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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Saraswatichandra 9th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with doctor telling Vidyachatur and Kumud that Saras lost his memory as he got heavy hit on his head. Vidyachatur asks is there any solution. The doctor says Mrs Vyas can get his memory back. They look at Kumud while she cries. The doctor sys he took Kumud’s name while he is semi conscious, so only she can revive his memories, try to remind him of whatever happened till now, only you can help him in his treatment. Piya……………..plays……………..They bring Saras home while he is still on the wheelchair. Saras looks around and asks Danny his name. Danny says Danny Vyas, we share a same surname.

Saras asks whose house is this. Vidyachatur says ours, think its yours. Saras asks where is my house, can you find out where do I live, so that I can go back to my home. Badimaa says its in other city. She says we will send you back when you get fine, till then you think this is your home. Badimaa sees Kumud crying. Saras asks why did no one came to take me, my family would be worried, please make me reach them. Vidyachatur says your dad, Laxminandan Vyas, is my good friend, I have informed him that you are at our house. When you get well, you go your home. Vidyachatur asks Kabir and Danny to take Saras to the guest room.

Danny says yes and takes Saras. Everyone is upset. Kumud thinks of the doctor’s words. Vidyachatur tells Guniyal not to tell Saraas anything, why did this happen with him. Badimaa says everything will be fine, he should not say he want to go from here. Vidyachatur says such patients can get irritated and get mental balance disturbed. Kusum says Saras identifies Kumud by a feeling and now she will help him in knowing everything. Badimaa says we don’t have much time Kumud, no one else can help him, you have to help him as he is your responsibility. Kumud goes to kitchen and thinks how Saras went inside the Jarokha. She thinks of Badimaa’s words.

Anushka sees Kumud crying and turns to leave. Kumud sees her and asks her to come. Anushka cries and says Didi, you can tell me anything, but what happened with Saras, I know you won’t wish to hear anything, but I just want to say, forgive me if possible, I m sorry. Kumud holds her hands and says I have forgiven you, Danny told me everything. She says I know what was my state was yours too. She says I wanted to get Saras back and you wanted your brother. How could I say your pain is less, I m sure if you knew this, you would have not done this.

Anushka says but I m also responsible for this accident. Kumud hugs her and says not you, but the situation, and it has to change, as you are not alone now, we all are with you. Rohit can’t harm you, nothing will happen to your brother, we will bring him back safe.

Kabir looks for some thing in Anushka’s room. Anushka comes to them. She sees Kabir and Danny. Danny asks did she get any call from Rohit. She says not yet, maybe he will call today. Danny says even I think so, but don’t let him doubt that we are with you now, we will find your brother now. Danny blesses her like an elder brother. Rohit calls her and they stop leaving from her room. Danny asks her to say yes to whatever he says and talk. She talks to Rohit on speaker.

He asks did anyone doubt you there. She says no, I told them you went out for urgent work. He threatens her about her brother and says my work is not over, as Kumud and Saras are still alive, so I will keep your brother with me. Danny signs its Rakhi day tomorrow. Anushka says she wants to see her brother tomorrow. Rohit says this can’t happen. Anushka insists and requests him to make him meet Avinash. Rohit agrees and says I will tell you where to come, if you act smart, it will be last rakhi for you. He ends the call. Anushka tells Danny and Kabir about Avinash and worries.

Kabir says don’t worry, you will get him tomorrow, its our promise. Danny says yes, we will bring him back. They leave. Anushka cries. Saras sleeps in his room. Kumud comes with milk and cries. She thinks she decided to be away from him, but not without him. She says I asked you back for our family, I will remind you everything. She holds his hand and keeps it on him. She wipes her tears. He asks who is it. She says milk, its night, have it and sleep. She lies beside him closing the lights. Saras shouts asking her to leave. Everyone come and ask what happened. Saras says this girl, was trying to lie beside me. He says see maybe I m married, or love someone, whoever you are, please stay far. He asks her to leave.

Badimaa says fine, now no one will trouble you, sleep now. Kusum asks Kumud to come with her. Danny asks Badimaa to see how Kumud was worried. Vidyachatur says don’t worry. Saras says say straight, you want to go to Kusum. Everyone look stunned.

Saras appears normal and tells everyone that he is doing this to explain Kumud that fate can never make them apart..

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2014 Written

Kokila gets worried for Gopi and asks Ahem to call her. She asks Rashi about Gopi. Rashi says, Gopi wanted to come late so I came. Ahem calls Gopi, but she doesn’t pick his call. Ahem gets worried and calls the Landline number. He wonders where is Gopi. Kokila questions Rashi and asks her to tell exactly. Pari asks them to check her friendbook profile. Rashi says, she doesn’t have an account there. Kokila asks Ahem to call Gopi else they will go home. Hetal says, no one is at home. Kokila says, it is a matter of worry. Ahem gets worried. Vidya asks, where is mamma. Madhuben says, she will also come with them. Hetal says, we will inform you. Dhawal asks Ahem to inform him about Gopi. They leaves.

Rashi says, I don’t want to go. Urmila asks her to go else Gopi will tell a different story. Rashi says, she doesn’t want to go. Urmila says, you are not going switzerland and says I will meet you tomorrow. Rashi hugs her mom and looks at the house. She leaves.

Modi family come back home and looks at the house all messed up. They get shocked. Ahem calls Gopi and runs into his room. Everyone start searching for her in the house. Ahem calls Gopi on her phone. Kokila hears the phone ring at the house. Meera gives Gopi’s phone to Ahem. Ahem wonders where is she? Kokila says, something is wrong surely. Jigar says, we shall inform the police. Hetal says, we will call our relatives first and enquire about her. Ahem gets a call. He tells someone that she is not at home. Pari takes Gopi’s pics. Kokila scolds her. Pari says, she is uploading her photo on the networking site. Rashi says, she is saying right.

Ahem and Jigar go in search of Gopi. Vidya cries. Rashi consoles her and assures her that they will find her soon. Rashi gets a call from Urmila. She informs her that Gopi is not at home. Madhuben asks Urmila. Urmila tells her that Gopi is missing. Madhuben cries. Kinjal and Urmila console her. Dhawal goes to bring water. Madhuben cries badly. Urmila assures her that Gopi will be found. Urmila wonders where is Gopi?

Baa cries, Hetal says nothing will happen top our Gopi. Ahem and Jigar come back home dejected. Hetal and Kokila ask them. Ahem gets angry and tells them that he couldn’t find Gopi. Rashi says, we will call Masterji. She calls him. He comes home and asks why you all are looking tensed. Kokila asks him, did you see Gopi? Anurag says, when I went from here. Gopi and Rashi were standing here. Pari sees a earring stuck on Anurag’s pant and looks at Gopi’s pic in her mobile. Rashi too sees Gopi’s earring. Pari is about to tell everyone, but Rashi stops her. Pari and Rashi think that Gopi is being kidnapped by Anurag.

Rashi says, Gopi told me everything, but I didn’t believe my sister. I am sure that this man kidnapped my sister. She thinks what to do. She calls Kokila. Rashi comes to Kokila and asks her to come to mandir. She takes her inside the mandir. Pari shows her Gopi’s pic and shows the earring. Rashi asks her to look at Gopi’s earring stuck on Anurag’s pant. Rashi says, both are same. Kokila says, it means this master kidnapped my Gopi bahu. I will talk to him now. Rashi says, he will refuse surely. She says, we have to follow him. Kokila says, why he will kidnapped her? Rashi says, Gopi told me that he came for her. She said that Anurag was behind the attack on Ahem. Kokila is shocked. Anurag says, he wants to go to mandir and pray for Gopi. He asks them to inform him. He says, today is special day. He turns and thinks today he and Gopi will unite. I will take care of Gopi and never leave her. Kokila fumes in anger.

Kokila tells Ahem that they have to follow Anurag as he has kidnapped Gopi. Everyone are shocked.

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 9th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Adi defending himself to Ayesha, that he does not like taking pills, but he does not get sleep. He cries and says he has Pankhudi’s memories with him, and maybe his mum is right, that I could not accept her death, so I find her in night’s darkness and I will keep finding it all my life. Ayesha says but Adi, you can’t depend on this pills all your life. Adi says this heart does not understand anything, and I need pills to get sleep, and don’t share this with anyone, as Avantika will worry for me. She says fine, I won’t say anyone, but I need your pills bottle so that I can give you myself. He agrees as she is his friend. She says I know your fear, but you understand my fear, if you take many pills together then. He says no. She says you asked for my trust being a friend, now I m asking it. Pyaar nai dosti hai…………..plays…………….

Adi goes and brings the pills bottle. He gives her. Pyaar ka dard hai…………..plays………….. She says I will give you this daily to you, but promise you will try to sleep. He says fine. She says go to your room, I will bring it. He leaves. Ayesha comes to her room and takes water. She thinks sorry Adi, your sleeping pills bottle will have vitamin tablets now, I m breaking my promuse but I won’t let you break down. She says habits are for mind, maybe this will make him get sleep by this.

She exchanges the medicines and says I will throw this. She keeps the pills in kitchen. She boils some milk and Sheela comes there. She gets the pills and thinks Ayesha was adding this pills in milk that she was going to give Adi. She is shocked seeing its sleeping pills. She says she will tell everyone about this. Ayesha says listen to me, what you see is not always the truth, this is vitamins tablet bottle, you can check with any clinic. She says Adi takes sleeping pills at night, Dr Rustam asked me to stop him, so I have kept vitamin tablets in this, so that he stops taking sleeping pills.

Sheela asks why did you not tell anyone. Ayesha says its not mental problem, its by heart. Adi won’t be able to live like this, don’t tell this to anyone. She says I can’t let anything happen to Adi as I……… She stops and asks her to confirm with Dr Rustam and she will agree to whatever she says. Sheela leaves. Sheela comes to see Adu and sees him working at night. Adi sees Sheela and she smiles. He asks her to come in. She gets tears in her eyes. He asks what happened. She says its night, you sleep now.

Adi says yes, but I don’t get sleep at night. She says try to sleep early. He says yes. She leaves. Ayesha comes to Adi and gives him vitamin tabs saying its sleeping pills. Adi says he trusts her. Sheela comes in her room and says Pankhudi, you left and Adi’s happiness is gone, I will talk to Dr. Rustam in morning to confirm. Ayesha thinks when will Adi sleep today as he did not take his pills. She says she will check him in some time again. Avantika sees Ayesha going to Adi and taunts her for being a fabulous actor, why don’t she join Harish. She says I m not a fool and I don’t like people who don’t listen to me.

She asks Ayesha to take her suggestion to be away from Adi and her. She asks Ayesha to go and sleep now, and not worry about Adi, as she is there for him. Sheela gives good news to everyone that Kaira gave birth to her baby and everyone is very happy. Nani brings Ayesha to her room and asks her why is she crying. Ayesha tells her about Adi. Nani asks what happened, he is happy after so many days. Ayesha says yes, Adi pretends to smile and we did not share his pain. Nani asks what do you mean. Ayesha tells her about his sleeping disorder intake.

Nani says we will consult a doctor. Ayesha says I met Dr Rustam and tells her everything. She says Sheela won’t tell this to anyone. Nani says you should have told me or Harish. Ayesha says yes, tell me how to find his sleep back. Nani says you mean Adi stays alone and is immersed in Pakhudi’s memories. She says change his habit, you don’t let me be alone and make him have any new habit, it takes 21 days. Ayesha says how to make him busy. Nani says think what can he do for 21 days. Ayesha says she will act smart but what to do.

Ayesha makes Adi busy and thinks he won’t need pills today, but he asks for pills.

Mahabharat 9th August 2014 Written

The episode begins with, duryodhan n mamashri are under water. Pandavas n krishna walk towards the sea, bheem calls duyodhan n asks him to come out n says u will die only through my hands so come out n stop hiding if u don’t dare to came out go n hide in ur wife’s arms or like a warrior fight with ur death that is me, duryodhan comes out of water, duryodhan says u all killed my mamashri, he fought whole life in giving me justice n so i will fight to give him justice each day i will kill u n ur sons, n will burn draupadi n will keep no member of ur family alive will kill all the kings who support n will spread death n bheem u will die asking for death n today with sunset u will set as well come fight with me, bheem n duryodhan begin their fight , bheems attacks fails n duryodhans attacks injure bheem, but still bheem keeps attacking n so does duryodhan,.
Draupadi is informed abt bheem n duryodhans fight n duryodhans vajra body, draupadi asks how did this happen, draupadi says asks arjun to seek govind for help, draupadi is informed by her son that krishna cant help bcoz balram has ordered him not to do so.
Bheem lifts a burning log n hits duryodhan but duryodhan has no effect of it, instead bheem falls unconscious on ground his brothers try encouraging him to wake up , bheem memorise lord hanumans lessons n getup n starts running away n makes duryodhan follow him, this tiers duryodhan, duryodhan says stop running n fight with me, bheem laughs n attacks duryodhan but still duryodhan defeats bheem, bheem memorises his next lesson, n getsup again n starts hitting duryodhan, duryodhan lifts his gadha n begin to attack bheem, bheem pushes duryodhan in sea.
Draupadi goes to balram, balram says if ur here for help go away bcoz i will not, draupadi says why do u like dritrashtra sons so much, balram says bcoz in dut sabha both pandavas n kayravas had their share of adharma but everyone is with pandavas n i have asked no great sacrifice from krishna but asked him not to support pandavas on larger scale, draupadi says im not here for help but here to know abt the weakest point of our enemy, balram gives draupadi a clue, draupadi thanks balram n leaves.
Bheem says duryodhan says ur whole body is of vajra but still ur hiding, duryodhan gets angry n comes out n starts hitting bheem, draupadi enters, seeing this duryodhan says come in draupadi see ur husband die now, draupadi says govind u also have tried hard for our victory, krishna says im bound to my brothers order.

Arjun says duryodhan u asked draupadi to sit on ur laps n that is ur weakness so brother bheem attack duryodhan.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?...Ek Baar Phir 9th August 2014 Written

The Episode starts with Shlok thinking he will make Astha fall for her. Jyoti talks to Anaya and says you will be going to your dad’s place today. Shlok comes to talk to Anaya and plays with her. He tells Shlok he opened a bank account for her and will put Rs 2 lakhs in it monthly, as its for Anaya, not her. Jyoti returns the credit card and says I m not interested in money, when you gave me money before, I did not even see it, I trust Sid, he will take care of me and Anaya. I really don’t want it. Shlok says fine, I will not force you, but you have to take this. It’s a pic of Shlok, Varad and Jyoti. She sees it and cries. She says I will always need this. She says my brothers are my world. She hugs him and cries. Shlok says he is lucky to have a sister like her, who always loved them.


Kavya comes and asks him to say he is lucky to have her too. Shlok says ofcourse. Kavya asks him to help and Shlok goes with her. Kavya brings Shlok in the hall and asks him to do some help in decorations. She goes.

Shlok hammers the nails and turns to see Astha. She gives the Dhup in the house. He stares at her as she looks gorgeous. Maine khudko tujhme.plays. Astha sees him and smiles. He turns his face. Bekhudi besudi…

She comes to him and gives the dhup………… They have an eyelock. Mahiya…………..mere mahiya…plays..He hammers on his finger.

She brings the first aid and asks him to show his hand. He moves away and asks what is this, your heart is big so heart to sympathize with any stranger, and he asks her not to ask such thing, as its not right to care for any stranger like this. Astha thinks Shlok you are doing this so that I come after you, but I won’t come. Kavya asks Astha is Shlok annoyed with her. Astha says no, and sends Kavya to do the first aid.
Shlok cares for his wound and Kavya comes to him. She says you got hurt because of me, give me your hand, I will do the first aid. Shlok says I m strong. She asks are you annoyed with Astha. He says no, and thinks Astha if you care about me, why did you not come behind me, you have sent Kavya.

The pandit asks Anjali to give the Prasad to the one who is doing the kanyadaan. Anjali says Shlok and Astha are doing it and gives the Prasad to Astha. Pandit says the mahurat is very special today, Jyoti is lucky, if anyone exchanges garlands today, they will be together for seven births. Astha thinks and smiles.
She sees Shlok coming and asks him to have the Prasad. Shlok says he will go to Lord and have it. She keeps her hand on his lips, and asks him not to say this. He leaves annoyed and goes to pray.
Astha thinks she won’t play the game now, why don’t Shlok tell thus. Shlok thinks this game will not end till you say, if my love has power, then you will come to me, I m hurt and you are having pain. She looks at him and thinks, she is very hurt, I don’t like fighting with you, but you are adamant. Shlok leaves. Anjali asks Astha to have Prasad and get ready fast, as she has to welcome the baraat. Astha asks Anjali to get ready and Anjali leaves.
Astha says Shlok, I will do kanyadaan as Astha Shlok Agnohotri, not a stranger, I will end this game now. She asks Varad and Sita about Shlok. She goes to the room and thinks about the pandit’s words about the garland. Astha and Shlok get ready and she brings the garland. They look at themselves in the mirror. He wears the broach she gifted him and she smiles. She says get happy Shlok, I came to you, you are important to me. I love you a lot Shlok, I can’t live without you. She cries and says how important he is for her.

She says I don’t have any identify without you, I love you so much. I m incomplete without you. Shlok is very happy and wipes her tears. He says I love you too Astha. She makes him have the laddoo and he makes her eat it too. Khuda……………….plays……………….. She makes him wear the garland with her love and says I will be yours for next seven births. She asks will you too. He keeps his hand on her lips and gets her in the same garland. They have an eyelock and smile. He kisses her forehead and eyes. Iss dil ka ab kya karun……………..plays…

Astha closes her eyes and they get closer. They have a talk and she smiles as he asks her to love him as they are no more the strangers. They lie down.
Astha and Shlok romance while she asks him to leave her, as baraat is coming now. He touches her hair and she smile.


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