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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbartein : Raman and Ishita

Balaji Telefilms' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbartein being aired on Star Plus is just riding high on the TRP charts. 

With the excellent chemistry of Raman and Ishita, the audiences are interested to watch the show day by day. 

While Ishita comes in the room changing her clothes and getting ready to sleep, Raman happily jumps on the bed to spread his legs and lay himself on the bed enjoying his sleep. But poor Raman is shocked and very much hurt, as his long jump makes him suffer as the bed breaks. His back gets much hurt and he shouts in pain. Ishita rushes to him in his concern and Raman Kumar Bhalla starts his taunts on her, blaming her and her Amma for all this. She asks why is he dragging Amma in between. He says he saw Amma bringing a carpenter today and this is what she has done, broken the bed. 

Raman goes to claim her couch being her husband, and rests on it covering himself timidly from her. Ishita checks on the bed and sees there is no flat resting wood base.  Ishita thinks where to sleep as Raman has taken her place

On the other hand, Raman gives an ultimatum to Parmeet asking him to share the financial expenses of the house, as he was boasting about, the day he entered the Bhalla house again. Parmeet was offering money which everyone refused. But Raman and Ishita planned to trouble Parmeet and show Simmi that Parmeet is still favoring Ashok and being against Raman, so that Simmi can force Parmeet to end his association with Ashok Khanna, and be loyal to the Bhalla family who has allowed them to stay again in their house. Raman asks Parmeet to pay a hefty amount for his stay on their house, and Parmeet has no option but to agree.

Parmeet takes help from Shagun, and brings money to give Raman. Ishita, the clever lass notices the money bundle, that was sent to Shagun from Bhallas. Ishita now plans to use this little ground breaking truth infront of Simmi to put Parmeet in a bottle and throw him far away in the ocean. Ishita knows Simmi dislikes Shagun for hurting and dumping Raman, and still being on her bad idiotic acts. Ishita plans to make Parmeet helpless and speak up his intentions or leave their house.

Saraswatichandra : Ghuman plots against saras and kumud

Star Plus’ much hyped show Saraswatichandra is gearing for some tense moments Kumud makes a decision to give up to Saraswati’s wish and asks Saras to marry Aarti. She decided to go away from Saras’ life and leave the Desai house. 

While the family weeps seeing Kumud’s sufferings, the only one happy is Aarti, who agrees to marry Saras.
Ghuman is guiding Aarti at every step to break apart Saras and Kumud’s relation by using Saraswati.  Kumud gives her word to Saraswati and makes Saras swear on her. Saras tells Kumud that he can’t live without her and will talk to Saraswati explaining her that he can’t marry Aarti. 

He goes to Saraswati and gathers courage to refuse her request. Saraswati falls on the bed being in much stress, shocking Saras and Kumud. Kumud asks Saras to do his duties of a son and accept Saraswati’s decision. Well, Saras is again in big trouble.

Ek Hasina Thi : Durga to injure Shaurya

Star Plus’ Ek Hasina Thi, produced by Cinevistaas Ltd will see Durga gets herself assembled again to take revenge for what Sakshi did with her sister and this time she targets her weak point Shaurya. 

Durga meets the Goenkas in the temple and tells about the plan of going ahead with the marriage. She tells Sakshi that nothing can stop her from marrying Shaurya, not even Payal’s pain. Sakshi is stunned as she was not expecting this.
Durga gets closer to Shaurya making Sakshi fume and fear of losing her son. Durga does Shaurya’s tilak regarding him to be her future husband. She then asks Goenkas to accompany them on Vaishno Devi trip, where she has planned something bigger than what Sakshi did. The Goenkas and Thakurs reach there. While they check in the hotel, Durga takes Shaurya with her and making Sakshi not know about them. Few goons pop up and getting into an argument, they beat up Shaurya and he gets badly injured, much to Sakshi’s shock. 

Well, was this Durga’s plan to show Sakshi her abilities, or was it done by someone else? Shaurya is eager to spend some time with Durga, showing he needs her care. Shaurya plans to execute his honeymoon plan. Durga is keen to make Sakshi mad by showing Shaurya in huge danger. Well, Durga is on the right track this time.


Neha Saxena : Life OK's Savdhaan India - India Fights Back

Television actress Neha Saxena was last seen in the popular show Amita Ka Amit on Sony TV in a supporting role. While she remained away from TV for quite a long time after the show went off air she is now all set to be seen in an episodic of Life OK's Savdhaan India - India Fights Back. The story will highlight the issue of drug abuse.

As per our sources we came to know that, "The story will revolve around a girl who will be cheated by her boyfriend. Her boyfriend will hand over a bag containing drugs and unknowingly she will supply them. Unfortunately she will get caught in the drug case and will face the punishment. Thus the story will showcase the girl's struggle to prove herself right and how she will make real culprits go behind bars."
We got in touch with Neha Saxena to know more about her entry in Savdhaan India - India Fights Back she says, "Yes, I am coming in the show. I have taken up this show because the episode in which I will be seen is based on a woman and her fight back to prove herself right. I always wanted to do something in which I can play a strong role. I have not yet started shooting but will shoot from next month onwards."

Sadda Haq 31st August 2014 Written

The episode starts with sanyukta getting dressed in her room while her mother comes and consoles her mood by saying sweet nothings. sanyukta sits emotionless when her mother tells her to smile as sameer has been chosen by her dad amongst many of them and therefore he will keep her really happy. kaustuki comes to them and greets her, sanyukta’s mother leaves and sanyukta shares with kaustuki about randhir’s conversation. kaustuki advises her many but sanyukta says she doesn’t want to hurt him but just stop him from committing any mistakes.

sameer is in car with randhir driving for them and sameer tells him to hurry up as he doesn’t want to be late. his mother and dadi starts bashing sanyukta, randhir gets angry and drives car swiftly and sameer is worried. they approach sanyukta’s house and sameer calls sanyukta to come at window. she comes and sameer praises her, but sanyukta gets to see randhir with him and is worried.

parth approaches and tells vardhan that what he’s done this time is the worst hing ever. he himself has destroyed the dream team by playing with randhir’s feelings using sanyukta. vardhan scolds him and tells him to concentrate over the next task. parth leaves telling him that just like last year this year too the dream team will fail because of his decisions. vardhan is furious and tells him that he doesn’t regret anything.

sanyukta comes down in the hall and is worried from randhir, randhir on the other hand is in crowd and bumps into ankit. ankit asks him why is he here, randhir tells him he is sanyukta’s classmate as well as sameer’s friend and he didn’t knew sanyukta was his fiance. ankit asks him if he doesn’t knew about sanyukta’s fiance. sameer asks a photographer to click their pictures, randhir comes there and intervenes by congratulating and entering into photographs. he whispers to sanyukta to come to her room. kaustuki comes to sanyukta and asks her what did he say. sanyukta says he wants to meet in room, sameer permits her to go to the room for a while.
sanyukta comes to her room by making kaustuki stand outside. randhir slams her photograph on floor and drinks a lot. sanyukta latches the door while randhir tells her that she did this all for revenge eversince first day she had made sure to take revenge from him. sanyukta is crying watching him. she says what benefit will she get from doing all this. randhir keeps on taunting him for all this. he was about to confess his feelings when he stops. sanyukta compels him to speak atleast today for his feelings. he scolds her by saying she governs her all the time and orders her so much. sanyukta still asks him to confess his feelings. randhir gets angry and kisses her. he leaves her when sanyukta goes ahead and kisses him back and hugs him hard. both cry badly and randhir says she taught him love and trust and now she broke it and he hates her. sanyukta says i love you. randhir gets unconcious and sanyukta keeps on confessing her feelings. sanyukta’s mother comes to call her while sanyukta discovers him to be unconcious and she tries to wake him up. sanyukta goes back downstairs.

sameer is about to slid finger on sanyukta’s finger and sanyukta imagines sameer as randhir and gets happy. sameer slides ring on her finger and he does the same on her mother’s insistence. randhir gets up and comes on the stairs and is stumbling seeing her finally get engaged. he gets fully drunk. he comes to sameer and insults him by saying that he is the jerk who hit jackpot. sanyukta’s father intervenes and then randhir starts giving him reality check by saying he is such a selfish person who just thinks sanyukta as a load and is shedding it over this donkey pointing at sameer. things get out of hand and security guards drag randhir outside and beat him up.

ankit beats randhir badly outside the house with everyone viewing the fiasco. sanyukta is watching all this and pledges that she did the worst mistake of her life by befriending randhir and she just hates him after watching his real antics. ankit and his men dump randhir on a road side and go away. they come back and assure everyone that he won’t intervene anymore. sameer who all this while was just being a spectator curse randhir and says he would have beaten him up if he didn’t had engagement. everyone is just talking and bashing the fiasco while sanyukta thinks about randhir and his deeds. randhir on the other hand curses himself by saying all this while he thought he was number 1 in everything but today he can’t even stop the engagement. he then gets up and stumbles on the road he thinks to himself that why would sanyukta leave sameer for him when he himself couldn’t save or hold any relationships in his life. sanyukta on the other hand breaks glass in frustration while randhir is shown about to collide with a car.

sanyukta is complaining to kaustuki about being such an idiot and believing she loved randhir. sameer hears her lines and asks whom she loved?

Airlines 31st August 2014 Written

The episode starts ,when the passengers panic on learning about a bomb aboard Ananya is tensed about the enquiry committee meeting of the Pilots’ Association.

 The airport authorities become suspicious about a boy, Tahir. Ananya joins her second flight with Captain Vikas Rathod. A passenger, Payal, locks herself in the plane’s washroom. Ananya calms the passengers who panic on learning about the presence of a bomb in the plane. 

The airport police arrest Tahir. Payal reveals that she had spread the rumours about the bomb as she loves Tahir and wanted to reunite with him. What steps will the Pilots’ Association take against Ananya?

Praneet Bhat : I read a lot of books

Not many would remember him as the shy assistant to Maan in Geet, for Praneet Bhat has definitely come a long way. Yes, he is the guy who has pulled off the character of Shakuni with much zeal in Star Plus’ Mahabharat (Swastik Productions).

When asked about his journey from Geet to Mahabharat, the actor states, “It is the ambition of every actor to play variety of roles and this has been my journey, I have tried to play every character with full conviction. It’s God’s grace that I have been offered with good opportunities.”
Did he have the confidence of pulling off such a strong character? “For an actor confidence holds the maximum importance although I must confess that I was very nervous. But then I worked really hard on the character. To understand the role I read a lot of books. I must say that I fell in love with the character completely as it started unfolding in front of me. Also the workshops that we had with the team really helped me a lot.”
Playing a character like this tend to effect one personally. When asked whether that happened with him, Praneet smiles to say, “Every character tends to change you somewhere. For when you play a character, you give in a lot of yourself to it. As for Shakuni’s character, I have become much more responsible towards my family and my country. Also saying ‘mere bacche’ so many times on the show has made me more close to kids.”
When asked how he managed to do the intricate yet captivating eye movement, the actor shares, “There is no secret; it was just sheer hard work and my thirst to do something different. While I was preparing for the role I wanted to bring some variety. So apart from body language and voice modulations I wanted to do something physically. As I was practicing in front of the mirror I closed an eye and it looked really classy. The smart diplomat man’s character came all the more beautifully. But the trick was not to close your eyes, but to know when to close and open it (winks).”
After playing Shakuni, a lot of expectations are riding up on him, sharing about his future plans Praneet quips, “Every new role is a new challenge, a new game. I am hoping that I will be offered good roles and most importantly different roles. For me every platform holds equal weightage. Janta is the janardhan and I feel it is my dharm to entertain them. When people trust me with something good, I will make sure I live up to their expectations.”

And lastly when asked to share one memorable moment from the show, Praneet shares, “There are of course many for I had a wonderful time shooting with the team. But while shooting for a war sequence me and Ankit (Mohan) had to run towards Duryodhan (Arpit Ranka). Playing a man who limps, I was running like a horse and Ankit just could not stop laughing at me. We almost did more than 15 retakes for it. It was a really hilarious moment.”

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sonarika Bhadoria : sharing some investment tips

The gorgeous Sonarika Bhadoria, who rose to fame as Parvati in Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev…Mahadev, is a diva both on and off screen. In a conversation , she got chatty sharing some investment tips in our Lifestyle section.
How important is money to you?
Let’s face it. We all need money to fulfill our daily necessities but it’s not a priority.
Are you an impulsive buyer?
Ohh yes! I purchase things which are not needed too. I like it, I buy it.
What are the investments that you have made?
I really do not understand economics so I give what I earn to my parents and my dad looks after my accounts.
What has been your most expensive purchase?
My most expensive purchase is a Gucci bag which worth Rs. 2.7 lakh.
Do you feel financially secure?

Who handles your expenses?
As I mentioned earlier, my father handles all my expenses.
What was your first salary?
My first salary was Rs. 2.9 lakh for my first show which got scrapped prior to Tum Dena Saath Mera.
How much money do you carry every day?
I hate carrying my wallet so I carry plastic money along with Rs. 2000- Rs. 3000 in cash.
Your advice to new investors?
I personally do not make any investments as my father looks after it. But I would like to advise all that it is important to invest wisely to get good returns.

Additi Gupta : what type of clothes she would like to wear

In conversation ,Additi talks about about her fashion sense, her future plans and more...
When asked Additi whether does she follow any trend or not she says, "I don't know whether I follow the trend or not but I am really fond of clothes. Since childhood I wanted to be a fashion designer so I keep experimenting with my clothes. Even if I repeat a dress I add things to make it look different."
Sometimes while experimenting did she encounter any disasters? This is what Additi replies, "Yeah, when I keep experimenting sometimes I end up making a disaster or blunder. Well trying something different sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable and when I am uncomfortable in a particular dress other person can make out easily from my face because my attention is on my dress I am wearing hence I normally don't experiment with clothes."
Talking about her craze for shopping she says, "I just love shopping if you give me one hour and one bag filled with money I think that is also  less for me. I think all girls are same when its about shopping and even I am one amongst them."
Which is her best pick? Additi says, "I won't pick Indian because I am overrated by wearing it in shows, if someone asks me what will you wear on your wedding I will answer that person that 'I am not going to wear Indian attire. I would rather prefer to wear shorts'. I like wearing western but I should feel comfortable in it."     
Any plans of returning on TV? "Right now nothing. I want to do something different and I hope everyone can see that soon," she says. 

Veera : baldev and veera relationship

The makers of Star Plus' show Veera are making all efforts to make the show more appealing and interesting. With Ranvi and Gunjan shifting to Mumbai, the viewers can expect the most awaited twist in the tale where Ratan will come to know about Baldev and Veera's relationship.
In the last few episodes the audience has witnessed that Ranvi (Shivin Narang) is struggling hard in Mumbai to become an aspiring singer. He is tackling all the obstacles coming his way and will also start singing in a bar to earn. On the other hand Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) tells Veera (Digangana Suryavanshi) that he is ready to wait for her and whenever she feels like marrying they will get married.  
After a few hit and miss sequence, Ratan will come to know that Veera and Baldev love each other.
Our source informs us, "In the upcoming episode Ratan (Sneha Wagh) will come to know that Baldev and Veera are dating each other. She will see Baldev and Veera hugging each other and talking about their relationship."
How will Baldev and Veera react?

TVT & GVT Ratings

GVT of Channels :

RankAll ChannelsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Star Plus559689
2Zee TV465453
4Sony TV366263
5Life OK288302
6SAB TV288278

Star Plus:

RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Diya Aur Baati Hum7.310.7
2Saath Nibhana Saathiya7.29.5
3Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai5.97.9
4Yeh Hai Mohabbatein5.95.9
5Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera4.75.0
6Pyaar Ka Dard Hai4.45.1
7Ek Hasina Thi3.53.9
9Suhani Si Ek Ladki3.23.8
10Nisha Aur Uske Cousin3.0-
11Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon...
Ek Baar Phir

Zee TV:

RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Jodha Akbar8.97.5
2Kumkum Bhagya8.18.0
3Jamai Raja6.75.3
4Qubool Hai6.26.2
5Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya4.74.4
6Doli Armanon Ki4.65.4
7Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke3.74.1
8Ek Mutthi Aasman2.42.5
9Pavitra Rishta2.12.4
10India's Best Cine Star Ki Khoj2.11.8
11Fear Files1.61.5

Life OK:

RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Savdhan India2.73.0
3Devon Ke Dev. Mahadev1.71.7
5Laut Aao Trisha1.41.6
6Gustakh Dil1.41.8
7Tumhari Pakhi/Ek Boondh Ishq1.3/1.11.3/1.1
8Naadan Parindey0.80.9


RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Comedy Nights with Kapil6.56.9
2Sasural Simar Ka6.16.2
3Balika Vadhu4.85.4
4Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa3.84.4
7Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi2.82.6
10Shastri Sisters1.51.4

Sony TV:

RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Kaun Banega Crorepati5.2New
2Maharana Patap3.32.9


RankShowsCurrent WeekPrevious Week
1Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah6.25.5
2Chidiya Ghar

3Baal Veer2.22.1
4Bade Doori Se Aaye Hai

6Pritam Pyare Aur Woh

7Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai

Divyanka Tripathi : shares her love for movies

We tried to know about Divyanka Tripathi's addiction towards movies. Divyanka is currently winning the audience's heart by essaying the character of Ishita in Star Plus' much loved show Ye Hai Mohabbatein.
Here's Divyanka sharing her love for movies.

Do you like watching movies?
I love watching movies. It's my favorite pass time.

How often you go for watching movies in a theater?
I hardly get time to go to the theatre for watching a movie when I am shooting but I go for watching a movie in the theatre thrice a week when I am not shooting.

Which is your all time favorite movie?
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Quick Fire: Which is your favorite?

Romantic movie:  Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. 

Action movie:  Wanted. 

Comedy movie:  Andaaz Apna Apna. 

Horror movie: 1920.

The last movie that made you cry?
P.S. I Love You.

Which movie are you planning to go for?
Singham Returns. 


Hamari Sister Didi : Ishaan Singh Manhas

The good looking actor Ishaan Singh Manhas will soon be see in upcoming show of DJ's Productions Hamari Sister Didi on Sony Pal. He was last seen in DJ's another popular show Ek Mutthi Aasman on Zee TV as Sammy. He will be seen as the parallel lead in the show opposite Shivangi Verma. Pariva Pranati and Bhanu Uday are the main leads of the show.
We got in touch with Ishaan to know more about his character for which he said, "Yes, I will be seen in Humari Sister Didi on Sony Pal. I am playing the character of a cop from Patiala and I fall in love with a nurse in the hospital. I am paired opposite Shivangi Verma and essaying the parallel lead in the show. I have shot for one episode."

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 30th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Raman bringing Ishita to buy a gift. Snhe says she knows his gifting sense, tooth brush, bathrobe……..She sits in the car and says don’t be overconfident thinking he will buy gift for her everytime. Mihika takes care of Mihir and brings his fav Chinese food for him. He holds her hand and says its ok if I did not get your hand made food, but wear that dress you wore that day, I will get fine. He insists and she asks him to have food. She thinks of him talking to his sister on phone. She brings a card in cookie box and asks him to read it. He reads to share the deepest secrets with his loved one. She asks him his secret. Mihir says Mihika, I want to tell you I really love you a lot. She says its not a secret. He says I know, and don’t want to tell you, sorry. She hugs him.

Ishita comes home and says no one taught Raman any manners, no sorry, no thanks, after getting an award. Mihika calls her and asks her to come out. Ishita says I won’t. Mihika says please come out for a min. Ishita goes out and asks what. Raman shows the name board. Ishita is shocked seeing her name outside the Bhalla house, below OmPrakash Bhalla name board. Its Dr. Ishita Raman Bhalla. Raman gives his reasoning that he wants to clear that she stays in his house. He taunts and Mihika says he is so funny. He leaves. Mihika says he is so sweet, look at it. She says his tongue should also be sweet. Ishita smiles looking at the name board. Saaari fizaaon me hai…………….. She touches it. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…………………plays…………….She gets tears of happiness.

Romi comes to Sarika’s locality and heads to her home to talk to her mum. Sarika’s mum thinks he is someone else and asks him to come. Romi thinks how does she knows I m coming, did Sarika tell him. The lady takes him to the kitchen and shows the water leakage from the tap. She asks him to check it. Romi says me, what can I do. She says then what type of plumber are you. He thinks plumber, so she got me here, I should have wore good clothes. He says I m stuck, I have to do something, start taking Mata’s name.

Sarika talks to her mum. Her mum says a plumber came and is unable to make it fine since 30mins. She comes to see and sees water all over the kitchen. She asks what was he doing. He holds his ears and apologizes. He leaves. She gets angry. Ishita tells her Iyer family what Raman did. They are really happy. She says I did not tell him anything and he did it by his own. Vandu and Amma say our names should also be there. Appa says Raman has made all husband stuck. Appa says learn from Raman how to give importance to wife. They have a laugh.

Iyer and Bhalla have dinner together. Parmeet looks on enjoying the food. Simmi gives him hot puris. Amma says our pandit said Mihir and Mihika’s marriage should be postponed. Soumya says she will go Chennai and come when date is fixed. Parmeet asks Amma to give water. Amma gives angry expression. He asks again. She keeps the glad on the table. Raman comes and sees Appa and Mr. Bhalla talking about society maintenance, increase it to get a new parking lot. Raman says we have 3 cars. Parmeet says even I have a car, its good idea. Parmeet says I have money to Mrs. Bhalla, as some families can cry, I mean if there are so many people here, expenses can increase, why to burden you all. Raman says if you gave money to my mum, why are you showing off. Parmeet says no, nothing like that, I gave 30000rs.

Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla why did she take. She says he gave me in my hand, I did not ask. Raman asks her to bring it. Raman asks Iyers not to go, as Parmeet is an outsider here. Simmi jumps to argue. Ishita stops Raman. Raman gives money to Parmeet. Parmeet says I m giving as I have self esteem. Raman broaden your self esteem, see around, its five bedroom house, if you take it on rent, it will be costly, you can become paying guest, if you want to stay here, then show off well, give me Rs 65000, I m asking for food and electricity, you will pay rent every month till you stay here, if you want to pay less, 5000 less, 60000rs fine, double than your status. He asks Mrs. Bhalla to take 60000 from Parmeet, get more 30000, else you will get as much as you pay, sorry, have food, shall I get more puris, today’s food is free from my side. Parmeet gets angry bearing the insult.

Simmi cries as Raman insulted Parmeet. He says Raman is money minded man, he is dying to get money. He asks her not to worry, as he will get money and throw on Raman’s face tomorrow. She hugs him. Parmeet thinks Raman feels he can’t arrange money, Simmi will not digest this, I can get money easily. Its morning, Ishita and Raman talk and she says she dropped Ruhi. She says what asked money from Parmeet, how will Simmi feel, we have to expose Parmeet but not hurt Simmi, she should maintain her trust, I think he will fill her ears against us.

He says its not about money, but his self esteem, will he bed to Ashok, we have to show Simmi his truth, if he gets money by hard work or from Ashok. You know Parmeet is not good, make Simmi tell Parmeet to work hard and not beg money from Ashok, if he does, he will change and its good, else he is still bad and our work is fine. She smiles and says Tulsi and Parvati, you think like Tv’s bahu. He says he can just talk, you do the effects. He leaves. She says poor Kud Kud Kumar. She says if I praise him, he will get high.

Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and asks why was she quiet when Raman insulted Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing like this. Simmi argues and says why should we pay rent, are we outsiders, everyone is listening just Ishita. Ishita comes and hears them. She says she heard everything, she fought with Raman, but I felt its good, Simmi got a chance to prove her husband change, Parmeet is a self esteemed man, he is responsible for Simmi and his daughter.

Ishita winks to Mrs. Bhalla and says try to understand, we got Parmeet here, but he should prove he can give good status to Simmi, he should pay it himself, not taking from someone else. Raman feels Parmeet will beg from Ashok, but Parmeet should give his hard earned money. Simmi thinks. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to tell Parmeet not to take money from Ashok, else Raman will get a chance, make him get money on his own. Simmi thinks Ishita is right, Parmeet should shut Raman’s mouth by his own money. Ishita smiles succeeding in brain washing of Simmi.

Parmeet tells Ishita so you did all this, igniting fire, don’t think I m anything less. He leaves. She smiles and says she knows him, he is a number one type creep.

Veera 30th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Ranvi coming back home and thinks how many more lies he has to tell Gunjan to hide one. He comes home and sees Gunjan waiting for him. She keeps food ready and asks him to come and have his fav food. She says you did not get time to have food well, come, lets have together, how was your recording, I want to hear it from you. Ranvi is sad and cries. She asks what happened. He says he had food and now he is tired so just wants to sleep. She says its fine, but tomorrow I will make you have food by my hands, take rest, as we have to shift in morning. He says yes. Rabba ve………………….plays…………….

Its morning, they come to the new house and clean it. They set the home. O Rabba dil ki duhai sun…………….plays…………. They keep family pic frames and smile seeing them. Nihaal comes to Veera’s house. Veera greets Nihaal good morning, and asks him to have hot parathas by Ratan. Ratan comes and serves them food. Baldev comes and greets them. He says Nihaal Chachu, you had food at home with me, and you are eating here again. Ratan and Veera are surprised. Baldev says you said your stomach is very much full, then whats this. Hadippa………..plays…………. Nihaal says he is feeling hungry again. Baldev says me too, can I get one paratha. Ratan says yes, sit and have it.

Baldev signs Veera that she is looking very pretty. She signs you are looking so so and smiles. Nihaal sees them signing and talking, and looks at Ratan. He does hmmhmmmm….. He says Baldev I gave you money and specifications to get the motor, ask me if you want to know anything. Baldev says yes, I will go. Veera says I will also go, I have work at site. They leave. Nihaal and Ratan are left alone. He asks about Chaiji. She says she is in room, shall I call him. Nihaal says no I will meet her and goes.

Baldev laughs and talks to Veera saying you are making excuses to come with me. She says no, I really have work, you go to bring the motor. He asks for a hug. She says you first go. He says fine, going. They have an eyelock. He leaves. She smiles. He comes back and she is surprised. He says wait a min, I did not come to take a hug, tell me what do you want from city, what should I bring. She says nothing, bring pump sets and come safe. He says you are not romantic. She says now go. He leaves. She says by God, he is Jhalla.

Gunjan arranges the cupboard and says when Ranvi comes home and sees home so set up, he will be happy and praise me. She says when his film releases, he will get popular and everyone will hear his songs, and I will be known as popular singer Ranvijay’s wife. She gets the hotel card in his clothes and calls on the number. Baldev and his friend are waiting at a shop to get the motor pump. He is getting angry. He says he wanted to get the pumps, and buy some jeans kurti for Veera, but all time is passing by, I could not get anything being in city, what boyfriend I m. His friend says I will be here, you go and buy gift for her. Baldev is happy and says don’t make any mistake. He says don’t worry, I will manage. Baldev leaves to market.

Ranvi sings at the bar. He sings Saaya saaya hun…………….. The lady Megha notices her. Anmol comes and smiles hearing Ranvi. Anmol praises Ranvi’s talent and says I feel you are singing here for years, not two days. Ranvi says you know everything. Anmol says the work that gets food and roof is good. Megha comes to him and gives him Rs 500 note. Ranvi is shocked. Anmol greets her and thanks her. She leaves. Anmol says you got the tip from Megha. Ranvi asks who is she and why did she give me money. Anmol says are you joking to not know her, she is Megha Kapoor, a hit singer in yesteryears, she has magical voice.

He says she stopped singing since few years, don’t know why. He says she is regular customer os this bar, I think she liked it, take this tip as good luck charm. Nihaal and Veera have a talk. Ratan comes and looks tired. Nihaal sees Ratan unwell and asks Veera to do oil massage. Ratan says she is fine and I will take some rest. She leaves. Veera says you understand Biji so well. Nihaal says no, she is always working, so she might be tired, I just guessed. Baldev comes and hides the gift. Nihaal asks did the motor pump. Baldev says yes, I kept it on polyhouse. Nihaal sees the gift and says I have work. He leaves them alone.

Baldev holds Veera’s hand and she says anyone will see. He flirts. Baldev gives her the gift. She says you went for motor or this gift. He says see it. She likes the kurti and smiles. She thanks him and says its very good, now you go. He asks her to wear it tomorrow. She says fine, happy now. He says can I get a hug or kiss, as I m very tired. She smiles. He says he will get energy. She says go. He says fine and moves. She holds his hand and stops him. She hugs him and they smile. Yaara ve……………..plays…………….. She kisses on his cheek and runs. He smiles and says Haye Marjaavan Gud Khaake………

Gunjan comes to the bar and asks is there music studio. The guard says no. She comes in hearing Ranvi’s voice and goes inside thinking its studio.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 30th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Ayesha saying she will come in the screening in her own designs. Anuj talks to Sheela and asks about Kaira. He asks how do you like Poonam. Sheela scold him for eyeing Poonam. Anuj laughs and says you won’t change, get ready soon. He says he will see Adi and Rubel and leaves. The media comes at the screening and takes Harish’s interview. Avantika comes. Harish says its small screening for friends and family. Avantika says for me my husband’s happiness matters. Adi comes with Poonam and Ambika. Rubel comes with Payal. They give some happy comments. Harish asks Adi about Ayesha. Avantika comes and talks about Poonam. She says Anuj did not come.

Anuj and Sheela arrive. Sheela looks at the media and no one comes to take her interview and pics. Anuj pulls her leg. He says he will not show off and leaves. Sheela walks to the reporters but no one identifies her. She gives the interview without anyone asking her. Adi waits for Ayesha. Poonam asks him to call her. He says I m sure she will come. Ayesha comes looking gorgeous. Ayesha walks in with Nani. Poonam says I told you she will come. Ayesha sees Adi and Poonam together. She says she wants everyone to get their share of happiness, I mean this film should get hit.

Ayesha walks to Adi and Avantika comes in between. She takes Adi and leaves. Harish thanks his entire team, costars and family. Everyone clap for him. Harish says he wants to thank his parents, his wife Avantika. Adi says Ayesha I m feeling so nice seeing my parents happy, its all because of Pankhudi that they are together. Ayesha thinks Adi will share everything with Poonam now. Ayesha walks by Adi. He is shocked seeing Ayesha and looks at Poonam.

Everyone like the movie. Adi says dad I m proud of you and hugs him. Everyone compliment. Sheela thinks what was good, no song, no good clothes, but I have to say something. Sheela praises the movie and says you should get all awards. Adi looks for Ayesha. He asks Nani where is Ayesha. Nani says she went to meet Nafisa in interval, as she has some problem. Adi thinks is she trying to avoid me, but why. Everyone come home. Nani asks Shanky to see did Ayesha come back. Sheela says why did Ayesha go in between. Shanky says Ayesha is not in her room.

Harish says I hope Nafisa is not in any big problem. Ayesha comes and Harish asks is the problem sorted. Ayesha says sorry, Nafisa needed some papers which I had. She says she is tired and goes to change. Ayesha comes to her room and is upset. Adi comes to her and sees her sad. He asks from what is she running. He says you are behaving weird since many days, I want to know what is it. She says what can it be. He says are you trying to avoid me. She says why will I do it. He says why did you not come on site and behaved on screening as if I don’t exist.

She says she was busy with Nafisa. He says fine, call her, I will talk to her. She argues with him. He says he is trying to support her in her dream. She says I don’t want your copyright in my dream, we both have a life, don’t join it. Adi is shocked and says ok, what do you want. She says I want you to move on in your life and free me from this marriage. She says you can marry Poonam, she is very nice. He is shocked and says when did she come in between now. She says you can think Poonam can be your life partner. He says whats all this, what does this mean.

She says she is fed up being his friend, free me, don’t make me your private property. Adi is very hurt by her words. Ayesha shouts on him and shows fake anger.

Sheela talks to Ayesha and asks where did she go. She says what work Ayesha has, what is this work affair.

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