Chai ji says good.

Baldev shows some Desi medicine to Veera which will make her mind sharp. Veera asks him to have it. He says its for Ranvi, make him eat, he will think fast and will say yes soon. She jokes on him. He twists her hand. Ranvi comes and sees them. Baldev is shocked. He asks them to come inside the house. Baldev and Veera looks on.

Gunjan tells Ranvi that Baldev loves Veera a lot. Ranvi says no, he is not mature, he feels everything is game. She says Veera loves Baldev a lot, think about them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th September 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman about Ashok giving his numbers to girls and saying he will not marry Shagun. She says Shagun is Ruhi and Adi’s mum, and she is a woman, she does not deserve this. He says he knew Ashok is a dog, but did not he will do this with Shagun, I will not leave him. 

She asks him not to be angry and think being calm. Raman calls Shagun and asks Shagun to meet him. Suraj slaps Ashok and says you are idiot, you are drunk, and told everyone that your plans, you said you will not marry Shagun. Ashok says I was drunk, I just told Abhimanyu, he is our man, he gave me contract, whats the big deal. ………….

Ashok says nothing will happen. Suraj says he will manage everything. Ashok tells him about Mihika. He says just see, Shagun’s brother and Raman’s brother Mihir, he will be ruined. Shagun asks Raman what is the matter. Raman says about Ashok giving award winning performance. Ishita meets Mani at the same hotel. She asks what is the matter, is everything ok. Abhimanyu asks is everything fine. She says yes I have to go and pick Ruhi now. He says your husband’s daughter. She says my daughter, my existence is because of her. Raman asks Shagun is she happy with the marriage decision. Abhimanyu says you should be happy, as your husband is divorcee and you failed in love, if you don’t mind me asking, do you love her. She says he is good, he is very caring, he does unconditional love and can’t do anything wrong, its required for a good marriage.

Raman says marriage can be successful when people have strong bond, love ends in few days. Ishita says love is needed in marriage. Abhimanyu says you always kept me in friends category, first Subbu and now your husband. She says you will always be my best friend. He says your choice is always like this, Aainvi. She says he is not Aainvi, he is rude. Shagun asks Raman does he need certificate of Ashok’s character, you married and moved on, whats your problem when I m marrying/ Raman says as I know the truth.

Ishita and Abhimanyu see Raman. He says what is this lose Raman Bhalla doing here, he came late for meeting and second time he tried to bribe me. I heard he is very Sadu. Ishita says he is my husband. Abhimanyu says what? This Sadu. Raman tells everything to Shagun and says Ashok does not digest wine and told everything. Shagun says you don’t know him, he loves me. Raman says Ishita heard by her ears, he said he will leave you. Abhimanyu says lets meet your husband. Ishita says no, lets go. Shagun says if its Ishita’s plan….. Raman says if this will affect Adi, I won’t tolerate.

Shagun says lets go to Ashok and clear everything. Abhimanyu says he will drop Ishita. Ishita says no, I will go. He leaves. She waits to take an auto. Raman and Shagun see her. Shagun says what the hell is she doing here. Raman asks the same. Ishita says she came for coffee. Shagun does not believe them, and say you want to make me far from my Ashok. Ishita says no, I m going to pick up Ruhi. Shagun says anyone can pick her, lets go to Ashok and clear things.

Ashok shows the bedroom to a girl. He flirts with her and gets closer. Shagun comes home and asks the servant where is Ashok. The servant says upstairs. She goes to the room. Raman and Ishita follow. She opens the door and is shocked seeing Ashok with some girl. Ashok is tensed. Ashok says Shagun you here, its bad luck if we meet before marriage. Shagun slaps and beats him. She slaps the girl and asks who is she. She says she is living with him since 6 years, then he is with this girl. She beats him and kicks out the girl.

She says what do you think, I will leave you if you do this, you told everyone that you are bored of me and will not marry me. Ashok says no, who told you. She says stop lying, how could you do this, this is my house too. I did everything for you, I left Raman and my kids, sent Adi to hostel and you treated me like trophy, how can you cheat on me, is this your love, then why did you make me wait for marriage, disgusting, how dare you. She cries and says she will not leave him, you have to pay for this.

Ishita says lets go, its there personal matter. Raman says wait, I will end this matter today. Suraj comes and asks Ashok whats happening. Shagun asks him to come and see this drama, see your brother. Suraj asks Ashok to tell Shagun. Shagun says I know he is cheating on me. Ashok shows the card of that girl, she is our wedding planner. The girl says yes, I m wedding planner. Shagun asks did you get my bedroom to plan all this. He says I was planning about our wedding night, how would we decorate the room. He says I love you, we are together since 6 years and wanted to be more romantic. He says he got her many diamonds, he too did many things for her too, he is really disappointed. You have really hurt me.

Ashok turns and smiles. He says you and our relation are important, it should not be boring and unromantic. Raman and Ishita looks on. He says trust me, our month break and first wedding night, I m excited, but you spoiled everything, I m doing this for you, why don’t you trust me. Shagun says sorry. Suraj smiles. Ashok apologizes to Sherly and asks her to leave, as he will spend time with Shagun. She says fine and leaves. Ashok says Raman you lost, you can go, Shagun is mine. Shagun says sorry. Ashok says tell me you won’t doubt on me, else we will be separated. She says no, I trust you.

She cries and says she will punish herself. She beats herself. He says I was joking, stop it. She says I have beaten you a lot, I should have not come in Raman’s words, he can’t see me happy, he called me in coffee shop. Ashok asks her not to meet him, its ok with me as I trust you. Shagun asks Raman and Ishita is it over now. Ashok says he is your ex husband and won’t let you go off easily. Shagun says you show you care for me and burn my happiness, why don’t you understand, you moved on, let me marry now, no one can come between me and Ashok. Raman says you are a fool. Ashok is fooling you. Shagun shouts out. Suraj and Ashok smile.

Raman scolds Ishita bringing out his anger. He asks her not to interfere in other’s life. Mihika comes looking for Ishita. Ishita says I heard he will not marry Shagun, he is flirting with other girls. He says let them do anything, does your life has less problems, I m warning you, if you do such things, you will be out of my life. He leaves. Mihika hears everything. Ishita asks Mihika you here. Mihika holds her hand. Amma comes and says she was looking for Mihika. She says your mum in law is not here, so we will do it. Ishita says yes. Mr. Bhalla says you care so much. Amma says Ishita will celebrate both festivals. Mr. Bhalla says he will guide Ishita. Ishita says yes, I will ask mummy ji on email if needed. Everyone leave. Ishita gets upset.

Raman fools Ishita saying Maa used to be mute for nine days. She says she did not read this on net. He asks her to ask Romi and signs Romi to say the same. Ishita thinks as Raman asks her not to speak for nine days. 

Shashtri Sisters 30th September 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Rajeev seeing Rohan and starting his acting again. He says I love your dad made you married to Rohan, but you still love me. Rohan and everyone are shocked. Rajeev says lets go far, as you called me here for this. 

Rohan gets angry and thanks Devyaani for bringing this bad truth infront of him. Anushka says no, this is not true, don’t know why is Rajeev doing this. Alka sees Rohan leaving. Rajeev holds Alka’s hand and laughs. He says you wanted to show your husband that our relation is broken. He says he will make her life such that she keeps on running. He twists her hand and hurts her. Alka cries.

The sisters run to Alka. Anushka says sorry, maybe Rajeev saw Rohan. Alka says everything is over now, Rohan’s love and my life. Anushka says no, this can’t be the end. Alka says what will tell Papa now. Anushka says we have to be quiet for some time. Minty sees the girls come home and asks them to help her in the Navratri arrangements. Alka says we are tired, we will come in some time. Devyaani says we will do all the work. Minty tells about Dandiya. Minty asks Anushka and Devyaani to do the work.

Rajat and Neil come. Rajat asks whats up. Anushka says I won’t take part on the self defense camp. Rajat asks why, uncle said yes. Anushka says its her wish, she is good in studies. Rajat says if Anushka is not going, not even Devyaani then right. Devyaani says sorry. Rajat says thanks for not wasting my time and coming. Neil says he will talk to her. Rajat says what will you talk, leave it. Alka thinks about Rohan and his goodness. Shastri ji comes home and Alka wipes her tears. He asks her not to do work here. He says he will cook. Alka thinks she has no home now.

Neil talks to Devyaani. She asks him to help her. He gets closer and she moves back. He says he is shy. Music plays……….. She asks what are you doing. He says now we are good friends, he did not tell till now. He says Devyaani……….. I…………. I want to buy new deo. She scolds him and he smiles He says there should have been some way to express my emotions. Minty comes to Alka and asks her to help them. She sees Alka sad and says maybe she is sad as we did not invite her in laws. Alka says no, Rohan us not out of city. Minty says so what, his family can come. Shastri ji thanks Minty for thinking so much for them. Alka gets tensed. Minty calls on landline and Rohan walks to take it. Astha takes the call saying it might be frommy family. Astha starts gossiping to Minty, Minty says its her. Astha taunts her.

Minty asks when will Rohan come, how is he. Anushka and Devyaani try to break the landline wire. Minty says the landline got dead. Devyaani smiles breaking the wire. Shastri ji offers his mobile to Minty. Devyaani says everyone is calling her down and Minty leaves. Anushka says its good Alka messaged us. She thinks till when will we be able to hide this.

Dandiya dance goes on. Dhol baaje nagade sang dhol baaje………………plays……….. Minty calls Astha and is shocked knowing about Alka..

Beintehaa 30th September 2014 Written

Surayya is shocked to hear that Bilal will perform halala nikah with Aaliya. Bilal says he is ready to sacrifice for his brother. Rahman hears that and says he will not permit it. Zarina asks him to calm down and sends Zain and Surayya from there. 

Rahman says Zarina he told her not to show her true colours and says if he finds something fishy, he will stop nikah. Rahman calls Bilal, but Bilal runs saying he will bring Qazi saheb.

Zarina says Surayya that she did not have any other option as Zain said he will not come home if his condition is not met. Surayya says she already spoke to Rehan about halala nikah and he is ready for it, asks why is she risking Bilal’s life. Zarina says Bilal will not divorce Aaliya after marrying and they both can take their revenge, asks if she can arrange nikah now. Surayya says nikah will happen at Barkath Villa.

Zain informs Fahad about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. Fahad asks him to control himself instead of getting mad behind love as he, mom and their company needs him. Nafeesa hears their conversation, thinks she is the reason for all this and thinks of informing it to Surayya. She sees Surayya on her seat, reading book and says that she is behind everything and Aaliya is innocent and tells her all the mistakes she made, asks her to stop halala nikah. She is shocked to see it is Zarina and not Surayya. Zarina asks why she wants to ruin her and her children’s life, says Fahad will divorce her, promises her she will not tell her secret to anyone. Once Nafisa goes, she thinks she is the weakest link of this house and she should be careful. Nafisa in her room thinks how to stop Aaliya from performing halala nikah with Bilal.

Ghulam sees Shabana preparing for Aaliya’s halala nikah and asks if she is ready for it. She says even if she is not ready, there is no other way.

Zain informs Aaliya about Bilal agreeing for halala nikah. She says if he is not feeling weird about Biala agreeing. Zain says Zarina and Bilal are worried about them and it must be Rahman’s affect, says after one day they will be back together. She says another 3 months of iddat/separation will be there. Zain says after 3 months, they will be together. She says she is worried. He asks her not to worry as everything will be alright. He sees their photo frame breaking due to wind, checks it and injures his finger with broken glass. She calls him. He says he is fine and says everything will be alright.

Aaliya walks in a garden sadly and sits on the ground. Zain on the other side is busy decorating flowers for halala nikah. Rahman asks him to tell if there is anything in his mind as there is still time before nikah, asks if he is fine. Zain says there is no other way and he believes Bilal completely. Aaliya is back at her home. Shabana asks her to get ready for nikah.

Rehan’s children sadly look at him. He asks what happened. Zara says she heard about Aaliya’s nikah and asks if they are attending it. Rehan says we are not.

Zain gets ready for Aaliya’s halala nikah and eagerly waits for her. Aaliya gets ready for her nikah at her home. Man marziyaaa…… song plays in the background.. Rehan tensely looks outside of his window. Aaliya enters nikah venue with Ghulam and Shabana. Zain is mesmerized with her beauty. Tears roll down her eyes. She comes and stands near him.

Precap: Bilal goes missing before nikah. Zain in search of him. A man is shown kidnapping Bilal on gun point.


Maharana Pratap 30th September 2014 Written

Pratap and Ajabde come out in the garden. The cough is becoming uncontrollable. Many white pigeons come to drink water in the pot kept outside. They look up and find many birds in the sky at night. Pratap and Ajabde watch it with surprise / suspicion. They both find it weird. Pratap feels something is going to go wrong. They both hear the horses neighing.

Meanwhile, all the soldiers guarding Mewar’s outskirts are killed by Akbar and Nasir. Akbar aims Mughal flag with the bow for the last guard to see. He notices the flag and is shocked. He gets hits by the arrow too but before dying, he cuts a little piece of it and puts it around the pigeon’s beak and releases it up in the air. Akbar walks inside with his troops.

Ajabde tries to calm Pratap. It might be a coincidence. He is wearing his armour when the pigeon comes there. Pratap notices the green flag around its beak. Upon checking closely, he realises that it is a part of Mughal flag. Ajabde too looks on in shock. He gets it that Mughals are heading in their direction to attack them. ajabde suggests him to inform everyone. We cannot waste time. He is going to his dad while he tells her to inform Rawat ji. Be careful, we don’t want to scare people unnecessarily. She nods and then leaves. Pratap too goes to see his dad.

Pratap tells soldiers to inform Rana ji that I want to meet him. he is surprised to know that US is not in his room. He has gone to Antarmahal for the night. He must be sleeping right now. Pratap knows that their army has been given rest / holiday. Please call them from our border. He gets to know that most of their army is in Bijolia. Pratap wonders why Bijolia needs them. Soldier informs him how dependent army is called in all quietly, without anyone knowing it. pratap tells him to inform as many soldiers as he can. Gather them and come to north gate of the palace. I and Rawat ji will meet you all there only. He meets Ajabde on his way. Rawat ji has gone to his native place. He cannot come here soon. pratap cannot wait anymore for anyone as it is already morning. She asks him about US. Pratap cannot disturb him as he is taking rest right now. It becomes my duty now to take care of our kingdom. She is worried about him. How will you do it alone? he holds her hand. The time has come for you to fulfil your vows. I have full faith in you, you will pass your first test successfully. She nods and holds his hand in a reassuring manner. I wont let you down. He smiles a little and then starts walking with her following him.

It’s morning. Akbar continues heading all the more deeper in Mewar with his troops.

Pratap wants Ajabde to inform JB who can in turn inform US about it. Tell them I am taking the guard soldiers of the palace so that he can call more people for security. She wants to do his aarti first. He had forgotten so apologizes. She does his aarti. He is about to mount the horse but stops. He walks back to her. did you forget anything? She nods and hugs him. All the daasi’s turn the other way round in reflex. They both tell each other to take care. He mounts his horse, dons his headgear and is a little emotional to leave her but finally goes all alone. She is about to go after him / call out for him when her ring comes off from her thumb. She gets worried for him as she picks it again.

JB wakes up with a start and looks at US sleeping peacefully besides her. she recalls everything that happened the previous night and feels guilty. She looks at the mirror and recalls how she had promised VB that she will get her wifely rights tonight. She wears her jewellery.

JB is all lost in her own words / promises to VB as she walks in trance in the corridor. She comes to VB’s room. DB comes to tell her that VB is not here. But your guilt and tears wont be able to calm VB. JB wants to meet VB right away but DB is also clueless. I just hope she doesn’t attempt to kill herself. I cannot be sure about where she might be at this moment. JB goes out hurriedly.

DB hears Ajabde calling out for JB. She herself goes to check what’s happening. She is shocked to know that Akbar has come here with his army while Pratap has gone to fight him all alone. It is a thing to worry. Ajabde has to inform Rani Ma so that she can tell Rana ji. He can then send army to help Pratap. DB is glad she got to know it first. I will tell them both. You can go to your room. I will handle it. ajabde obliges half heartedly. DB is not interested in it. Let Pratap fight his fight while his Rani Ma will battle with her things here.

VB cries as she thinks of JB and US’s intimacy. She throws away her jewellery angrily. JB comes there just then. VB thinks about DB’s words. JB wants to explain but VB tells her to stop. I thought you to be like my mom but you turned out to be a selfish sautan. You only got me feel all this and have destroyed them all yourself. Since when were you planning all this? You could have told me if you dint like it that Rana ji got married to me. you could have told me or ordered me to go away from here. I would have left simply. You dint do it so that you could insult me like this. JB tries to explain but VB does not give her a chance. You are wearing a mask of someone who loves people but I have seen your real, selfish face today. DB is right about you. You want everything all for yourself. Rana ji; Mewar’s people’s respect; love and you want your future protected too. You want the whole Mewar under you through Pratap. This is why you dint let me come close to Rana ji ever? You were scared that I might get pregnant if we come close and your plans will be affected that way. You not only snatched my trust from me but my happiness too. In a way, you have killed me. I will pray to God with a pure heart that just like you have snatched my happiness from me, even you wont get all that ever in life. JB is hurt and shocked by her words. DB has overheard everything from a hiding place.

Pratap tells his soldiers that they have to stop Akbar from reaching their security point near the palace. We don’t have to let them reach anywhere near it.

On the other hand, Akbar talks to his army about the golden chance that they have got today. we will be able to capture Mewar’s palace today. I will snatch your everything from you Pratap.

VB tells JB if she really wants Rana ji to come near her then she must have realised that it can only happen when she is not in this palace. JB leaves from there sadly. DB is glad that things have worked out in her favour.

Pratap shoots an arrow which lands near Akbar’s horse. Pratap and Akbar come face to face. Pratap smiles while Akbar is clearly not pleased to see him here. Pratap says you should have thought before stepping foot on Mewar. You should have thought that there is one soldier of Mewar who is always on alert to save his land from impostors – Rana Pratap Singh! Akbar smiles. I am really happy to see you here. It is no fun to ruin you without fighting with you. They both take out their swords and instruct their respective armies to attack.

Precap: JB thinks of VB’s words. She is wearing very normal clothes. She writes a letter to Ajabde. I am leaving this family, this state and this palace for forever. I have full faith that you will take care of them well. Akbar and Pratap continue with their fight. US gets angry at Ajabde. You have come here recently and you have upturned everything here. What do you think of yourself? Who gave you this right to send Pratap out of this palace? You have crossed your limits.

Hum Hain Na 30th September 2014 Written

The episode starts with Bunty and Sagarika taking Ratna out to photo studio for a photo shoot to upload her pic on a matrimonial site. Dad reaches there. Madhav sees him and informs Bunty about dad coming there. Bunty asks him to send dad out somehow. 

Madhav calls dad and asks him to reach home soon. Dad runs home. Madhav calls Bunty and informs that dad has left. Bunty and Ratna are relaxed. Bunty asks Saagarika about Arindam. She says he is dad’s friend’s son and says she wants him to meet Arindham as she wants to introduce all his friends to him. Bunty gets happy hearing her calling him as friend. Dad reaches home and asks Lakhsmi what happened as Madhav called and asked him to come home soon. Madhav comes home just then. Dad asks why did he call him home. Madhav gives a weird excuse and gets him busy. Bunty and Ratna reach home. Dad then calls Pappu who comes out sadly as Rani has gone to her home for paghphere rituals. Lakshmi says he can pick her tomorrow. He gets happy and runs to his room. Dad says he has to arrange a govt job for Pappu as he is 20 years old and married but not responsible. Bunty says he will get Pappu govt job and says he is hungry and should have food first. Dad asks Madhav also to join them for food. Madhav says he does not like tinda sabji. Dad asks if he likes danda/stick. Madhav says he likes tinda sabji. Laxmi laughs.

Sagarika and Arindam enjoy food with dad. Arindam asks Saagarika to take her own time in taking her decision of marrying him, says they can be friend always if married or not and asks her to get him a paan. She smiles and takes him out to buy paan.

Daad’s friends come to meet him and ask about ram leela. Dad says practice is going on and calls Bunty. Bunty says girl who used to act as Seeta has gone out of town and they have to wait until they get a replacement. Bunty’s friends come and ask him to join them for rehearsals.

Saagarika talks with Phubali about Bunty and praises him. Phubali asks if she is liking Bunty. Saagarika says she is not a kind of girl who thinks friendship as love and says she has to meet Bunty now.

Pappu and Bunty rehearse Ram leela. Pappu shouts on Madhav to tell Hanuman’s dialoues instead of Ram’s. Rani reaches there and asks Swara about Pappu’s role. Shew says he is playing Ravan. She is shocked to hear that and starts acting.

Bunty gets a call from his friend who informs that girl who agreed to act as Sita is not coming. Bunty shouts at hime and asks to find Sita soon. Lakshmi hears that and asks him to get neighbour’s daughter as Sita. Bunty asks Madhav to call her. Lakshmi asks Madhav to bring potatoes first. Madhav asks bunty to get him act instead. Bunty says he can become Sita. Madhav says he cannot. Satya comes just then and asks if she can help. Bunty jokes she can be Shurpanakha’s sister. She gets irked and leaves. Sagarika comes there with Phubali. Madhav suggests Bunty to make Saagarika as Sita and asks him to talk to her. Satya hears their conversation and gets irked. Bunty says Saagarika that he is in trouble and needs her help. She asks what is the issue. He tells her that Ramlila’s Sita is missing and she has to act as Sita. Sagarika is surprised to hear that, but hesitantly agrees.

Precap: Saagarika gets ready as Sita. Lakshmi brings Satya and asks Bunty to take her as sita.

Humsafars 30th September 2014 Written

Arzoo reaches Mumbai via flight. Nausheen calls her husband and asks him to pick up Arzoo. He asks her to SMS flight number and timing. His second wife asks if it is Nausheen’s phone and asks him to tell Nausheen that he cannot give her money. 

He says she does not need money and informed about Arzoo coming to mumbai and says he does not want to get insulted by Arzoo.

Nawab showcases his family’s precious dress with gold and diamond in an auction and says it is from his great great great grand father and he wants some Indian to buy it. Auctioner fixes initial price as 15 lakhs. Sahir reaches the venue in his car and runs into the auction place while Arzoo follows him by auto and gets in. People bid it for 40 lakhs, but Sahir bids it for 1 crore. People talk that Sahir Chaudhry has come before seeing his face. Auction gets even exciting and a lady bids 1.25 lakhs. Sahir bids 2 crores. Nawab is happy that his dress is being sold for 2 crores. Auctioneer fixes 2 crores as final price and announces him as winner. Arzoo says he did not give her window seat but is wasting 2 crores on a dress. Nawab asks what will he do with his family dress. He says he money attracts money and he will earn more money from it. Another bidder asks what will he do with this dress. He says he will burn it, but then says he will burn it or cut it, it is his business now. Arzoo says he is very arrogant. Girls run behind Sahir while he gets into his car and leaves.

Nausheen and family miss Arzoo and get sad. Even parrot does not eat. Daadi jokes about her MIL and asks Nausheen to call Arzoo. Arzoo is seeing traveling in taxi and enjoying Mumbai’s sightseeing. She gets down at sea side and enjoys the breeze. Nausheen calls her and asks how is she. Arzoo says she is fine. Nausheen asks if her abbu Sarfaraz came to pick her. Arzoo jokes that he and his second wife came to pick her with band baja and says he left you as you could not bear a boy, now that she has reached Mumbai, she will show her dad that she is not less than a boy and says will make mom proud.

Arzoo reaches Alvira’s house. Alvira asks servant about her second son Zaki. Servant says he is not at home. Alvira calls him, but he does not pick her call. Her third son Shiraz comes there and asks her how was her trip. She says it was fine and asks what happened to his hotel plan. He says he is trying and tells he is going to Dubai to open a cement factory and says she has Zaki to hug her. Alvira asks about his wife Anam. Shiraz says Anam will stay in Mumbai and is trying to become vice president. Anam comes there. Alvira asks Anam why did not she stop Shiraz from going to Dubai. Anam says she is his mother and cannot stop him, they as a wife how will she. Shiraz says Anam is becoming their company’s vice president. Alvira says Zaki will become vice president. Shiraz says Sahir will decide about it. Anam asks Alvira why is she making Zaki as VP. Alvira says Zaki is her son and it is her responsibility to take care of his career. Alvira says she is working hard since 2 years and she is making her son VP instead of her, it is not fair. Arzoo reaches there and sees their fight.

Precap: Arzoo sees Sahir in swimming pool and gets shy. He asks her to give towel, and she shyingly hands over towel to him.. 

Itti Si Khushi 30th September 2014 Written

Neha reaches Aman’s house. She goes in flashback when she used to stand outside his house in a similar way when she was younger. Cute background music plays. She carefully opens the gates and walks inside. She smiles as she recalls Aman’s room.

 Back then, how once she had thrown ball inside his room to signal him to come to the window. He was the captain of the local cricket team. He had declined to come for the match as his mom had told him to study. She had convinced him saying his mom is not home. She wont get to know anything as she will take hours to come back. His door was locked from outside. She had hinted him to climb over the empty space above the window. He thanks her after she pesters him for it and then goes to play the match. She was so dreamy eyed about him in the past, just like she is now. Flashback ends.

Neha walks towards Aman’s window once again. she notices a guy (Aman) taking out clothes from his cupboard. He has his back to her. He starts to change then and there itself and Neha covers her eyes. She peeks in shyly. He is Aman? Just when she is about to call out to him, Aman’s Dadi calls out for her from behind. Neha recalls her as Hitler Dadi.

At Neha’s home, no one is able to find Neha. They all are in panic mode. Dida prays for Neha’s well being.

Aman’s Dadi questions Neha about who she is. What were you doing there? Who are you? Neha starts running around to save herself with Aman’s Dadi following her in an attempt to catch her. Aman’s Dadi falls in the process. Neha immediately goes to help her when when Aman’s Dadi calls out for Aman. On instinct Neha lets go of Dadi’s hands. Neha is surprised to see him. Uncle? Aman! Wow. She waves at him excitedly while Aman notices his Dadi who is still on the floor and in pain because of the fall.

Mr. Agarwal and Sandeep decide to go register a complaint in the police station. He is surprised to see an incoming call from Gayatri ji. Akku gets thinking. Oh no, has didi gone to Aman’s place?

Aman helps his Dadi and makes her sit on the sofa. Jayanti (maid I think) looks at Neha from top to toe. I wouldn’t have recognized her after all these years. Aman asks Neha to sit which irks Dadi. I have been hurt because of her and you are worried for her only. Neha reasons that she was helping her only. You stumbled on your own. Dadi does not like her reply. She asks another girl (Neeta) to apply the balm nicely. She also shouts on Jayanti to apply ice on her feet. Jayanti obliges. If she will shout this much then even the ice will melt as soon as it is applied. Neha smiles at her comment but goes quiet when Dadi looks at her pointedly. Have you lost your mind? Let your family members come. I will talk to them nicely.

Just then, Neha’s family comes running there. They greet her but get an irritated reply from her side. neha’s mom goes to talk to Neha. You should have told someone before going out. Neha replies that she had gone out to get some fresh air then I saw Aman’s house and I came here. Aman’s mom (Gayatri) comes there. They all exchange greetings. She is also not happy upon seeing Neha in her house. Neha must have come here without telling anyone! I couldn’t think about it. it was something else earlier but now we couldn’t even recognize her. She tells Neeta to bring water for everyone. Neeta leaves. Gayatri checks with Dadi if she is feeling better now. Mr. Agarwal thanks her for calling him. we were really scared and were about to go to police station. Neha is taken aback. Gayatri reasons that they were worried for her. what if something would have happened to you? Neha apologizes to them. Dadi comments that Neha had come here to make her fall. Don’t know what enmity she has with me. neha swears to her dad that she dint do anything. I was only helping Dadi ji. She asks Aman about it. you saw me helping her, right? He agrees finally but Dadi tells him to be quiet. His mom is unhappy about it too. Your Dadi ji got hurt. Dadi knows Gittu (Aman’s pet name) is not worried about her. Neha smiles hearing it. You are still called by that name? Her parents signal her to be quiet. Aman’s mother and Dadi are all the more upset with her. she is so shameless to laugh like this. Has anyone called doctor? Gayatri had called Dr. Prakash but he was not in his clinic. Aman tries his number again.

Neeta offers water to everyone. Only Neha takes it. neha’s mom apologizes to Gayatri for the trouble. Mr. Agarwal too joins in. Gayatri tells him to be more careful. Explain it to Neha that she is not a kid anymore. She is anyways unwell and now Ma ji got hurt. Neha apologizes to Dadi ji. Dadi retorts that there is nothing called sorry. Relations have changed and have become more delicate than before. Understand it! Neha is confused. Akku tells her Didi that it is very late. Come, you need to rest. Neha greets them all. She continues to eye Aman as she walks till the door. she points out to Jayanti that Dadi ji is hurt on her back, not shoulder. Jayanti realises it too. Dadi pushes her hand back and gets up. Yes, my back is hurt. Guess your mind has been hurt. You were unconscious for 12 years but looks like you have completely lost your mind. Neha’s family does not like it though Dadi continues. She has become shameless. Think, you are grown up now. You are not 14 years old anymore but of 26 years. You should stop this childishness of yours. see yourself in mirror. Look at your face and mind. You haven’t grown that ways even a bit. Sandeep says she has come today only but Dadi doesn’t mind it. don’t know if God has done good by making her well or has actually cursed her! Neha, her family and Aman look affected by it. neha is in tears as she walks out of their house. Aman feels bad about it.

Akku tries to make Neha understand that Dadi talks just about anything but Sandeep talks against it. She should have thought about Neha’s health. Neha goes to her room without saying anything to anyone. Her mother (Sunita) wants to go to her too but Mr. Agarwal tells her to let Neha go to her Dida. She dint talk to anyone on her way back home. We were worried about this only. Sandeep is angry at Aman’s Dadi as she was talking rubbish. Does she have no idea what has happened with Neha? Poor Neha was listening to everything quietly. She must have been hurt. Akku agrees that Dadi ji crossed her limits today. Mr. Agarwal knows that no one can act like a 26 year old in one day. How can she become like us in one day? Don’t know what she will be feeling. She must be thinking about how to meet anyone, talk to anyone. she doesn’t even know why she was scolded so much.

Dida caresses Neha’s head. Neha is still sad over what happened. Dadi’s words echo in her head. She asks Dida if curse is bad. God curses bad people, right? Dida puts it on perspectives. She relates a story of 4 vedic saints. They had written Vedas. One day they praised Mahadev a lot which angered Prajapati Daksh. He cursed them all that they will be kids forever. All the saints smiled at this. It is really good to be a kid as they look at the world from their own eyes / perspectives. They find something new in this same world every day. I too say that this world is like an open sky for kids where there is no bondage.

Sandeep talks about the society. People are never going to understand. Mr. Agarwal is also worried about Neha. Don’t know how she will handle things. She has come back after our so many prayers. I cannot see her all broken up. I cannot see tears in her eyes. Sunita notices Neha standing there and they all follow her gaze. Neha wants to ask something. You (her dad) promised to take me to eat ice cream. Shall we? Everyone starts smiling in relief. Neha’s Dad agrees and she hugs everyone excitedly. They start talking about the flavours and Dida too smiles in her room hearing their happy banter. The family shares group hug. Dida tells them to go fast. Bring a kulfi for me too. They all leave.

Dadi asks Neeta for the pillow. No one cares for me here. Jayanti helps Dadi in lying down. Gayatri gets haldi milk for her MIL. You don’t have to get an x-ray done. You only need to take medicine. Aman brings her medicines. Dadi talks about how injuries in this age are dangerous for life. If something happens to me then I wont leave anyone. she drinks haldi milk. Jayanti remarks that they should stay away from that mad girl (Neha). Neeta is younger to her yet she is so sorted. Even Akansha is better than her. Neha is a mad girl. Aman interrupts her that Neha is not mad. She is perfectly alright. She has come out of coma after 12 years. She has lost so many years so she will take time to understand things. Dadi is amazed at his smart reply. You are so sympathetic towards her. I got hurt but you are thinking about her only. He tries to say something when his mother diverts him asking him to have food. Neeta is told to serve him food. All three of them leave.

Jayanti talks to Dadi. Does this look right? Neha got up from her illness and came here directly. She was peeking in at Aman’s room. Surely there must be something. Aman and his mom hear it. They used to spend so much time together in their childhood. God knows what will happen now. Dadi is listening intently. Epi ends on Aman’s face.

Precap: Neha asks Akku if she has a boyfriend. Gayatri fixes Aman and Akku’s engagement on the 30th of this month. Akku’s friend talks to Akku about what she has thought. Akku agrees to tell tomorrow on Mata ki Chowki. She looks at the smiling faces of everyone worriedly.

SBB : 30th SEPTEMBER 2014

Saas Bahu Aur Betiyan [Aaj Tak] 30th September...

Saas Bahu Aur Betiyan [Aaj Tak] 30th September... 

SBS : 30th SEPTEMBER 2014

Saas Bahu Aur Saazish SBS [ABP News] 30th...

Saas Bahu Aur Saazish SBS [ABP News] 30th...



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Monday, 29 September 2014

Kumkum Bhagya : Tanu gets furious

Zee TV's Kumkum Bhagya produced by Balaji Telefilms has secured a good position on the TRP charts since several weeks now due to its amazing tracks and the twists that the makers of the show are bringing in the tale. 

The chemistry between Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) and Pragya (Sriti Jha) have been loved by the audience and that is where the USP of the show lies.
Well this time, the next update that we have got about the track confirms our source.
"Tanu (Madhurima Tuli) and Abhi (Shabir Ahluwalia) will be seen going to the restaurant where the manager will announce that the dinner tonight will be a special candle light dinner and all the couples sitting in the restaurant will have to oblige by the rule. Soon after Tanu and Abhi settle down, she goes to the restroom. Eventually, the electricity goes off while Tanu is in the washroom and Pragya (Sriti Jha) will come and sit at Tanu's place. Abhi thinking that Tanu is sitting with him, he tries to kiss her and that is when Tanu comes and lights the candle. She sees Abhi and Pragya close to each other with which Tanu gets extremely furious and moves out of the restaurant."

Now this is surely an interesting track that will keep the audience glued to their couches, haina?

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