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Saturday, 31 May 2014

In Shapath : Lalit Bisht to enter

Indian model and actor Lalit Bisht has been roped in to essay the role of a Super Cop in Life OK’s mega action show Shapath (Fireworks Productions).
Post the entry of the charming and sexy Jesse Randhawa as an Interpol officer, the show intends to add some more new characters under its hat.
Lalit will essay the role of a Senior Inspector who would aid Aman Yatan Verma in the show.
We contacted Lalit who confirmed doing the show. He stated, “I took up this project as it promised to bring in some distinguished action stunts. Fireworks Productions does brilliant work and I am very happy to be associated with them. I cannot reveal much about my character but the viewers will definitely witness some more action than they have seen till now.”
The handsome man will start shooting from tomorrow for the exciting series!!!

In Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke : God man to poison Seema’s mind against Gunjan

Swami Parmanand, essayed by Manoj Verma in the jungle that Gunjan (Roopal Tyagi) was witness to, in Zee TV’s Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms). However, the catch here is that though Gunjan saw a man dressed as Krishna having a gala time dancing around girls, she could not see the person’s face.
But the Swami assumes that Gunjan has seen him and will expose him, if he did not take any immediate measures.
So what will be the master plan of the Swami to save himself from Gunjan?
A source states, “The Swami will utilize Seema (Alka Mogha), who has a blind faith in him. He will tell Seema that the only negative force that stops Mayank (Ankit Gera) from growing and being happy in life, is Gunjan. The man would suggest Seema that for Mayank’s betterment, Gunjan should move out of his life. And with Mayank already behaving as a fanatic, with him believing a lot in the God man, the going will only get tough for Gunjan.”
We tried contacting Roopal, but could not get through to her.
Can the Swami create negativity for Gunjan within her own family?

In Rangrasiya : Sadiya Siddiqui to return

Just when Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani) are about to get closer with Rudra realizing his love for Paro, Rudra’s dark past will come back to haunt him yet again!!
Well, we are talking about the next new twist that will surprise the loyal fans of Saurabh Tewari’s Rangrasiya (Saurabh Tewari Films) on Colors. The coming episodes will see the comeback of Sadiya Siddiqui, mother of Rudra to the thick of things.
We hear that the person who will be instrumental in bringing Mala, essayed by Sadiya into Rudra’s life will be none other than Laila (Ankita Sharma).
A source states, “Laila who is now out of Rudra’s place will be desperate to get back to the man she loves. And she will get the brightest chance of fulfilling her desire when she will bump into Mala, who happens to be Rudra’s mother. Laila will emphatize with Mala, and will promise to unite the mother and son.”
Along with Mala, Laila will once again get into Rudra’s house, is what we hear. Mala who now knows the real face of her husband Tejawat (Tarun Khanna) will want one chance to narrate her bad past to her son, and tell him how she was misguided in life, that had lead to the mother-son separation.
How will Rudra and Paro’s life be affected with the return of Mala? Can Paro help unite the mother and son?
When contacted, Sadiya told “Yes, it is true that Mala will get back now. She will come back into the life of Rudra, and will want to tell him certain bitter facts of her life. It is to be seen whether Rudra will accept his mother or not.”

In Nadaan Parinde : to see a major twist with Purab shooting Sameer

The recently launched show Nadaan Parinde (Scaling Heights Productions) on Life OK seems to be planning an entertainment ride for the viewers in the coming episodes.
With the current plot revolving around the scenario where Sameer (Karam Rajpal) desperately wants to be an army officer and Meher (Gulki Joshi) and Bebe (Tanushree Kaushal) missing him in his absence, there is a blockbuster track being planned which will keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.
The viewers already know that Purab (Nikkhil Chaddha) is in love with Meher who harbours feelings for Sameer and not him.
With the latest promo on air where Sameer is seen getting shot by Purab, 
It will so happen that both the boys will be at the warfront fighting hard with the enemies. At that juncture, Purab will point his gun at Sameer and tell him that it’s only because of him that the latter has got a chance to become an army officer. And seeking Meher as a sacrifice for it, Purab will shoot Sameer down.
So will Sameer get killed?
Cuts in a source, “Yes, Sameer will be shown shot and Purab will lie to the family that Sameer was killed by the enemy forces. Amidst all the mourning, Sameer’s body will go missing hinting at his comeback.”
Well, here we bring you more.
Sameer will be captured by the opponents in the war zone and this will bring in a major turnaround in Sameer’s life where his only motive now would be exposing Purab’s bad deed.
We contacted Karam and Nikkhil, but they remained unavailable for comment.
When contacted, Gulki said, “Only time will tell if Sameer will be back or not. For now, the viewers should really look forward to watch the exciting story behind the promo getting unfolded on the show.”

Sanaya Irani fans called Ankita Sharma 'slut', 'vamp' and what not on Twitter

The friendly cricket match between the two teams of Colors’ Rangrasiya and Beintehaa (to celebrate the shows’ 100 episodes completion) was a super-duper hit with Ashish Sharma’s team winning the trophy after a magnificent display of their cricketing skills.
The loyal fans of the shows had quite a lot to cheer and talk about, but the conspicuous absence of the two gorgeous leading ladies of the shows, Sanaya Irani and Preetika Rao brought about a sad feeling amongst the fans.
Ever since the match was played, the fans of Saurabh Tewari’s show Rangrasiya have had a debate going on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook etc. Rather than calling it a debate, we can as well term it as a blatant attack on one of the actors of the show!!
So what is it that triggered such an uneventful argument in the open? And who is the actor facing the brunt?
Well, the very fact that Sanaya Irani, the female lead of Rangrasiya, was not present to cheer her team gave her fans a heart-break. And the result of this was that, the fans took against the presence of Ankita Sharma, the lead antagonist on the show.
Here we are giving you more insight on the manner in which Ankita was abused and character-assassinated on social networking sites.
Well, the so-called anti-Ankita fans questioned why the lady was there on the cricketing field cheering for TeamRangrasiya when the lead protagonist Sanaya Irani herself was missing. They tarnished her image by calling her a ‘slut’, a ‘vamp’ and what not…
So how did Ankita react to such rude words talked about her by a certain group of fans? We decided to ask the lady herself…

Reacting to the Twitter controversy, a calm and composed Ankita told  “See, it is very difficult for anyone to demoralize the person inside me (smiles). If these accusations had come when I was a newcomer, it could have affected me. But now, I have seen life and have been in this industry for quite some time to understand things. I would take all this as an appreciation for my work. The fans hate me as Laila on the show, and that only means that I am doing my job perfectly well. And if their negativity comes out beyond a point and spills out in real life too, I am not dejected at all. It will only boost my morale as an actor.”
Adding more on her point of view, Ankita stated, “See, I am Laila only for 12 hours. Beyond that, I have a life and I am a completely different person. I would also like to tell fans who create this animosity by calling themselves ‘Sanaya fans and anti-Ankita fans’ that I share a good bond with Sanaya off-screen. We actually share our food ‘dabbas’ on the sets during lunch. We have a good time on sets when we are not shooting. So why is it that you create groups within yourselves, when we both are friends in real life? Rangrasiya is an example of a perfect ‘team-effort’, and you have to appreciate every actor working in the show for the work done.”
Well-said, Ankita!!
We later buzzed Producer Saurabh Tewari to know his point of view on the recent bashing the Ankita received at the hands of the show’s fans. The man said, “Ankita is an awesome performer, very professional and a real rockstar. The show has picked up after her track came back. She is equally important to the show as Sanaya and Ashish. Regarding fans calling her names, I can only say that such fans are sick and we cannot take psychos seriously. I would also say that the true Sanaya fans respect everyone associated with the show. Bashers are the ones who are either anti-Sanaya and anti-RR or psychos.”
Guess this is simply a result of ‘hero-worship’, in this case the devotion and love that fans have for Sanaya Irani. Accepted that Sanaya missed the cricket match for reasons known only to her. But is it fair to admonish the other actor present, Ankita?

Anuj Sachdeva : is open to taking up TV shows

The actor had recently made his debut in the regional market as well with the film Haani and he terms it as an industry which is picking up at a faster pace. Anuj says, "I am happy I managed to get my first film as a parallel lead with Harbhajan Mann. I am looking forward to doing more serious cinema and qualitative work."
Anuj was last seen on Chanchan on Television after which both his films have released.  We are sure fans are wondering whether the actor will be seen back on TV.  
The actor reveals, "I have been getting messages from my fans everyday on Facebook. I really miss TV shows - it's a team sharing their lives together on sets. I am open to television for sure." 
We probe him on what he is open to take up next on television and the actor says, "I would like to take lead characters which have more shades to perform on TV. I am waiting for something interesting to come along my way and I would love to work with a network like Star as I had started my career as Amrit with the channel."

Sophie Choudry says : Jhalak is a dance workshop for me

Beautiful and talented VJ, singer and actor Sophie will be seen as one of the contestants in dance reality Jhalak Dikhhlaa Jaa Season 7 on Colors. The viewers  have already seen Sophie's dance moves in her own music album and she was applauded for her dance and singing talent in that album.

Sophie is all geared up to shake her leg in the new season of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa.
We got in touch with Sophie to know more about her preparation for the show and her experience.
Here is Sophie talking about the same.
You are a VJ cum model. So what made you take up the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa?

First and foremost people have a misconception about me being a model. I have never done modeling in my life. Singer, actor, VJ yes. Dancing on film is very different to performing and competing live. I spend most of my time doing live shows but that's as a singer. My shows are up to 2 hours long and yes there is dancing but I sing live and focus on high energy and connecting with the audience. I enjoy dance but I have never trained in dance so I thought I would take up the challenge. Jhalak is a way to learn various forms from week to week for me and with experimentation comes challenges of learning and performing a completely new form of dance each week and hence all in all Jhalak is a dance workshop for me as well. Jhalak is a very tough show and the best reality show on TV. It's been a while since people saw me on TV and this is a wonderful platform. People have seen my Jhalak in music videos and films. Now they have to see me on Jhalak! 

What is your forte in dancing? And how much confident you are for the competition?
My forte is that I have great rhythm and understanding of music so that really helps and I always feel the music. I think my plus point is that I'm a great blend of East and West.  Hopefully when I do international styles, my body language will reflect that! You can't be desi, filmi when doing salsa. You have to be a diva! As far as confidence is concerned , I'm actually very nervous because I've never been marked on my dancing ability and the competition is tough. All I can do is my best to perform well and win hearts!
How is you equation with your partner Deepak? Tell us something about him?
I'm so excited that Deepak is my partner because he is fabulous in all dance forms and has great ideas! He is trying his best to show my strengths as a performer and that's the most important thing! I've already had a few injuries due to the tough lifts he is trying to teach me but as they say, no pain no gain! I go to the physio everyday and then rehearse for 5 hours! It's taxing but fun! 
According to you who is the tough contestant as you all have already started shooting.
This season they have got talent that can already dance which means the competition is already much tougher that usual. I think everyone is competition. People may think I'm a good dancer but I'm not trained and certainly not used to dancing with one partner!
What do you have to say about the judges,whom do you find more stricter?
I think they are all particular about how they judge and all have great experience from all the work that they have done. Of course Remo Dsouza will be technically the toughest to please! 
How was your experience while shooting for the promo? Did you face any difficulties?
Not at all! It was a great experience, great fun, the team was super enthusiastic and encouraged me and I got a song that totally suits me. Babydoll! The response to the promo has been fantastic touch wood! 
How are you preparing for the show?
By rehearsing and training well and by trying to work on my growth because I believe that's what the show is about. I know it's a competition but I choose to excel not compete. I want to be the best I can be! 

In Pavitra Rishta : Ankita will be put behind bars

Balaji Telifilms Production's popular show Pavitra Rishta on Zee TV has always kept its viewers hooked to the show with its interesting story line and various twists and turns. Now in the upcoming episodes Ankita will be put behind bars.
In the ongoing track of the show Ankita leaves Naren's (Karan Mehra) house because Naren's mother Rushali (Sheeba Chadha)) brainwashes her and asks her to leave the house for Naren's better health. Ankita leaves the house and goes at Mansi's (Aprana Dixit) place. 
As per our sources, "Ankita goes at Naren's office and she is forced to leave from there also. Mansi comes to know about it she gets angry and goes at Naren's office to talk regarding this issue. In this process Ankita switches on the TV, it flashes in the news that Naren gets trapped in a controversy due to the illegal papers."
Our source further adds, "Ankita runs at that place and takes the blame on herself. Cops arrest Ankita because the company's name is on her name so instead of Naren she is put behind bars. Later she will be released on bail."

In Meri Aashiqui tumse hi : Shakti Arora says "The audience can see a complete new Shakti "

The very smart and popular Shakti Arorabecame popular after playing the role of Jigar in  Star Plus' Baa Bahu Aur Baby and  Dr Onir Dutt in Zee Tv show'  Pavitra  Rishta. He hosted reality show science and Brain cafe and shares with us about his excitement for the upcoming show on Colors Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi. 
As we know beside acting you have also hosted a science quiz based show Brain Cafe , share your experience with hosting?
I had a great experience while hosting Brain Cafe. I actually learned many things. During my school days I used to ignore and hate science but after hosting this show I really have improved my knowledge in science. I always kept myself updated with science related things because you never know what question your participant will come up with. Anchoring is a big deal because you really need to keep audience hooked to the show. I think I did good work in attracting audience to the show and hence we came with another season.
So what interests you more acting or hosting ?
Acting is dal roti for me and hosting is chicken for me. Though both are interesting I am more into acting because acting is my passion since childhood. I wanted to be an actor. And I am happy that I am going in a right way.
How did you feel when you got  this serial ?
I went for an audition of this show and there were so many people standing out for the audition. I lost all hopes of getting selected and I started focusing on other things. Later I got a call in few days from Balaji Telifilms that you are selected for Meri Ashiqui... and Ekta wants to meet you. When I heard this I couldn't believe and I was like 'Wow' they selected me for the role. I thought finally I will be able to work as the main lead in the serial.
What is the concept of this show?
It is a male centric story. It is about a boy Ranveer Singh who loves his parents a lot. The boy belongs to a poor family so they stay with some other family where his father works as a driver. Hence the boy grows up here and gets a chance to study till 10th standard. He is ill treated by the family but he is a very chilled out guy. Woh ek aisa ladka hei jo ek kaan se suntaa hai aur dusre kaan se nikal deta hai. He is not too concerned for anything in life. Apart from this he likes one girl, he passionately desires to get that girl. Somewhere his heart knows that it is impossible to get that girl but he keeps on trying to get that girl in his life.
Do you relate to your character of the show?
When I read the story I was like 'Oh My God' this is me. In real life I am a chilled out guy. Before meeting Neha Saxsena my girl friend I was serious kind of a person but after getting into relationship with her I am completely changed now. I am also a chilled out guy with carefree attitude so it becomes easy for me to play this role. I have played few serious kind of roles before but now I will be playing something new and different. One thing which has not changed in my character is that I was poor in serials before and now also I am poor (laughs). I think  I will do this effortlessly because I am the same as my character is.

Are you excited about the show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and the character?
Yes, I am very excited about the show and my character because finally I will be playing main lead of the serial. As you know that I have always entered a show from middle whether itsPavitra Rishta or any other show, I have never taken the burden of any show from the beginning though I wished to do so but never got a chance. Finally this time I am getting to do so. I have even lost my weight for this character. The audience can see a complete new Shakti in this serial. I hope I give my best to this show and audience.  
As your popularity is increasing day by day , are you thinking to join any reality show?
Well, I want to get into reality show but so far I haven't got any opportunity yet. When I get it I will grab it.
What makes Shakti happy?
I think this show has made me happy, it's like a dream come true. I wanted to do a show withColors channel. I am getting to do a show with colors that too with  Balaji telifilms so it is likeSone Pe Suhagaa.
To whom you will  give credit to?
I will give my credit to God and than Neha my lady luck. She has completely changed my life. Have you seen Kismaat connection our situation is like kismaat connection after she coming in my life I am completely transformed to a new person..


In Chidiya Ghar : Shilpa Shinde back

SAB TV's popular Show Chidiya Ghar will have the original Koyal back in the show. While Shubhangi Atrey Poorey managed to pull off the character well but due to her poor health the actress is getting replaced but the good news for the fans of Shilpa Shinde is that their much loved Koyal will be back in the show.

Well, Shubhangi was also unhappy with her role and had some creative differences with the people.
Shilpa Shinde left the show when Shubhangi stepped into her her shoes and played Koyal. But citing the reason of insecurity with one of her co-actresss,Shubhangi is leaving the show and Shilpa Shinde is all set to come back again as Koyal. Shipla was seen doing a cameo inSAB TV's show Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir in a modern avatar. 
According to our sources, "Shilpa has agreed to be back to the show and she is very happy to return to show. This is due to her fan following who loved her so much that some even stopped watching the show which is the main reason for her to come back in the show. Her entry will be seen post IPL."

In Sony TVs Encounter : Mahhi Vij to be seen as gangster

The talented actress and better half of Jay Bhanushali, Mahhi Vij is yet again backing on the small screen. Mahi who will be playing the role of a gangster is all geared up and excited to take up this role.
Mahhi Vij who was last seen in an episode of Colors TV's Comedy Nights with Kapil is all set to don the look of a gangster for Sony TV'sEncounter. When spoken to Mahi regarding her character inEncounter, this is what she had to say, "I am playing a role of a gangster who comes down to Mumbai from another city. She is the main protagonist of the show and the story revolves around her. The main reason why I picked up this role is it has a variation in role. It shows a good girl turning bad."
Mahi has already started shooting for this episode.

Telly stars : I would like to get locked up with -----

We always love to spend time with someone special whom we think can make our day. Our TV stars also like to spend and enjoy their time with their good friends with whom they share a good bond and rapport. Hence they speak about their friend with whom they would want to get locked up with.

Arjun Bijlani who was last seen in SAB TV's Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar says - I would like to get locked up with Mohit Sehgal  because we are good friends. I like spending time with him as when we used to shoot for Miley Jab Hum Tum we hardly used to get time, so when we used to get free time we enjoyed it together. In females I would like to get locked up with Sanaya Irani  and Drashti Dhami because they both are chatter box and if I am locked with them I will only be a listener.

Vrushika Mehta who is seen in Channel V's Dil Dostii Dance says - I would like to get locked up with Jetha Lal (Dilip Joshi) and Bagha from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah because they both are very entertaining. If I am locked with them I will not get bored at all.

Mishkat Varma who is seen in Zee TV's Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya says - I would like to get locked up with Jennifer Singh Grover because she is damn cute and hot at the same time.

Vrinda Dawda who is seen in Bindass' Yeh Hai Aashiqui says - I would like to get locked up with Fenil Umrigar because we both like to spend time together. When we meet we pull each other's leg ,it's fun to be with her as she is an interesting person and we do share top secrets.

Ragini Khanna who is hosting  Zee TV's Gangs Of Haseepur says - I would like to get locked up with Tapeshwri Sharma because she is my bestie and wo muje jhel sakti hei (laughs).


Friday, 30 May 2014

In Maharana Pratap :  Its double celebration 

Popular show Bharat Ke Veerputra Maharana Pratap which is a historic show has gained immense popularity its effervescent cast and crew. Thus the show has managed to complete its 200 episodes successfully and is celebrating this happy moment.
We got in touch with the actors of the show to know about their journey up till now in the show.
Jannat Zubair Rehmani seen as Phool Kuwar says "It feels great. I wish Maharana Pratap completes more episodes like this. It is because of you and all the blessings gave by my viewers that we have managed to reach here. Please keep watch Maharana Pratap."

Vishal Jethwa seen as Akbar says "The journey is amazing... We will keep entertaining you... Please keep watching Maharan Pratap."

Roshni Walia seen as Ajab De says "I am excited as there is going to be fun, dance nd masti... I am happy to meet my costars previous as well."

Faisal I Khan seen as Maharana Pratap says "The journey is very nice.Whatever has happened throughout in the show no matter good or bad all are memorable. For past one year People have seen us and appreciated us."

Divyaalaxmi seen as Sajja bai says "It feels proud and overwhelming when a show completes 200 episodes."


 In Qubool Hai : Vicious Tanveer Back

Amrapali Gupta, who played the conniving Tanveer on Qubool Hai, is back with twice the venom post leap!
The ever-so-evil Tanveer, who is the sole reason behind all the troubles in everyone’s life, is all geared to spew venom once again with her villainous act on Zee TV’s Qubool Hai. Mastermind Tanveer (played by Amrapali Gupta), who has been scheming and plotting and wreaking havoc in everyone’s life will be seen in the show post leap in an all new avataar! Blinded by hatred, Tanveer killed everyone including Asad-Zoya just before the leap. In a dramatic episode, the trouble-maker unleashed her fury and pulled off a huge massacre at Asad’s house. Post the 20 year leap, Tanveer will be seen playing Aahil’s (Karanvir Bohra) mother! Tanveer is up for more notoriety & scheming on the show. Interestingly Amrapali has joined the gang of the female actors playing a young mother on screen. More drama will unfold with intriguing twists & turns when Tanveer & Sanam come face to face in the show.
The very pretty looking Amrapali Gupta better known as Tanveer aka Billo Rani is extremely ecstatic about the love & appreciation she has received playing Tanveer till now. The character itself has many shades and Amrapali is doing it with great ease. She says “Tanveer is one character which people love to hate; she is not your regular negative character which people will forget after a point. Despite playing a character with grey shades, I got an opportunity to display a gamut of emotions as she is up to some mischief every now and then & keeps everyone on their toes! I am overwhelmed by the reaction my character has garnered across various platforms, which gives me an assurance that my efforts have paid off. Tanveer’s notoriety & quirkiness adds an extra zing to the show and the popularity of Tanveer reaffirms the fact that playing good or bad does not matter, it is well-etched out characters & how an actor portrays them which makes a difference. Yet again Tanveer is ready to take the audience by surprise, as post leap I will be shown playing Ahil Raza Ibrahim’s (Karanvir Bohra) mother who is in jail. Viewers will see a lot more intriguing drama unfold with Sanam-Tanveer-Ahil coming together on screen. I am sure Tanveer’s antics will keep the audience glued to their television screens, as she is all geared to spew venom once again with her villainous act.”
On being asked whether she minds getting typecast in a negative character: “It is the biggest achievement for an actor if he embodies the character he is playing on screen. Tanveer, as a character, has left an indelible mark on the audiences’ hearts even though she is scheming against the most lovable on-screen jodi Asad-Zoya. I am extremely satisfied to portray Tanveer and make it look so convincing without being over the top. As an actor I feel satisfied & blessed when my fans come up to me and say that I am doing an awesome job on the show.”

 In Ek Hasina Thi : Dev to confront Durga about Payal's whereabouts

Cinevistaas' popular thriller seriesEk Hasina Thi on Star Plus' is all set to bring forth some high twist and turns for its viewers in its upcoming tracks ahead where Durga (Sanjeeda Shaikh) will try to save Payal (Teena Chopra) from the evil eyes of the Goenkas and Dev (Bhuvnesh Maan). 

Our source says, "In the upcoming track of the show, Shaurya (Vatsal Sheth) will assault Acharya who is the chief architect of the cancer project. Later in the meeting, the Thakurs and Goenkas decide to appoint Shaurya as the chief architect which was suggested by Ganguly. Durga realizes that Ganguly was once bribed by the Goenkas to turn the case against Payal. Durga now instructs Akash (Mihir Mishra) to fit spy cameras at Ganguly's house from where he informs Durga that he saw Shaurya bribing Ganguly. Later, Durga also comes to know that how Shaurya attacked Acharya." 

Our source further adds, "On the other hand, Dev comes to know that Durga must be having the information about Payal so he decides to follow her whereas, Durga decides to shift Payal from the rehab center as she doesn't want Dev to see her. Further, Dev confronts her about Payal's whereabouts." 

Bade Acche Lagte Hai : they have completed the 

successful journey of 3 years 

Balaji Telefilms' consistent show Bade Acche Lagte Hai on Sony TV is celebrating the completion of their 3 successful years. Proud with this achievement the team of the show is highly elated despite its TRPs are declining in the TRP chart. However, the cast and crew is rejoicing their wonderful three years together as the matured love story of Ram (Ram Kapoor) and Priya have managed to the hit the right chords.  
With the successful completion of 3 years we have got in touch with the cast of Bade Acche Lagte Hai and let's see what they have to share.
Saakshi Tanwar loved as Priya says, "It has been a beautiful experience with a wonderful journey in the show, 3 years  is a big time. It is a great moment to share, working with Balaji which is like a family which is an amazing thing. I am very happy and would congratulate Ekta Kapoor, to all the cast and crew of the show and a big thanks to all the viewers and fans. It would not be possible without them from whom we got so much of love and appreciation."
Shubhaavi K. seen as Juhi says, "I am very fortunate to get connected back with Balaji after 6 big years where I had taken a gap and now coming in the same production feels like a family as I had started with Balaji itself. I should say for Saakshi she is a lucky mascot for me as I got to work with her in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki and now in this show it has been a great journey. Coming to the character it's quite interesting as in the beginning I had a positive shade whereas gradually it turned into being a grey shade so it's exciting to play such role."
When asked her about the celebration she says, "When all our cast comes together it turns into a celebration."
Ankit Narang loved as Khush says, "I have been for short time almost 5 months but it has been a wonderful journey so far. I have enjoyed a lot with the team of Bade Ache Lagte Hai and all of them are very supportive giving lots of confidence and there is a positive atmosphere all over. Coming to my character I am very happy playing Khush as his is thepillar of strenght to the Kapoor family. Khush shows his soft side and is supportive to his family. I am very grateful to all our fans who have been watching our serial and loving it."

Sumona seen as Natasha says, "I am glad to get associated with Bade Ache Lagte Hai and I feel lucky to be a part of such an amazing show. We have a big fat team in the show with a great people to work with so there is lot to learn. I grew far better as an actress because of this show. This show has given me career and popularity for which I am grateful and obliged. I am a big follower of Ram and I adore Saakshi and it is a total pleasure working with such great personalities. Natasha will be a closest character of my life as it gave me a huge graph to play and I am thankful to all the fans. I would ask to shower the love as they have been doing so long."
She also tweeted saying, "3 Yrs #BALH wat a journey it has been! N ive been most proud to b a part of it! Thank u very much for all the love n support! @SonyTV"
Jai Kalra who also posted a message on the social networking site states, "@jaikalra: A special,heart-felt and a humble thanks 2 all our fans of #BALH 2 give us so much love, appreciation n encouragement in last 3 years..thanks"

 Best Marriage Proposal : Tv stars shares

Everyone is loved and liked by other people at some point in life. What if something crazy and unbelievable comes your way? We tend to laugh off thinking about the same. Similarly our TV stars have also experienced some of the funny moments in their life while sharing their Best Marriage proposal ever received to them with us.

Roopal Tyagi who is seen in Zee TV's Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke says - I got a Marriage proposal when I was in 9th  standard from a teacher who came with a marriage proposal for her son. Her son was was really cute and I was wondering why is the teacher not asking us to go on a date? I really freaked out when she came with a marriage proposal for her son. I was small at that time.

Disha Parmar who is seen in Star Plus' Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara... says - I have got few funny proposals. Actually Marriage proposals are always funny. I got a marriage proposal from a Halwai Wala in Delhi it was so funny. Common , I cant marry to Halwai wala . When he called me I laughed for at least 15 minutes, I was like are you serious I told him I am not ready for the marriage now. They are rich people they have big shops of sweets in Delhi .

Adaa Khan who was seen in a cameo role in Sony TV's Encounter says - Actually the Marriage proposal I got was very cute. My friend Makrand Malhotra's nephew always says I want to marry Adaa Didi. The only desire I have in my life is to marry her. He is 8 years old, first of all he calls me Didi and then he wants me to marry him, he is so cute. He blushes whenever I get gifts for him.

Vishal Vaishishtha who is seen  Star Plus' Veera says - Once I got a marriage proposal when I went to my brother's friend's marriage. At that time I was working with Channel V and they knew about this. They started talking to me regarding marriage, they all sat beside me and started asking me questions regarding my life. That was so funny.

Shrenu Parekh who is seen in Star Plus' Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon... Ek Baar Phir says -I have never received best marriage proposal. If I would have got it I would not have been single ! I am still waiting for it! The day it happens you all will come to know.


In Diya Aur Baati Hum : Revelation time 

As all was going well in the Rathi family after Sandhya (Deepika Singh) winning the best cadet trophy and Kavita's plans being foiled in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular show Diya Aur Baati Humon Star Plus, trouble is knocking at the doors for the Rathis again.
According to the ongoing track of the show, Kavita (Preeti Chaudhary) is back again with a new drama to create trouble in the lives of Sandhya and her family members. In the forthcoming track of the show, the truth will come out in open before Sandhya as how her family members took help from Kavita to solve out their problems. 

Our source says, "As Sandhya has refused to help Mohit (Varunn Jain) in reopening his parlor, he will take help from Kavita. Further, Sandhya will come to know about it that Mohit has taken help from Kavita to get his parlor re-opened which will make Sandhya upset. Sandhya requests Mohit not to accept any favor from Kavita to which Mohit doesn't agrees and further he reveals that how Bhabo took Kavita's help to make Sandhya win the Best Cadet Trophy." 

When contacted Varunn Jain, he told, "I haven't shot for this sequences yet so I can't divulge any details about it now but a lot of interesting things are going to come up in the show further."

How will Sandhya convince Mohit to return the favor back to Kavita in opening the parlor? What will happen when Sandhya will come to know about Bhabo's (Neelu Vaghela) truth that she took Kavita's help? The upcoming tracks of the show will unfold the answers to these questions. 

In Rangrasiya : Rudra and Paro to get separated

Tequila Shots Production's popular show is soon gearing up for a twist in the tale. During the Mahasangam episode will witness the confession of feelings between the couples Zain, Aaliya, Rudra and Paro, but the viewers will be disheartened to see their favorite couple getting separated in the show Rangrasiya.  
As Rudra's right hand is paralyzed, it will be seen in the forthcoming episodes that his hand will recover fully after which as per Paro's (Sanaya Irani) wish she will leave him forever as she had wished for his well being and secured future life during Rudra's (Ashish Sharma) accident.
As per our reliable sources, "Paro and Rudra will come down to Mumbai for the check up of Rudra's paralyzed hand. They will then go for Mumbai Darshan where they will meet Zain (Harshad Arora) and Aaliya. Rudra's hand will get cured for which she will go to Mosque with Aaliya (Preetika Rao) to seek blessings for Rudra. There at a mosque, riots will take place. After coming to know about the riots Zain and Rudra will be panicked as their wives are in trouble. Thus they will rush to save them. But before Rudra reach the spot to save Paro and confess his love to Paro, she will go somewhere away from Rudra. This is because as shown in the previous episodes that she had promised herself that if Rudra's hand gets cured then she will leave him and will go far away from his life."

In Sasural Simar Ka : Kapil Sharma to make his appearance

The popular show Sasural Simar Kais gearing for a fun filled sequence as a special guest will be seen on the show who will announce the winner of Bahu No 1 competition. The show will see the very entertaining and ace comedian Kapil Sharma who will join the cast of the show as he will host and judge of the competition of Bahu No. 1.
Recently we reported about Sanjeev Kapoor's entry in the show who was also seen judging the cooking competition in the show. He also helped the artists to gauge culinary tips and techniques while cooking a dish. Well he was the judge for the cooking competition in the semifinal round and now Kapil Sharma is coming to judge the competition for the final round. This will be Kapil Sharma's first appearance on a daily soap. Well, this talented comedian also shared the space with versatile actor Anupam Kher who is hosting a chat show The Anupam Kher Show - Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. Kapil was elated to meet the actor and shared his journey on the show.
Our source informed us, "Kapil Sharma is coming on Sasural Simar Ka as a host and the judge of Bahu No. 1 competition. There will be six rounds where Bhakti and Janvi (Falaq Naaz) will struggle to win. Simar (Dipika Samson) will be seen supporting Janvi whereas Roli (Avika Gor) will be seen supporting Bhakti as they are unaware about Bhakti's evil deeds and eye upon Janvi's husband Anurag (Aniruddh Singh)."
The comedian Kapil Sharma is excited to come on the daily soap for the first time and so he has tweeted that... "First time going to shoot for a daily soap... Sasural simar ka.. A special episode... Hope u will like it... Love."

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